Andreu’s Analysis: Tiger takedown is possible

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow hands off to running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the first half against Utah State in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019. LSU won 42-6. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

LSU players have done some talking this week, saying how much they dislike the Gators and can’t wait to get them in their house Saturday night. They’re definitely a confident bunch. Maybe, though, they should be on upset alert.

 Yes, the 13.5-point underdog Gators are capable of taking down the Tigers in Death Valley. They did it the last time they were there, in 2016. As the Head Ball Coach would say, the Gators have got a chance Saturday night.

 I know that LSU has been putting up some ridiculous offensive numbers against everybody they’ve played. But who have they played? The Tigers have not faced an elite defense this season, and that’s what the Gators have — an elite defense. At least that’s what we all saw last Saturday. If the Gators can generate pressure on quarterback Joe Burrow with a four-man rush (something they were able to do in the win over Auburn), then those wide-open windows he’s been throwing into all season are going to shrink considerably.

 Offensively, the Gators must take care of the football. If they lose four fumbles in this game like they did a week ago, it’s going to get really ugly and the Tigers will run away with it.

 Just like a week ago, the Gators would like to make this a low-scoring game. UF was capable of doing that against Auburn and a true freshman quarterback. LSU is a whole different offensive beast with the way Burrow and his receivers can consistently make plays.

 Playing at home, the Tigers are going to sustain drives and score points. The big question is whether Florida’s offense will be able to keep up.

 The Gators are capable, they’ve got a chance, but. …

 Prediction: LSU 35, Florida 28.


  1. “The Tigers have not faced an elite defense this season, and that’s what the Gators have — an elite defense.”
    -Robbie Andreu.
    And then you go and give the Tigers 5 T.D.’s on this ”elite defense” of Florida’s, Robbie?
    I guess eventually, we all ”talk out of both sides of our mouths.” It’s just you and Pat do it every week during the college football season. And now we get to ”pay for it,” too.
    Go Gators! Just win baby!

    • I don’t fault Robbie’s thinking, GI. Shoot, even the 1985 Chicago Bears — the stiffest defense I’ve ever seen, led by the best Gator LB I’ve ever seen (the one and only Wilber Marshall) — gave up nearly 40 points to the Dolphins. (Wilber was so stinking amazing; USC’s former QB Sean Salisbury is still having nightmares about him.) I’m still not in the “elite” camp given that we haven’t played an elite offense yet, but Grantham and the players have posted a strong body of work against the competition they’ve faced thus far. Tomorrow night will be a defining moment. Can’t wait! Geaux Gators!

  2. Gotta reduce the turnovers. We could’ve blown out Auburn with ball security. Fumbles aside, that game gave me confidence in the Gator offense; Auburn is tough on D, and aside from Lamical’s 88-yard TD run, they tackle pretty well. So we SHOULD be able to score on LSU. As for the defense, Auburn’s QB was not much of a test. We’ll find out Saturday night against the best offense we may face this year if the Gator defense is elite.

  3. The Gators were able to make the Auburn game low scoring by committing two turnovers in the red zone. Without those two turnovers, the Gators would’ve scored between 30 and 38. I see no reason to think LSU’s defense will hold the Gators under 30. Although the Gator D won’t make Burrow look like a true freshman, I do think they’ll hold him well below his game averages. Let’s go with UF 31 LSU 21. Go Gators!

  4. I am completely biased when it comes to the Gators – 2nd generation UF alumnus, watched my first game on Florida Field when I was 13 (1969 drubbing of Houston by John Reaves and Carlos Alvarez: 59 to 34). Having said this, I believe Florida will pull out a squeaker in Death Valley – 33 to 27. We will not completely shut LSU down, but we will harrass the QB enough to cause 2 to 3 turnovers and to stall several drives. Our defense will score one TD to help the offense out. Our O-Line is maturing and will provide enough protection for our QB to throw 2-3 TD passes. Our running game will get going in the 2nd half (as it always does) and wil either score a TD our set us up for 1-2 scores. GO GATORS – CHOMP THE TIGERS!!!

  5. I hope this isn’t the game where our lack of a running game catches up with us. We need to be able to control the ball and keep their D on the field for long stretches. Just keep it close in the first half and we can pull away in the 2nd. And besides, we have one huge advantage ~ Coaching. Does anyone really think Orgeron can outcoach Mullen? Gators by 10.