BREAKING – Blackshear to Gators

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      Let’s see how all the pieces come together for Mike White this season. Blackshear is in. Go Gators!

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      That’s what i’ve been reading too. Haven’t seen an official report though yet.

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      This is huuuuge for us and immediately makes us a contender assuming egos can be put aside – and I think they will be.

      Blackshear (with oft-injured Gak backing him up or proving he can remain healthy and challenging)

      C: Kerry Blackshear(6-10)/Gak(6-11)/Payne(6-10)/Stokes(6-8)/Jitoboh (6-10)
      PF: Stokes/Keyontae/Omar Payne (Stokes may not be No. 1 due to persistent fitness issues)
      SF: Keyontae Johnson (6-5)/Scottie Lewis
      SG: Scottie Lewis (6-5)/Locke/Mann
      PG: Nembhard(6-4)/Tre Mann(6-3)/Locke (6-2) at point.

      Nembhard is a great passer with vision (though his defense and shooting need work). Locke and Mann are great shooters. I do not know about Mann, but Locke played good defense if I recall. Scottie Lewis is a great athlete who can both get to the hoop, rebound and play great defense. Keyontae is a top level defender and rebounder and his offensive game is good too – last year was great for him as a freshman. Stokes could be really good at PF if he keeps his weight down and improves his mobility and fitness. Blackshear can score, pass and rebound at Center, and if Gak is healthy, we should be good there.

      All told, this seems to be a deep and talented squad with great size. We should be able to have players going full speed at positions and have good backup at all positions. And guys can play different positions, so playing time and rotations should not be a problem.

      Go Gators!!! Looking forward to see how they do this year.

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      When you consider the talent (minutes) that left the team, a seasoned veteran like Blackshear can restore physical presence, experience and leadership in our front court. The importance of that, with all of the hot-shot freshmen coming in, can not be underestimated.

      For the rest of the team, there’s nothing but change and transition going on anyway. That makes it a good time and situation for Blackshear to get in and be a key part of the team.

      Just think, we can play big line-ups. Blackshear reminds me of Horford and his game. This is going to be an interesting year for Coach Mike White and Gator Basketball.

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      Sly Sylvester

      Blackshear needs to touch the ball almost every possession. He is a great passer. He can find the open man, make a jumper, or take it hard to the rim. Nembhard needs to learn to use him rather than dribbling around trying to make all the assists himself when it isn’t there. Should be a fun season to watch.

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      The article that Graham Hall retweeted about UF winning the offseason in basketball is very true as far as improving the team with one player, but he had Nembhard, Mann, and Locke as the starters where I completely see Lewis as the starting swingman with Locke as the 2 guard. Of course the lineup he put in his article of the three guards would make a great small lineup when needed.

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        Joe Shiver

        Corey, I don’t know what Stokes’ issue was, but losing him cuts down on CMW’s options unless Payne can provide similar offense, and even then it will affect depth. I feel like Blackshear can play 3, 4, or 5, so Stokes and Payne or Gak could’ve been on the floor with Blackshear whenever CMW chose to go big. On the other hand, if CMW chooses to start 4 guys at 6’5″ or less around Blackshear, I’m sure it will cause outrage with the fans who complained about last season’s “midget” lineup.

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