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      Okay…the bad news is behind us. Cancellation of the tourney(s). Bad deal but…. Moving forward and looking to the future: Andrew N staying on team? What will next year’s team look like? Big Jitobah keep getting in shape and become a terror? Omar become our main man? Lots to like for next year, especially if Mann matures a bit and inserts a little more giddy-up into our game that Nembhard didn’t seem to have (with his slow down and jog up the court approach) and Lewis gets bigger and better. Assuming Keyonte also improves over the off season too. Like I said, lots to like…if they can hold a lead…

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      All these young men should resist being pumped full of sunshine about how they are ready to move to the next level, and stay in school. Remember what happened to Donelle Harvey.

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      The season is far enough into the future to have some hope. Recovery could be slow in some areas where business infrastructure may be lost. Some businesses and most sports can come back quickly. Live crowds aren’t required to have games.

      The pandemic will be brought under control. America is often slow to start in responding to a crisis. Once it gets moving, things can happen quickly. There a number of different technological solutions out there, especially in testing, that can be quite effective if deployed widely.

      GREAT NEWS!!!!
      I came by today to shout out to Scottie Lewis for sticking around another season. Thanks Scottie! We can build on so many things from this shipwrecked season.

      We were so talented but very young last season. Experience will be a significant asset for the Gators this season!

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      And now KJ is returning. With KJ, Lewis, our other returnees, we should have the core elements for a superb team, and one with fewer wild swings of consistency. Go Gators!

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      I see Nembhard is giving it a run again and Tre Mann is as well. Not really surprised about AN, but am with Mann. At least they’re both able to exit the draft before the deadline, which i’d be surprised if they don’t both.

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      Joe Shiver

      I believe both Nembhard and Mann are simply gathering information. Imo, neither is very likely to be drafted. The question is whether or not they know that themselves.

      In Nembhard’s case, it may be just as well to stay in the draft, then head to Europe or the G League. I agree with the idea that Mann might put a little giddy-up into the Gator O, but hopefully he finds the shot that abandoned him last season.

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