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    I just noticed the difference in the shade of blue on the football jerseys during the Spurrier and Zook era. Has anyone else noticed that or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? I wonder why they chose to go with a lighter blue?

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    Good eye — I noticed that too but didn’t say anything. But probably now that I think of it just the effects of global warming on our color perception these days. It’s either that or Trump has something nefarious to do with it, got to be one of the two.

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    There’s been many a shade of blue used through the years. Now it’s a bit more official.

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    Which combination is the best Gator football uniform?
    My opinion is the home standard of Gator Blue and White pants with Orange trim.
    I do like the orange jerseys on occasion. Sports Illus. several years ago had Gator uniform schemes in Top 10 of college football. They had the USC Trojan colors as No. 1. Jeez.

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    Cattrick, I definitely dig any color combo the team wears……except matching jersey and pants of one color. I hate that. High Schools teams do that, not the Gators. I also hate those throwback helmets with a big “F” on them. While I’m at it, I hate M&Ms even if they’re orange or blue. Those damn little things are too hard to peel just to get to the darned peanut inside!

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