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    A solid core of offensive talent in Nembhard, Locke and Johnson could take the team to the Sweet 16, maybe further. The real question on how deep into the tournament they go concerns the inside game, a festering problem since John E. got hurt. Front court players scoring in the paint, along with denying opponents’ offensive rebounds and second chances is where the difference will be made, or not, and of course, everyone hitting free throws, especially late in games will be critical. If that all comes together, 25+ wins is in the cards.

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    The inside game after the exhibition and first game has been answered. It looks like we will get production from the front court which is so welcome. Once Coach White figures out the rotation, I like our chances of having 25+ wins. First test is reversing the win streak FSU has on Florida. After viewing the season opener for both teams, I believe we can get a W.

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    After watching the first few games, I have no doubt this Gator hoops team will score and play well together offensively.

    The FSU game will be very telling because it is our first encounter with talent and size inside. We are a little light in the paint this season and will have to continue experimenting with speed to the rim and shots from the perimeter. So watch what happens when Blackshear is doubled inside in this game. Sure to be a common theme against the bigger and talented teams.

    Defense is not very good right now. It’s going to take awhile to play into better technique and different coverage. I’ll watch for how we handle the hot hand on opposing teams. I’m not sure we’ll be able to contain a hot shooter in these early games as the defense is just not there yet. That’s the most obvious need as we start the season.

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    Serving of humble pie from FSU. Noles are replacing most of their starting line up, but these guys have played together and in Leonard Hamilton’s system. Classic illustration of how a defense can lead the team to points and the win – on the road.

    All the pieces are there for Florida. The Gators are going to be a very good team as the season progresses. For the sixth year in a row the Noles got the best of us early in the season.

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    They did. The team just doesn’t quite look completely in sync with each other yet. Hopefully, a few more game reps will see them get better. Don’t know if that lack of sync is causing the shots not going down right now too. Hopefully that rights itself as well.

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    I felt that some of the players were pressing too much to make their shots and when the shots were not falling, it affected the team’s defensive intensity. Omar Payne need to have more minutes with Blackshear. Go big and feed the inside game until we get untracked from the perimeter. And for goodness sake tell Nembhard to move(pass) the ball instead dribbling all day waiting to make the perfect assist.

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      Definitely go big when the opponent is going big, like FSU was. Where was D. Bassett? Seems like he could have helped Blackshear. Maybe they should see if L. Krull or one of the back-up linebackers wants to play basketball.

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    I got the feeling that FSU wanted the game more and their defensive intensity was at a higher level. I’m sure the loss to Pitt and all the preseason hype Florida has received created a situation for FSU to prove that they have some size and talent too. It would be interesting how these two teams match up in March.

    It is much too early to be so critical of the team and coaching staff.

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    I do believe, at least hope, that this team will ”gel” and become productive on offense and in their 3 point ‘D’. But I’m not going to hold my breath for an NCAA invite in March, much less a ”Sweet 16” from this team until they ”prove their mettle.” In fact, ‘IF’ the NCAA wanted this team quickly knocked-out of the NCAA Tourney in March 2020, then just match them up with F.S.U. It’s Mike White’s KRYPTONITE. And that is a fact, not an opinion, either. Coach White is O for 5 against Florida’s in-state rival. And that makes NO SENSE to me. But then again, not much does lately. So…

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    These guys are still learning each other names, much less their game. Give them a little time to play and learn together and they will be fine.

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    Developing chemistry definitely important. Developing toughness almost as important. Might we have seen a toughness deficit vs. FSU? Who will bring that toughness next time it is needed?

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    Nembhard calmly knocking down late free throws to ice it definitely a tonic for the troops (maybe some of it could rub off on T. Mann). Love S. Lewis and K. Johnson’s athleticism, and K. Blackshear’s inside presence, but who will play the M. Parker, C. Richards, D. Hill type role? It will be needed, especially in conference play.

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    Thinking of how things went in 2013-2014 – a near perfect illustration of when it comes to UF winning championships, it’s always something – I want an extra large can of walloping, one sided whup-ass opened on UConn today in their home venue.

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    That’s the Achilles heel for this team early in the season, size in the front court. Adding experience only amplifies the disparity. It’s not that much different for UK in recent seasons with young teams.

    Fans need to relax. It’s how the season ends that matters. There’s a lot of role development and team building going on right now – if the Gators are play at a championship level.

    There’s more to it than just putting five guys on the court, no matter how talented. I Like Coach Mike.

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    Also like CMW, but unsure he is as good a b-ball coach as CDM is a football coach.

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    Things look headed back in the right direction, but extended scoring droughts are a nagging problem.

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    There’s still a lot of kinks to work out in the coming weeks. It was great to see this team beginning to gel in the romp of the Charleston Classic.

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      One kink is consistency in three point shooting. 0% in 1st half last night, 50% in the 2nd. Still won, but in conference play, it might not work out that well.

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        Joe Shiver

        The shaky shooting is a big concern. The player and ball movement was better last night, but the poor shooting, FT’s included, made it closer than it needed to be.

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          If you can’t hit at LEAST 35 % from 3 pt. range, you are in trouble. I also do not understand why some players suddenly just stop moving without the ball. I’m sure White has back-door screens, weak-side roll ups and other plays that require movement without the ball, but sometimes I see some guys just standing around watching Nembs dribble nowhere. WTH?

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            Hopefully the week off will have helped them get their bearings on 3p’s and FT’s for this next game against The Butler Did It.

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    Terrible 3pt. shooting, terrible FT shooting; looking like a .500 team right now.

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    Building some momentum going into the conference schedule. Should be 9-3 by then.

