Auburn: what goes aound comes around.

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      Just watched end of Auburn/Virg. game and Auburn players are crying about the foul call that gave Virg. the win.
      EXCuSE ME but does Auburn and Bruce Pearl not remember the “NO CALL” against Nembs when he was trying to get off a game-tying 3 point shot at the end of their SEC tourney game? If that had happened in the parking lot, the Auburn pplayers would have been arrested for assault and battery. But no call was made. Not saying Nembs would have tied the game, just saying to Auburn: WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. SUCK IT UP. You still have no national championships in basketball. I laughed so hard at the crying by the auburn team. How quickly they forget. Get this:BAD CALLS, OR NO CALLS, HAPPEN ALL THE TIME IN EVERY SPORTING CONTEST. GET OVER IT.

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      good game to watch. AU guy fouled the VA guy on the three, jumped right into him. too bad for Barkley and his Tigers. ha

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      Karma’s a bitch man.

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        My immediate thought, as well.

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      Living with the calls is part of the game.

      Have to grudgingly give Auburn and Pearl their due for making it so far in the tourney. Good showing for the SEC.

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