FSU…the Everything School?

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    Has the time come to recognize FSU as the premier athletics program in the state?

    For years, we were able to rationalize their ownership of us in football by convincing ourselves that we were the “Everything School.” They might kick us up and down the gridiron each November, but we were a more well-rounded program; capable of competing nationally in a wide array of sports due to our more enlightened approach to athletics financing.

    Only, now it seems every time I turn around they are surpassing us in yet another sport. FSU won the national title in softball, beat us for like the 6th straight year and advanced further in the NCAAT (a game away from the Final Four, no less) in basketball, defeated us in tennis, had Brooks Koepka become the first back-to-back US Open winner in nearly 3 decades in golf (Daniel Berger also had a top 10, for what it’s worth, and Paul Azinger was part of the lead announcing crew, to round out a very Nole-centric tournament), and, of course, dominated us in football.

    How much longer before they take away swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball, as well? Mike Martin is retiring next year and one would think the baseball dynamic will naturally change as their program becomes reenergized under new, likely younger leadership. Perhaps our female version of Mike Martin, Mary “I’ll Never Win It All” Wise, should do the same?

    I thought we were the ones with the special formula for winning in other sports? We used to walk around with our noses in the air as though we were the only program capable of having success across the board. It would seem it’s not as difficult as we wanted to believe. And at what cost? We essentially crippled our football program to specially finance what could’ve happened naturally anyway. If FSU can win the national title in softball and come within a game or two of playing for the national title in basketball, nothing we do in any of these off-brand sports can ever be viewed as special ever again.

    The “Everything School” moniker we loved to tout was always a myth. It’s just that now, to the extent that it does exist, it happens to be located in Tallahassee.

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    War Chant is at a different URL. I heard this position before under your old aliases at this forum. It’s a viewpoint that much like FSU, is completely delusional in assessing the impact of the school on many levels.

    A bit of recent success in a couple of sports does not make a dynasty or “everything” school. FSU is still the number 2 or 3 college sports program in the State of Florida. They fall further behind UF when academics are considered. By any metric I can think of, you would have to have a lot more of “everything” but sports at FSU to move closer to UF as the definitive number 1 college or athletic program by a significant margin.

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    The point is that we used to act like we were the only ones who could win in both football and the lesser sports. It was as though we had some secret formula and were a more special athletics program than programs like FSU.

    That’s not the case. I look around and see South Carolina winning a women’s basketball title, Miss St and Arkansas playing in the baseball finals, Auburn outplaying us to go to Omaha if not for a terrible bounce (I truly believe Auburn would have won if the game went 1 more inning), FSU coming within a game of the basketball finals, FSU winning the softball title…there’s just nothing really special about winning in other sports. It can happen to any program without any grand athletics vision or special approach.

    If anything, our self-righteousness has probably led us to overpay. Didn’t we just celebrate locking down Tim Walton with some huge contract extension? FSU just won the national title in his sport and doesn’t even charge admission to their games.

    The days of hiding behind the facade of “The Everything School” are over. When the Noles beat us for the 6th straight time this November, we’re actually going to have to confront the cold, hard reality of our deficiency in the one sport that matters instead of deflecting to that other nonsense.

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    I know that is is just a troll but the numbers don’t lie. You can say what you want but part of being an “everything school” is to do it consistently year in and year out.

    14 National Championships
    78 ACC Championships

    40 National Championships
    240 SEC Championships (90 more than the 2nd place university)
    3 Capital One Cup Championships

    I would 100% agree that it sucks losing to FSU in football year after year and it sucks losing to them in other sports. I would also agree that we do hide behind our success in other sports as we have our asses handed to us on the football field. However, you can’t claim that FSU has more athletic success than UF. You just can’t. UF literally has over 2x the national championships and 3x the conference championships. In addition, UF has 3 Capital One Cup championships that are figured out completely differently. Also this only counts championships and would not include Final Fours, CWS appearances, etc. You might also want to check out the national all-sports rankings. For instance, FSU finished 13th this year and that is a great finish. UF finished 3rd.

    I’m not going to go do all your research for you but just compare the finishes over the last, well hell, since its beginning and you will find that FSU has never topped UF. Just because you want something to be true, does not make it so. Unfortunately, for us UF fans, the same can be said about our success in all sports making our football misfortunes not so bad.

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    Well Gee they don’t have an engineering school, a massive healthcare education system, or agriculture either. They are just as we used to say “a girl’s school”. Now seriously we are the best college in Florida, we also have more great sports teams, but that is only of minimal importance, education is first, and they will never catch us.

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    I think some people are missing the point.

    We used to act like we were somehow special for being able to win in such a wide variety of sports. I’m arguing that it was never anything special – it was just somewhat of an anomaly/randomness that certain coaches came along at a certain time. And guess what? That can happen at virtually every other school, as evidenced by the past several years when we’ve seen South Carolina have both their men’s and women’s basketball teams reach Final Fours (women won it all); FSU wins it all in softball and has their men’s basketball nearly reach the Final Four; even traditional moribund programs like Miss St rising up to send women’s basketball teams to the Final Four and their baseball team to Omaha; Alabama dominating football, but also winning in softball, gymnastics, and men’s golf; Oklahoma reach the CFP, Final Four, and win the national title in softball; etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

    It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just certain coaches at a certain schools doing certain things at certain times. There was never anything special about it on our end that led to its occurrence here….it could’ve happened at Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M, Penn St, etc. A program will always be defined by what the fan base is most invested in – financially and emotionally. And, here, that is football.

