Game 3: Florida at Kentucky

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Predictions for Saturday’s No. 9 Florida at Kentucky SEC opener:

    Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley: Florida 31, Kentucky 23
    Sun college football staff writer Robbie Andreu: Florida 24, Kentucky 19
    Sun correspondent Graham Hall: Florida 31, Kentucky 14
    Sun correspondent Ray FitzGerald: Florida 38, Kentucky 24 Florida 35, Kentucky 17

    What say you?
    Galvezgator: Florida 24, Kentucky 14
    76gators: Florida 34, Kentucky 20
    Joe Shiver: Florida 31, Kentucky 20
    gatorgi70x7: Florida 34, Kentucky 17

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    I say what if they gave a war and nobody came?

    Joe Shiver has patented his time machine, so Gator-6 says Florida 31 – Kentucky 20 too.

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    Vegas bookies took a bath with that final 76 yd. TD run with 50 seconds left. An 8 pt. Gator win covered the spread for early Florida bettors and late Kentucky backers. Too freakin bad for the bookies. They don’;t build those mega-casinos with money the bettors won.

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