Florida vs. Georgia Football Game.

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      It’s ”FLORIDA/GEORGIA WEEK,” people! And while I get that the ”contract talk about the game staying in J’ville” is titillating, there’s a genuine ”TOP 10 matchup” with the ugly Dawgs on Saturday Nov. 2nd. Therefore I will start off by saying this, I get that the U.G.A. has the SEC’s leading rusher (as of today) Swift. And defensively, UGA leads the SEC statistically in Total ‘D’. But that D stat’s misleading due to the comp they’ve played so far, in my opinion (and that’s what this Forum is all about!).
      Kinda’ like Auburn could’ve beaten L.S.U. ‘IF ONLY’ Auburn could pass downfield, I think UGA has the ‘D’ to stay in this battle in J’ville for the entire game Saturday. But I don’t think UGA has the offense to beat Florida decisively, like 44-0 (shout-out to the 1980’s). Conversely, I think Florida has the ‘D’ to stay in this game for the entire 4 quarters. I also think Florida’s offense has enough of a threat in the run game (see Perine’s and Pierce’s long TD runs) to keep the Dawgs ‘D’ honest, while Florida has a well proven passing game. Enough to beat Georgia by double digits, in my opinion. But will that happen? I wouldn’t even try to guess, as I watched the heartbreaking Buck Belue to Lindsey Scott play (as a middle school kid in the early 80’s). So… thoughts, opinions, or even angry shout-outs?
      Go Gators! Just win baby!

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      GI, this may be the game in which we realize how blessed we are to have Coach Savage.

      I’m going to wait until the game is over to make a prediction, as is my custom ever since Joe Shiver figured out how to back date his posts. But if Daz Wazzle feels good about this game, so do I. This one must be with maximum sustained effort for 60 minutes, which we’re more than capable of. In other words, I think this team has learned the Gator Fight Song by now.

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      Well said 6, as usual. I too think this will take all of Florida’s strength and toughness (both physically and mentally). I just know “it’s time to beat UGA!” And if not now, then when for the Coach Mullen era? And while I wasn’t thrilled when Coach Mullen 1st got hired as HC, his overall record at Florida has spoken volumes and won me over. Now just beat Georgia Coach Mullen!
      Go Gators!
      Just win baby!

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      This is always the biggest game of the season from my reckoning. This season it’s going to be a very close and competitive game. I believe the discipline of the Gator organization under Coach Dan Mullen will carry the day.

      This game will come down to how well the:
      * Gator defense loads the box and plays man in the back to limit rushing yards.
      * Bulldog defense drops a man into zone coverage to limit the impact of pass or RPO plays.

      * Florida has not run well and tends to be pass-first behind a make-shift line.
      * Georgia has a diminished passing game, preferring to run behind a mammoth line.

      Special teams will be critical with a slight edge to Florida.

      I see this game testing the weaknesses of both defenses. The critical problem for Georgia may be scoring enough points on the ground to offset Florida’s air attack.

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      That 44-0 game in ’82 was actually not a rout until about midway through the 3rd quarter when the other worldly physically endowed H. Walker wore down an otherwise stout UF defense. The ’81 game was close (Ga. 15-13), but tomorrow needs to be an emphatic statement that the program is out of the post-Tebow wilderness, and back to the dominance enjoyed from the ’80s’ beginning to the 2000s’end.

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        ’81 game, the one supposed to avenge the L. Scott game, was 26-21. ’83 was 10-9 Ga. The ’84 game should be tomorrow’s model, 27-0 UF.

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