    Just because we had that little spurt under Donovan, for example, never made us a basketball school. It was always just lightning in a bottle, yet we walked around thumping our chests to the Seminole fans like we were Duke or something. What a joke, even more so now that they routinely abuse us on the basketball court and nearly made a Final Four themselves.

    It never mattered. The only thing we did by trying to flex our ego and pretend that it mattered was trip over our own feet in the one sport that actually did mean something to us.

    If that FSU softball title didn’t shatter the rest of our illusions then I don’t know what else I can say. IF THEY CAN WIN IN SOFTBALL, THEN WINNING IN ANY OTHER SPORT THAN FOOTBALL MEANS NOTHING. If they can do that, any of the major programs can and there’s literally nothing special about it. At least, for our sake, they don’t act like there is.

    Just beat them on the gridiron and then we can talk.

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    You are the one that is missing the point or inflating the significance of winning a natty or a game against UF in any sport.

    You have a very limited perspective on what greatness really means for a university.

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    The Noles just keep piling up victories in the off-brand sports. Brooks Koepka stared down a charging Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship to win his second major of the season and 3rd of his career. When was the last time one of our golfers won a major? Andy North back in the 70’s??

    FSU is running a train on us in these lesser sports that we claim to value more. Yet, Dooley and the boys never have anything to say about it. Fat Pat will hype the softball team after a big moment like the walk off against Texas A&M and tell us how fortunate we should feel to be surrounded with great sports year-round, yet goes silent when the Noles bring home the national title in the meaningless sport. I guarantee you he’ll talk about what an exciting major the PGA was on Tuesday with Tiger back in the mix, but will make no mention of Koepka’s steely performance and the fact that he’s a Nole. FSU doesn’t even charge admission to these garbage sports yet still whips us in pretty much all of them these days. What a joke. No one from “Gator Media” better tell me to appreciate the All Sports Trophy ever again.

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    It’s really sad to pretend to be a fan of a school just to troll one of their message boards….

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    what a drool….

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    Black Dahlia

    Guys, get some avatars.

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    I’m up for continuing the discussion…

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    These games mean everything because other than the clown school, it’s all they got.

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    Postroute, Is your point that Florida should have been spending its limited resources on upgrading football facilities instead of spending on the spring sports?

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    To be clear I would have wished for Foley to have invested in one of the only two money-making programs at Florida. I believe I understand your point. But to ignore the overall success of the athletic program as the fruition of Foley’s strategy isn’t accurate. The overall numbers don’t lie.

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    Now that Stricklin and Florida has decided to heavily invest in football while FSU lost their coach because they wouldn’t invest, FSU better get use to hearing the train whistle because the Florida train is coming.

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    Stability is what every program needs. That was certainly the under story of the game.

    The significance of Fischer leaving FSU is a loss of coaching continuity back through Bowden. That’s devastating. Taggert has much to do in creating and rebuilding relationships.

    For UF, the Mullen hire was a throwback to Meyer’s golden years. Some of the coaches from that staff are still with Mullen, more so than with Meyer. They came with Mullen from MSU. That’s a high degree of coordinated coaching and organizational capability at UF from day one of the Mullen era.

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    If postroute is really a Nole troll, he did a fine job of making my point on another thread. Football is the “meat and potatoes” of any serious university sports program in the south and the minute FSU fell from its perch at the top, their trolls come onto OUR message board to try and change the subject to “other sports.” Is postroute really Jeremy Foley???

    Winning championships in “other sports” was OUR lame argument when the Noles were routinely kicking our behinds on the football field every year! It feels GREAT to see the shoe go on the other foot for a change. I look forward to it staying there for a looooooong time!

    Go Gators!!!

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    Uh, tell me how many national titles FSU has in basketball? Softball? Swimming? Tennis. The numbers don’t lie. 40 national titles to 18. I don’t know what this troll means by ‘FSU is winning all the minor sports.’ And a pro golfer no longer plays for a university. Don’t lump Koepka into the conversation. His open championship did NOT count as an FSU title. What a troll. Look up the facts. Jeremy Foley produced 25 national titles as AD. Tied for the most in any 25-year period. When the troll school gets to 40 national titles, let me know and I’ll send them my manure pile.

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    Postroute. There’s a name I have NEVER seen in 4 years on these sites. Hmm. Another ‘Hole Troll? PS: Your prediction of FSU beating Florida ‘this November’ for the 6th straight year was off by 27 points. Now we can talk. Who is going to a New Year’s 6 Bowl and who is not.

    Go back to the tomahawk or warhawk website. You’ll find plenty of company there who will scream how GREAT FSU is in all sports. And stop talking about the PGA Tour likes its the Final Four of college golf.It’s PGA golf, not NCAA golf. You gave yourself away with that comment.PS: Florida has won 3 national titles in golf. FSU: 0. Enough said.

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    Today is Dec. 11, and I know this blog has been here awhile, but I just want to get my 2 cents worth in on the subject. The person listed how many acc championships the loser school has won. Well one thing that must be considered is that most of those winnings were from a basketball conference. Before Clemson, and a host of other ACC schools became involved in football. I remember that fswho won the first 12 championships of the acc that they played in as there was no competition. How many have they won since the upgrade of that conference. That is the only reason I can think of for them choosing the cupcake acc to start with.

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    Mikey….Mikey come back and tell us all about your noles dominance on the field…

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    Mike Winter, aka BlackJuJu has returned as postroute. We will not see that name again on this site, but Postroute or whatever his/her name is will be back under a different user name.

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