Franks leaving UF; good or bad?

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    He got about all he was going to get out of UF, and UF got about all they were going to get out of him; probably a good move for him, and UF.

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    Thanks for another excellent topic to discuss off the highway. You’re exactly right. It wasn’t going to get any better and it wasn’t going to get any worse. That’s the long and short of it, it doesn’t have anything to do with character flaws, mechanics, or lack of heart — it is simply a matter of the biology of perceptual processing speed, which is not likely to improve much by this age. He’s got everything but lags there, and that washes out in a major conference such as the SEC to put a QB at a disadvantage. Besides, he will be overcome next year by the players who have been behind him, so why not get a fresh start somewhere else? All kidding aside, something like the MAC (no pun intended) and maybe even CMU.

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      Definitely do not need a QB controversy going into what potentially could be a stand out UF football season.

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    My 2 cents, and even that wouldn’t even get you a coffee refill. But here it goes anyway… Franks was genuinely excited to be a ”Gator.” And that will always be respected by me. In fact, if college football fans remember, he was ”heading to L.S.U.” But he signed here and that meant the world to Gator fans at the time.

    Unfortunately for Franks, he was thrown into a helluva a fire in Dallas at Jerry World. That one bad experience, in my opinion, sent him into a tailspin. But he pulled out of it and leveled his wings and gave the QB position a level horizon. In fact, Franks was able to make amends and thump Michigan in the Peach Bowl last season. But like 6 alluded to above, Franks didn’t seem to process the field well in the passing game. However, if you needed a long ball, Franks was your guy. In fact, I’d love to see some stats on Franks’ long ball vs the rest of his passes completion percentage. I’d bet he was better at that pass than any other statistically.

    In the end, I wish Franks nothing but the best in his future and thank him for choosing Florida. I do hope he finds a team that utilizes his skill set and makes his final college years so good that he forgets the up and down years in Hogtwown. I’m a firm believer in Mullen now, and it is apparent that Trask is the best passing QB in the QB room that has an empty chair in it now. I hope both Emory and Trask stay healthy & happy, and thrive for their 2020 season in the ”Orange & Blue.” Go Gators!

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      Peach Bowl win was big for the program, and for him individually, but the Heave to Cleve will be FF’s most memorable UF moment.

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    Note: The “Heave to Cleve” at LSU was actually thrown by Austin Appleby.

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      So, the Peach Bowl was FF’s UF high water mark. Don’t know why I thought the Heave was at home vs. the Knoxville Creamsicles.

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    I doubt any more playing time at UF would have significantly improved Franks’ performance as a QB at this level. For better or worse, what we saw in the first 3 games is what we’d have gotten the rest of this season, had he not been injured.

    Playing QB is like playing chess on a board where ALL the pieces are moving on every play. Some guys are born with the ability to visualize where the pieces will be as a play develops. It’s just like arm strength, either you’re born with it or you’re not.

    Franks doesn’t have the “vision thing” and Trask does. So, Franks ends up “not seeing“ open receivers, especially over the middle of the field, and forcing passes into double coverage, or dumping them off to outlets way too often.

    Trask doesn’t have Franks’ arm strength, but more than makes up for it by “finding” the open receivers in his passing range on most plays, even when the D knows he has no running game.

    Past Gator QBs who had the gift of “vision”: Matthews, Wuerffel and Grossman. Past Gator QBs who didn’t have the gift of “vision”: Dean, Johnson and Driskel. Nobody will argue that the last 3 were far less effective as Gator QBs than the first 3, even though the last 3 arguably had more arm strength.

    Trask is another one of the former group. Franks is another one of the latter.

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      Up to the injury, he might still have become Chris Leak-like in the end, but to do so coming back from season ending injury, and needing to beat out two guys already working well in CDM’s system, was not in the cards for him.

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    I hate to see Franks go. Nothing but the best for him. He was just coming into his own, along with the Gator offense, before his injury.

    It’s always bad to lose an athlete of Frank’s caliber from a roster. He represents a significant investment in minutes as our starting quarterback.

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