Game 6: Auburn at Florida

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    It’s going to be a close one with two good defenses, Florida passing and Auburn running. Thank heavens we are playing in the Swamp.

    Gators 21-20

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    Joe Shiver

    If it ends at 21-20 Gators, I’ll be ecstatic. I’ve already said Gators 31-24 elsewhere on here, so I’ll stick with it, but it certainly could be a defensive struggle. I hope the Gator D can get off the field on 3rd down.

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    I agree with the 31 – 24 score. Florida is going to really crank up the passing game to keep the chains moving. We will start out fast and Auburn will make it hard to keep the lead. Will come down to Florida driving in the fourth quarter for the win.

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Pat Dooley, Sun sports columnist: Auburn 20, Florida 17
    Robbie Andreu, Sun college football writer: Auburn 28, Florida 13
    Graham Hall, Sun correspondent: Florida 21, Auburn 17
    Brad McClenny, Sun photographer: Florida 24, Auburn 21 Florida 28, Auburn 17

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    Sly Sylvester

    I’m with Corso this week.

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    I won’t disclose how I know this, but the game ends 24-13 Gators.

    But wait, what if I throw in the Ginsu knives? Graham Hall is a Gator! Hey, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad! Include Arnold and we have a majority at Gatorsports!

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