Andreu’s Analysis: Gators are p.o.’d

[Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

 Here’s my first prediction: after the loss to Georgia and with the noon start, it’s going to be a late-arriving crowd in The Swamp, and there are going to be thousands of no-shows in the student section. Duh, right? So, the intensity level and the atmosphere aren’t going to be anywhere close to where they were for the Auburn game five weeks ago.

 Prediction No. 2: The Gators don’t care.

 They don’t care because the Gators have been generating their own intensity and energy this week on the practice field. In the words of tight end Lucas Krull, the players have been practicing “pissed off.” And they plan to carry that over to the field Saturday against Vanderbilt.

 That’s a good thing. Instead of getting down (and staying there) over the Georgia loss, the Gators are angry. That’s the way it should be. They’re going to play angry Saturday, which is going to eliminate the possibility of an emotional hangover.

 Fired up and ready to go against a team that simply isn’t as good as them, the Gators are going to get off to a quick start, take an early lead, and build on it.

 UF isn’t going to win the SEC East. But they can still do one better than last year’s team and win 11 games in Dan Mullen’s second season and go to a New Year’s Six bowl game again. Just win out. That’s all it takes.

 So, stay angry Gators.

Prediction: Florida 42, Vanderbilt 10. 


  1. Funny thing is, Dooley is telling the Gators to “Wake up!” today, and Robbie is telling us that they already have….not only that, they’re pissed off.

    Both of course are missing college football’s biggest question of the season so far this year: Will UCF’s loss to Tulsa last night derail another UCF national championship this year?

  2. Lost among all of the games and conversation is the fact that in the 2020 Class so far there are no quarterbacks. So, when Trask and Franks leave, there will only be Emory Jones. Hopefully, Mullen will pull out some magic before final signing time and even if he can’t get one of the rare plums will find someone he can train the way he has in the past and now. But, for now we need to worry a bit. Shouldn’t have the Gators take their eyes off the current issue, but????

  3. If the Gators play p.o.’d, then good. That is what they have been lacking for years. They needed to play that way against Georgia for losing a couple of years in a row. No they won’t win the east as I don’t see Georgia losing again but yes they can still have a better season. Keep up the intensity and carry it through the season. Maybe the students won’t show but I will be there as usual and as vocal as always. Go Gators!

  4. I do not lıke saying things because İ feel like ı wıll jınx our team. But I am worried about the LBs (2 are hurt although moon was not the greatest run stopper) today wıth the RB they have. Sorry about all the errors thıs Turkısh keyboard ıs hard to use. I do not see a reason to play the nıckle today wıth their QB play. But I am sure the star(nickle) wıll be ın the game