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    “Enjoy the journey!” -Mark ”Earth, Wind, and Fire” Wise.
    ”Wise words,” and now I will humbly attempt to expand on the sentiment ”the journey.”
    And thank you for reading my thoughts and opinions, and thanks to Gatorsports.com for this platform. It is appreciated!

    The million dollar question for me is was the Providence game an anomaly, or are these Gator players beginning to gel, and right in front of our eyes? Flashbacking now, but it was amazing to watch (giving away my age, 51) the Gators Men Basketball team for the 04’s grow into the ”Back to Back National Champs” for Billy ‘D’ in 2006-’07 (the last school to do it, too… CHOMP-CHOMP!). And I loved watching Cheezie go from an erratic point guard to an unbelievable ”disher.” As Chris Chiozza has the U.F. all time asst record (I think).

    My point is this 2019-’20 Gator Basketball team should be fun to watch, and fun to watch them grow and evolve during this 2019-’20 season. However, ”the one and done” label that some of these Gator freshman received makes me think that those journalists have NEVER played basketball before, street b-ball included. Because while their (Lewis, Mann, etc..) potential is certainly evident, I believe they’d get crushed mentally and physically in the NBA. That is ‘IF’ they left after this season, I don’t think they would be prepared, in my opinion. But I absolutely love Scottie Lewis’ game to date, and his potential is sky high. But physically (as a 6′ 4” thin guy myself) he needs to gain some muscle weight before he’ll ball in ”The League” successfully.

    Ultimately, I’m genuinely excited to see how ”defensive minded” Coach Mike White and his staff install an effective offense with this group. Because letting these players ”free-lance” on offense (as Coach White put it recently here at Gatorpsorts.com) is lazy on the coaches part. But ”Go Gators!” And we all hope they make this a special year! And Gator ballers, you all have the talent, so now just go make it happen! Go Gators!

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      Joe Shiver

      Hoping it wasn’t an anomaly. The Friars shot terribly, 6% from 3-point range and 26% overall, and it was so bad that you have to wonder how much of that was the Gators’ D and how much was just their poor shooting.

      The Gators obviously dominated and played extremely well on the offensive end, but they gave up 20 offensive rebounds. That can kill you against better teams. I’m hoping to see the Blackshear/Payne and Blackshear/Bassett combos for longer periods. The ref’s were so whistle happy that it was difficult for any of the Gator bigs to stay on the court.

      The good offense was refreshing. If they can replicate that, the D should always be there, so they should be able to “gel” into something closer to the team that many thought they could be.

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        Maybe it was an anomaly. Making Utah State look like Michigan State, and limping into the conference schedule, with this much talent on the roster? Getting concerned.

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    Clean slate in the SEC. We have many tough games between here and a tourney invite. Our team will respond positively to a regular schedule and league play.

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    Hopefully the steady schedule after today is going to actually benefit the team.

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    Like the team that showed up today, but 33% on 2nd half FT’s won’t cut it in conference play. Not much room for error.

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      Joe Shiver

      Not likely to have Gak and Jitoboh shooting most of your second half FT’s in conference, but I get your point. Glover going 0-3 is
      concerning. That won’t cut it if he’s needed for ball-handling at the end of a tight game.

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    Love the fighting spirit, and of course, the conference W, but spotting conference opponents 15-20 leads is living dangerously.

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    Nearly 80% 2nd half FT’s, decisively closing out opponent on its home court, halfway to 20 wins, and still in the hunt for 25.

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    It sure is. Gators looked good on the road against SC. You can relax a little.

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      Hope you are right about being able to relax, and that they keep racking up wins through the conference schedule. but as I have learned over and over again about major UF sports since my first semester in G-ville in 1980, it’s always something.

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    Let’s see how the next couple of weeks play out. If they play strong and continue to show improvement in court cohesiveness through the next 4 SEC games (2 on the road), their next big tournament litmus test will be when Baylor comes to town at the end of the month. Still hoping that the continuous playing schedule with the conference season is only going to make this team stronger.

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    Weather neutralizes opponent’s home court advantage, but team comes out flat, can’t find its footing, then finishes with a fizzle. It’s always something.

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    The way Mizzou shot was a wish from Aladdin. A one-time deal so I’m over it. Still the defense could have had a better fight, but it’s tough to stop ANY team that hits 63%.

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      Sounds like you are saying something almost like it’s always something, such as an opponent’s near magical shooting on a night weather neutralized their home court advantage. Don’t forget UF going 0 for everything from the floor for the game’s first 5-6 minutes.

      Tonight was more like it needs to be – keeping conference home record unblemished – which must continue, if UF is to win 25, and get a good tournament seed.

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    Ole Miss in Gainesville.
    Auburn in Gainesville.
    LSU in Baton Rouge, LA.
    Baylor in Big 12/SEC Challenge.
    THE NEXT 4 GAMES for U.F. Men’s Basketball.

    And so this Florida team’s well into the conf. schedule. I forgive the Gators for the hard boiled egg they laid at Mizzou (snowed in, cold, etc…). But man, the 3 point ‘D’ has to improve greatly for this team to make an NCAA Tourney bid, much less a deep run. Plenty of time though, it’s only January. But no better time than the present to make it happen, Gators! The talent’s there, the bigs are here, finally! And all that is missing is consistently good defense! And Mike White’s a ”defensive-minded coach,” so… Just consistently play tough on ‘D’, and the rest will fall into place! Go Gators!

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    Strong start and a white hot, wipe out finish; looked like a 25 win team today.

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    Funny thing is that they still won’t be ranked goung into next week at LSU and with Baylor coming to town.

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