Andreu’s Analysis: No pulling the facemask


 OK, Gator fans, time for a show of hands: How many of you want college football in the fall? Better yet, how many of you want it desperately?

 So, everyone is in agreement here. You want it. Desperately.

 Now, another show of hands: How many of you are refusing to wear masks in stores, restaurants and other public places where people gather?

 I thought so. Everyone’s not together on this. Some of you are stubbornly sticking by your stance that it’s your right not to wear one.

 To those, I say this: wear a mask. It’s not that hard to do. Do it for your safety, for the safety of others — and do it for the sake of college football.

 While COVID-19 continues to spike in the SEC region, time is starting to run out on whether we’re going to have a college football season this fall. The SEC is expected to announce its plans at the end of this month. If things haven’t changed by that time, man, what are we looking at this fall? Maybe no football. Maybe just a few games. And maybe no fans in the stands.

 That would be a nightmare for all of us who love football and can’t wait for it to get here every year.

 For the sake of football, wear the mask. The SEC coaches have all said it (photo of UF’s Dan Mullen courtesy of UAA), so I guess I can say it. 

 Everyone needs to work together on this. There’s still time to turn this spread around and put college football in a position where it can at least get off to a safe start at some point.

 Some people are going to have to change and put on a mask. What worries me is those people won’t do it.

 Take Georgia for instance — the state, not the university. It really worries me. We were in north Georgia, in the mountains, last week and people, lots of people, were walking around with no masks, acting like the virus is gone and life is back to normal.

 We went to one restaurant where the bar was absolutely stacked with people — none of them wearing masks. When we walked into the restaurant wearing our masks, people looked at us like we all had two heads.

 Hey, it’s OK to wear a mask. Now just do it.

 This isn’t about politics. It has nothing to do with red or blue or whatever.  It’s about football — college football. Let’s do everything we can to make it happen this fall.



  1. Written like a man that never took an oath to the US Constitution nor served to defend it. So, for the sake of a game, we’re supposed to reject the very notion of liberty and freedom, assimilate into the mass mental illness and grand delusion, and promote a pure fiction that is currently starving to death more than 200,000,000 people (the lockdowns, not this flu)? You’re an anathema to the very notion of the Republic of the United States of America and true freedom. For the record, I played 12 years of football starting at age 6, and loved the game, and used to love the Gators, but if its between college sports and my liberty, then may college sports be gone forever.

  2. I’m not anti-mask, but I don’t know why masks have become *THE* symbol for fighting this virus. The main thing we can do is distance & practice good hygiene.

    And Robbie – the “EVERYONE WILL DIE” narrative won’t go away even if EVERYONE wore masks permanently.

    Not sure what planet you’re on, but as long as *anyone* tests positive, the hysterical fear will continue.

  3. Terrible idea, because they’ll ceate a new rule about distancing or some other nonsense, blocking our way at every step. Wake up Robbie, ask some Columbo questions:

    When we see the same people 1) claiming “case count” is paramount, when case count was predicted to climb to 65% from the very beginning, 2) ignoring worst practice examples in NY, or NJ….the terribly performing democrat states, and 3) ignoring best practice examples in Taiwan (7 deaths!), Japan, and Singapore with no mandatory lockdowns……Why then, the ignorers of the worst practices and best practices should not be trusted. They are con men.

    If you need a mask, how can you even think of packing a stadium for a game? You
    can’t be so stupid as to imagine a game with 6 feet between fans will feel like a real
    game. You’re trying to put lipstick on a pig. For the love of Pete, GO LOOK AT THE CDC graphs on hospitalization and mortality. Mortality is BELOW NORMAL now. Hospitals are WAY below the peak of 2 months ago. This is a endless series of fake edicts for political gain.

    Learn to spot con men. Look for contradictions – watch their hands, not their lips. These are petty, state level con men all coordinating to make sure the economy is failed for the election. They don’t have Washington power now, so they’re making all the states and cities jump through their fake hoops. Drunk on power.

  4. You’re a reporter, remember, not an apparatchik – DO YOUR INVESTIGATION. Look at the charts of hospitalization and mortality, and tell us what they say about national numbers – which were the starting statistics used to promote the lockdown. Now they emphasize the local statistics, and “case count”, which WAS NOT a concern at the beginning because they always knew case count would reach 60% of the population.

