aurorauu sent you a new message: "HI"


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    So I got this message:

    Hi DocZaius,

    aurorauu sent you a new message: “HI”

    “I saw your profile and decided to contact you in good faith. my name is aurora I am, working with the United Nations. I’m from Florida in the United States. I believe we are in a small world, and if we can be friends, then one day we may have the opportunity to meet and know ourselves more. Good friends mean a lot to me and I trust you will be one. Thank you and have a nice day.You can contact me through my private email so that i will send you my pictures because I did not stay in place at a time: majoraurora at”

    I can’t believe that I met someone who works at the UN through this site! I’m so excited!

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    I bet everyone got such, there is even a thread over where you can chat about it. I wondered if management recognized this as something that should not be allowed. There was a response with a picture, claimed to be US military but had poor English.

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Vulcan, Yes, thanks, GateHouse corporate has been alerted. I received one also. Sent it to spam.

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Hopefully, the issue has been resolved, moving forward. Got the spam piece addressed, and yet, spammers are a sordid bunch.

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    Sorry, I didn’t see any other thread. I just thought it was funny – spammers are going to be a problem everywhere.

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    Al Bundy

    I got one from the same person yesterday.

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