Andreu’s Analysis: Hurricanes in the forecast

Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Florida may have had a 10-win season in 2018, but I did not. What I had is a seven-loss season, going 6-7 in my predictions for Gator games. That having been said, my credibility as a prognosticator (if I ever even had any in the first place) is clearly on the line in 2019.

 And I’m opening with what many are considering a tough game to pick. But I’m viewing this UF-Miami showdown in simple terms. If the Gators’ young and inexperienced offensive line holds up against an excellent Miami defensive front, Florida is going to win, pulling away in the second half. If the line gets overwhelmed, which certainly could happen, the Gators are going to open the season with a devastating loss.

 For the last two weeks, Florida players — both offensive and defensive — have been telling us, the media, that the line has made great progress under John Hevesy and will do just fine, giving the playmakers a chance to make plays and score points. That’s talk. Now comes reality in the form of Miami’s defensive front seven.

 Two things to consider here: Hevesy is a really good offensive line coach; and Dan Mullen has shown he can coach around a struggling, sometimes overmatched, offensive line, like he did at Mississippi State last season.

 That combination works for me. And it will work for the Gators on Saturday night.

 Get ready to give a game ball to Hevesy and the Big Nasties.

 Prediction: Florida 35, Miami 21.


  1. It’s funny to me that people keep acting like the same Miami defense from last season will be taking the field tomorrow. 5 of the 11 starters are gone. That’s half the starting defense. They’ve got great LBs, I’ll give them that, but I’m not buying the hype right now.

  2. What Robbie Andreu is overlooking is the Gator defense – our defense will stuff UM’s offense and create a few turnovers, providing our offense additional opportunities to drive and score. The Gators will out-physical and outlast the Canes. It should be a good game – I don’t expect a “blow-out” by either team – I do expect a W by the Gators, and hopefully a solid W (say by 10 to 17 points). GO GATORS!!!

  3. I get that your company has to charge us to read this stuff now. As nothing is free anymore. But please make the login easier, IT ASKS ME TO ”REFRESH” the screen after I’ve logged in, but you all should ”refresh the damn screen!” We are paying for this now… LOL! But seriously, make it easier to login… please. Asking me to ”refresh a screen is just too much, after I have paid and logged in.”
    And Robbie, I like your pick, but I will (NO JINXES ALLOWED) predict: FLORIDA 34 & MIAMI 17.
    Book it! And Gators please, please beat the Miami Hurricanes like a damn drum!
    Go Gators! Just win baby!