  5. Robbie – all my democrat friends are on one side of this, and all my republican friends on the other. Anytime you spot that division on a topic – it is a political topic, guaranteed.

    The proponents are the same people who promoted:

    • Kavanaugh rape accusations,
    • Covering up Biden’s assault charges now pending,
    • Russian collusion,
    • the fake Mueller investigation based on a
    • fake Dossier,
    • the fake impeachment,
    • based on a fake whistleblower,
    • false prosecution of Michael Flynn and lies to cover it up,
    • and the fake FISA applications, tens of them, under Obama.

    This is a new fantastic exaggeration hoax.

  6. Robbie is simply appealing to the football fan in all of us. Wearing a mask isn’t that hard. I wear mine every time I go to the store, not because I am giving up freedom, but because I don’t trust anybody else to be as diligent as I am in taking care of my health.

    For those of you worried about freedom, what do you think of the bag checks at the stadium entries or the taking off of your shoes at the airport check area? I have no problem with any of these if it even somewhat keeps us safe. Politics sucks anyway which is why we look to football among other distractions to get enjoyment out of life. If the SEC and NCAA don’t see enough progress for their peace of mind (they are not going to risk a lawsuit or public blame for spreading COVID-19), then they will call off sports. Then what? Let’s not sacrifice football over wearing a mask. We certainly didn’t when heightened security measures went into place at the entry gates. We simply show up a few minutes earlier to account for the slowdown at the bag check area.

    Go Gators!

  7. It’s not about football, it’s about saving lives! Wear a mask! If you don’t want to wear one don’t. Have nothing against anyone who doesn’t. You have free will and hope and pray you don’t end up like Richard “Rick” Rose, a 37-year-old man from Port Clinton, Ohio who died form Covid-19 I decided a long time ago I’m wearing one and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

    • The democrats were hysterical about tests being available because they knew the infection would reach about 60% of the population, like almost all influenza’s do. So it was very predictable, for an expert in virology and a Democrat expert in propaganda to demand testing for fear-mongering purposes.

      There is nothing a con man politician and fake news source likes more than a problem that can’t be solved, and a campaign to convince people the government can solve the problem.

      No democrats cared when Obama shut the CDC testing down in 2009, now every democrat I know is an expert on influenza and demands testing and masks.

      Obama had a better solution – cancel the testing.

      “However, back in 2009 during the swine flu pandemic, the Obama administration instructed states to shut down testing for H1N1 and stop counting cases of the deadly respiratory disease.

      In October 2009, CBS News released the findings from a three-month-long investigation into how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were reporting H1N1 cases during the swine flu pandemic.

      “In late July, the CDC abruptly advised states to stop testing for H1N1 flu, and stopped counting individual cases,” CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson wrote. “The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there’s an epidemic?”

  8. Democrats and the leftist news organizations dishonestly minimize and equivocate all that makes them look bad, or opponents look good; and they dishonestly exaggerate all which makes them look good and opponents look bad.

    I call it the “Twin Tells of Deception”, since the simultaneous invocation of these paired behaviors cannot be a mistake or thoughtlessness.

  9. Democrats used to care about schools, “schools” was their brand… they are shutting them down even though kids have shown excellent resilience to COVID.
    Democrats used to care about the big cities, like NY… the cities are barely functioning, the numbers are stunning: Seated diners in New York City are still 94% lower than a year ago
    Musicians and artists were the pride of the Democrat party… musicians are mostly out of work, barely able to find gigs. Movie theaters, a great place to get out of the house, are shut down.
    Black voters were the bread and butter of the Democrat party… their job gains realized under Trump have evaporated, Trump now has an estimated 40% of the black vote.
    Union workers were the foundation of the Democrat party…..Nafta, and now mass shutdowns, are ruining the blue collar job scene.
    Protecting women in society was a key selling point for the Democrats, especially sexual harassment. But most of the sexual harassment cases are wealthy Democrats. Biden is hands on with little girls. Epstein, who was at the Clinton’s daughter’s wedding, was never a target for hard prosecution as he trafficked young girls to wealthy democrats at his orgy island.
    Why are sacrificing everything? The same reason I’ve been saying for 10: They are after POWER, not remedies or health or success. POWER.

