Alabama QB flipping to UF

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    Carson Beck here in Jacksonville will soon announce he is flipping from Alabama to Florida.

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    Wow I really hope you’re wrong. QB has tunnel vision and weak mechanics and isn’t the type of QB that Mullen prefers in his system.

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    Wasn’t he committed to UF baseball before he committed to Bama for football? I seem to recall he was. I know he plays baseball and thought about playing both at Bama. Saban won’t let that happen.UF is by far the best school for him to play both sports. Excellent size and a great arm. I don’t know about the mechanics issue.Baseball can help (Mahomes) or hurt (Tebow). If you listen to all the professional guys on TV and radio, everyone who ever lived except Andrew Luck had mechanics issues. I think it is their way of staying relevant. Now all of a sudden, Philip Rivers, who used to get criticized for his throwing motion, has perfect mechanics. Carson got better as the season progressed last year . He wasn’t very accurate early on but was very good late in the season.

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    They said the same think about Franks
    He is a good quarter back now.
    There is a discussion about him next year if he improve as much as he did in 2018 he will be in discussion for heisman trophy

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    Graham Hall

    I’ve seen this several places, and I haven’t heard enough to believe anything could be imminent — but you never know. Although I can confirm it does appear likely the Gators sign 2 QB’s in the 2020 class.

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    I reported this before anyone knew for a reason. First hand knowledge. Two weeks later you have an article on his visit. It’s happening 100%.

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      Graham Hall

      If it happens, congratulations on the prior knowledge. I don’t report flips before they happen — those announcements are for the prospects.

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    Good job gatorperio! Graham is a journalist with a much higher threshold for veracity than the posters here. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve watched this story intently since your post and will continue to wait for events to catch up with your advance information.

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    My concern with Beck is that he’ll be a pro style “round peg” in a spread option “square hole.” Same as Justin Fields wasn’t a good fit for UGA’s pro style offense. Same as John Brantley wasn’t a good fit for Meyer’s spread option offense.

    This far out, CDM should only go after Beck if he sincerely believes the kid can be turned into a credible runner… like Tim Tebow.

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