Andreu’s Analysis: Tigers all over the place

Florida players. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

 What better way to prepare for the next two SEC games than to be playing the Towson Tigers. Because the Gators are going to be fending off Tigers in the two weeks that follow — the Auburn Tigers and then the LSU Tigers.

 This is kind of a way to ease into the Tiger taming business for the No. 9 Gators.

 It should be a nice, relaxing day in The Swamp with a favorable result, of course. But be warned: these Tigers are a very good, very sound FCS team that rolls up lots of yards and points. The UF defense, which has given up only three points in the last five quarters, will be challenged — and will give up some plays.

 Towson’s offense is potent enough to make the game interesting for at least a while, like maybe for almost two quarters. But this is a game where Kyle Trask and the improving UF offense should have a big, productive day against a Towson defense that has struggled against both the run and the pass, giving up 420 total yards a game to FCS opponents.

 So, here’s my first prediction: the Gators will have a ground game in this one. At least they better. If they can’t run on these Tigers, they’ll have zero chance against the SEC Tigers coming up on the schedule.

 UF’s goal each week is to show improvement. The Gators certainly should be able to do that in this one.

 Prediction: Florida 51, Towson 20.


  1. “If the Gators can’t run on these Tigers they’ll have no chance against the SEC Tigers coming up”. OK, true dat. But “no chance” what? To run against the SEC Tigers or to WIN against the SEC Tigers?

    Inquiring minds probably want to know. Mine does too.

    • Maybe both 6. It’s not advisable to be one-dimensional vs. top SEC D’s. They’re just too fast and will make any QB’s life a living hell. Even Trask won’t be able to get rid of the ball fast enough.

      The intriguing thing is that with the shiftiness of Damien Pierce at TB, the Gator running game can make a decent living taking advantage of defensive speed trying to pressure Trask. Just let them come, then trap ‘em and run where they came from. Or, throw some screen passes to Perine. After a few of those plays, defenses will be a lot less eager to pin their ears back and go after Trask on every play.

      Let’s see what CDM comes up with.

      • Roger that to Para 1, and that’s what I’m thinking for Para 2. I think that, yes, the odds will be against us, but also yes, we can beat these guys in the SEC too. I get the feeling tho that you and I and probably Joe Shiver are the only guys to see the value in Pierce at TB — but I could be wrong about that.

        • Well, I like both Perine and Pierce. There’s been a couple more calling for Pierce, David comes to mind, primarily because it seemed like Perine was tiptoeing and missing holes. I’m sure some of that was/is happening, but more often than not, the holes just haven’t been there. For the season, Perine is averaging 3.8 yards per carry to 3.5 for Pierce…virtually the same. It’s certainly possible Pierce could improve with more carries, but I just think that any significant improvement in the running game depends on better OL play.

          • You know Joe, it’s all predicated on the OL learning to play together as a unit and not missing assignments the way they STILL do. Even then, the pre CDM recruits on this OL will be average, at best.

            After watching this game for many years, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that what separates the top 5 teams from all the others are big, talented OL’s that work together as units. There simply aren’t enough 300+ pound, strong, cat-quick guys that have the IQ necessary to pick up the intricacies of working in a seamless unit with four other guys.

            This edition of the Gator OL may yet learn to work together as a unit, but they’re NEVER going to be as big, strong or quick as UGA’s and Alabama’s. That’s why our coaches are scrambling to get Richard Gourage and the other freshmen ready to play… more upside to them.

            In the meantime, crank up the passing game, now that we have a QB that knows how to throw ALL the passes!

          • Man, you were up early (late?)!! Unfortunately, I missed the game, because I was in a meeting. Thought I’d be able to listen to the 4th quarter on the radio heading home, but the game lasted only 2:47.

            I’m sure you’re exactly right. I’ve looked at the box score and read the articles, and it was good to see that Pierce ripped off a couple of good ones. On the other hand, without those two runs, the running game would’ve produced less than 100 yards total and less than 4 yards per carry. Maybe Pierce is the best, but even then, he needs some help from the big uglies to get consistently good gains.

            I’m with you on the passing game. I think Trask, Pitts, and WR’s can win some games while the OL is hopefully gelling.

    • Close? I think that the Towson Tigers dont score even that! I looked at who they played and lost to, they are a nobody team, beating and losing to nobodies. Coach has to talk them up to keep the team focused, so read nothing into his comments about an opponent. They lost to Villanova for crying out loud and barely beat the Citadel! Im sad that my book isnt covering that game!