  10. Take your political rant to another forum and maybe you can find someone to argue with. For now, do your part and wear a mask in public like you are asked to do and just maybe it will help lower the case counts and allow football to return in the Fall, along with some semblance of our normal lives.

    • Thank you for speaking out. Short and to the point unlike those who can’t make a reasonable and logical argument. They hope to buffalo and confuse others into thinking they know what they are talking about by denying, deflecting, and using a lawyer trick. It’s the weight test. The lawyer with the heaviest stack of papers with the biggest and most words wins the argument in lazy minds, not that that stack of paper proves anything.

  11. What do people not understand about the concept of “public” in public health? We are legally mandated to wear seat belts when we drive on public roads, abstain from smoking in public accommodations, vaccinate our children who are enrolled in public schools, etc., etc. Now, we are being mandated in some places, and asked, in others, to wear masks until we vanquish a virus that will destroy our society and economy if we don’t get it under control.

    Let’s put this another way: Americans have a collective responsibility to have the backs of their fellow Americans. Can “freedom” and “liberty” nuts get the notion that we live together in a society that is worth conserving? This is America. We look out for each other. We’re in this union together and should be trying to make it more perfect. Selfishness cloaked as principle is not the way to go!

  12. For the baseball fans out there:

    It’s 4-1/3 innings in and the Skipper is slowly making his way to the mound. His plan of calling up the rookie knucklehead hurler from the celebrity minor leagues did not pan out as he had hoped. The orange faced pitcher had already given up two grand slams in the latest frame and the bases are loaded up again. His inexperience has been exposed and his skillset leaves him incapable of adjusting. When his knuckleheadball is getting hit, he switched to his weak forkedtongue fastball. When that gets hit too, he tries to throw the forkedtongue more forcibly to no avail. He has no other pitches in his arsenal. The fans are heading for the exits. His teammates are losing confidence as evidenced by their silence from a lack of moral courage to speak up. What do you think the Skipper will do? We’ll be right back after these messages from our sponsors.

  13. READERS: Notice none of the people making fun of me here, are addressing the cogent and factual citation of A) a history of Persistent dishonesty in the mask promoters’ leaders, B) soft “do it for the team” arguments – they don’t refute the FDA refusing ALL mask product applications, for years, making masks a technical felony fraud promotion since the FDA limits has to approve of all devices.

    When you see a mocker – you’re usually looking a con man, as well.

  14. “Both before and after any such intentional contact, and immediately after any unintentional contact. If there’s inadvertent contact you stop what you’re doing and wash your ****ing hands.

    None of this bull**** “hand sanitizer” nonsense; soap and water.

    I reported on this in March as at the time it was screamingly obvious that health care was the vector for this bug and it wasn’t in the air; it was coming out your ass. I’ve written several articles on this exact point. MIT has even tested and proved they can find the virus in municipal sewer flows! Indeed now we have universities stating they will use such surveillance to detect Covid on campus in the fall.

    Yet nobody has gone anywhere near that fact in the press nor in the so-called “expert” community. Why not?

    Because if you do then the entire house of cards they have built collapses and so do the lockdowns, mask orders and claim that “we’re all in this together”, “only a vaccine will save us” and “we all have to do our part.” Every bit of that is a bald-faced intentional lie.

    In one of these early articles I pointed to a small cluster of cases in hospital workers in Minnesota. At the time there were very few civilian (not health care) cases; fewer than 400 in the entire state. I said that they’d get hammered if this pattern held; at the time something like a quarter of all cases in Minnesota were among health care workers – 133 out of 503. Contemplate the insanity of that for a minute; the very people trained to use PPE and avoid infection, allegedly following said rules and wearing masks, were getting infected like crazy.

    Not long after that the state case and fatality rate blew up in their face.

    Minnesota now has over 47,000 cases and a fatality rate of 3.59%.

    That’s roughly where the nation is in terms of fatality rate overall, although if you look at the most recent data the CFR-10 (fatality rate of cases diagnosed 10 days earlier) is down to right around 1%.”