5 answers that stood out from Jim McElwain's press conference

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    Graham Hall

    With UF preparing to host Tennessee Saturday at 3:30, Jim McElwain and several Gators addressed the local media today. Doug Nussmeier is moving upstairs to call plays, something he hasn’t done since he was at Alabama in 2012-13. But that wasn’t the only reveal or interesting quote from today’s media session. Here’s 5 more answers that stood out today.

    On injuries to the Gators

    “Injury-wise, (DeAndre Goolsby) practiced yesterday, looked pretty good. I’d say he’s going to be ready to go. Kylan Johnson will probably be out with that same leg that he’s kind of been hampered with. No update on James’ (Robinson) heart. I know I’m probably forgetting somebody. Oh, Kemore (Gamble) will be back. He practiced at the end of last week and then practiced yesterday, so he should be good to go. Other than that, that’s where we’re at injury-wise.”

    McElwain implied last week the Gators could be without Goolsby for quite some time, and Gamble gives the Gators another young threat in the passing game.

    On how the team stayed in touch during Hurricane Irma

    “We had a really good plan. We had some systems in place that we were able to check periodically, with a response to make sure that they were OK. We set that up through our parents and family networks, gave them an up to date location where their sons were, where loved ones were. We tried to do the best we can that way to stay in touch with them as well, to ease that piece of the communication and assessing the damage. Our guys were affected. One thing a real resilient piece to this (is) that people have gone through this before, rebuilt and it will come back better. That’s were our focus is.”

    On whether QB Feleipe Franks will make his 2nd start

    McElwain: *nods head*

    Any update on the suspensions of 9 Gators?

    McElwain: *shakes head no*

    On the strengths and weaknesses of the Tennessee Volunteers this season

    “They’re a good football team. He’s (Butch Jones) has done a hell of a job. Obviously beat a really good Georgia Tech team. It showed some toughness in doing it. We’ve got a lot of respect for what they do offensively and how they picked up with the loss of that quarterback (Josh Dobbs), haven’t really missed a beat there. I think Coach Shoop does an outstanding job, going back to all the way when he was at William & Mary. Probably going down before when we played him when he was at Vanderbilt. And some of the problems he gives you, he does a great job of reading your mail and giving the guys a plan. Special teams is something they’ve really excelled at. You know we’ve got to go out and win our one-on-ones to give us an opportunity.”

    What else stood out to you from today’s press conference? Will Nussmeier moving to the booth impact the playcalling?

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    Black Mamba

    Mac looked defeated during that press conference.

    Feels good to have such a confident coach on the sideline headed into a big Rivalry Game

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    Graham Hall

    I definitely think a lot of it was how stressful the hurricane was on everybody. But it was the most somber I’ve seen him

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      Swamp Donkey

      You don’t think it had anything to do with not score a TD in 300 since last October?

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    Black Mamba

    Maybe he should’ve stayed in Montana if he couldn’t handle a Hurricane. He does know that they’re the opening game of ’19, right?

    I think if it would have just been the Hurricane, he would have been fine, but combining all of it together has wore him out. He hitched his horse to Nussmeier and now I think he’s starting to regret it. He likely won’t survive that decision.

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    I have no doubt that the hurricane was the reason for his mood. If he was not profoundly affected by it, he cares much less for his players than he claims. Some of them have family that were in areas that experienced some of the worst effects. And while it was not as severe as it would have been if rapid weakening had not occurred, the area it covered made it a major event. Most every area is still recovering. In the Tampa Bay area, which was not the hardest hit by any means, there are still downed power lines and people without power. It will be a while before life begins to have a normal feel.

    This has been a major disruption for the team, both in terms of focus and ability to prepare for Tennessee. It will not be easy for them to be truly ready for this game. I’m sure the coaches will do their best to overcome the distractions. But how do you fire up the team? Treating the game as the most important thing for them to focus on will be likely to backfire since it would suggest the coaches don’t truly care about their concerns. In my estimation, Mac is in a difficult position. Maybe this is one reason that other area universities are rescheduling their games.

    I get that some people just don’t like Mac. I also strongly suspect that some of that dislike has nothing to do with his coaching ability. But I don’t get making light of this situation.

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    It’s a difficult situation. Very poor taste for some on here to continue the coach bashing before the first home conference game, against UT and within a week of the most destructive hurricane in modern history.

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    Black Mamba

    Here’s the truth fellers, Mac said in his press conference that how you get back up from a tragedy is what makes you who you are (mamba paraphrase). What good is it to show a beaten up, depressed state of mind? As a leader he should be showing confidence in that yes, there was a disaster, and yes, people lost some, and some lost everything, but we’re tough, and we’re going to hold our heads up high, roll up our sleeves, and get back to work.

    We’re not only going to rebuild, but we’re going to build it better than it has ever been. We’re tough as nails and we won’t be defeated.

    Some of you sound like a bunch of mentally entitled, liberal millennials expecting someone to do it for you. That’s not who I want as a football coach at UF. I want a confident leader that can look into the face of a disaster and yet see the plan to turn it into a victory. I do not see that in McElwain. If his idea of moving Nussmeier to the box is his plan, I hope it’s only a short term fix in his mind, and part of a bigger scheme.

    You can now resume your belly aching and ranting…

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    Y’all should hug this out.

    Go on…..we’ll wait.

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      “You can now resume your bellyaching and ranting.” Some amusing irony here. Thanks for the laugh.

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    Amigo McElwain. Why so glum? All you need is some of that BBQ sauce on some Mexican cuisine and a a bottle of Jose Cuervo to get you in a good mood again.

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