Andreu’s Analysis: A tough season (for me)

(Paul Abell via Abell Images for the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl)

While the Gators celebrate their turnaround season, I’m continue to suffer through one of my own.

Through 12 games, I’m 6-6 with my predictions of Florida games. Like the HBC might say, that’s a lousy record. Shoot, I’m barely bowl eligible. So, yes, I’ve been way off my game this season.

Given that record, I know what you’re thinking: pick Michigan. Because if I pick Michigan, Florida will probably win. Just like the Gators did when I picked LSU and FSU and so on and so forth.

So, what the heck, I’ll make everybody’s day and pick Michigan.

Maybe things will be different here in the postseason.

I don’t have a strong feeling either way about this matchup with Michigan. Maybe that’s what I need to start my turnaround in the right direction. I had a strong feeling about FSU (why in the world, I have no idea looking back on it), but not much of a feel at all about this game.

My one thought is that Michigan was one of the best teams in the country before the Wolverines went to Columbus, Ohio, on Nov. 24 and got slaughtered  62-39 by Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes. That Michigan team was lousy. But that won’t be the Michigan team the Gators face in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Instead, they’ll be facing the same kind of Michigan team that smacked them around in Texas in last season’s opener.

The Gators are going to get hit with a big old dose of power football. They’ll cope with it early, but eventually will succumb to it. I see the defense having problems getting off the field and the offense hurting itself with a bunch of sacks and negative plays. I see a tough day for Feleipe Franks and the passing game. I don’t think he’ll get benched this time, but it’s going to be a game-long struggle.

The bottom line is I just think Michigan is a slightly better team than Florida and it will be reflected in the final result.

Prediction: Michigan 27, Florida 21.



  1. What did you expect? You are a sportswriter – not an athlete. While you were diagramming sentences the rest of us were playing ball – tackle. I am always amused by the writers who think they have some special insight because they have locker room access. There is no doubt that you can discuss, with expertise, the best buffet at the various stadiums around the southeast. But when it comes to truly analyzing a game, a play or player you should leave it up to the guys who know how to watch a game without noshing on a bear claw at their desk.

  2. ”The Gators are going to get hit with a big old dose of power football.” -Robbie (”the dinosaur,” according to Pat Dooley) Andreu.
    Well Robbie, the Gators played a team that I believe is better than this Michigan team, and hung with them for nearly 3 1/2 qtrs. Those damn Dawgs were a ”big dose of power football.” And, ironically, the passing game for U.G.A.’s ‘O’ is what sunk any hopes of Florida getting a ‘W’ in J’ville.
    So it will be interesting to see how this Florida ‘D’, along with its early enrollees to the NFL, like Chauncey Gardner-Johnson will handle their ”big dose of power football.” But I think that will be the difference, players staying for the U.F. bowl game, that gives Florida their 1st victory over Michigan.
    GO GATORS! Make history!

  3. Robbie are you serious??!?! ‘A big dose of power football’? Have you seen the offensive line fire off of the ball lately?!? If need be I think these Gators can play smash-mouth too. Every game is not basketball on grass. I think they will come out motivated by what happened a couple of years ago. Not to mention they want to be the group that ends this skid to them. I’ve been skittish about this one all week but my gut tells me they go in and prove that they belong. It will put college football on notice for next year that the Gators are back!!! GEAUXXX GATORS!!

    • We faced some power teams this year and held up — Lsu and MSU. What concerns me more is Michigan’s ability to throw off that running game. Balanced teams have been able to exploit our defense, especially getting guys to bust coverages as we saw with Kwntucky and others. But, I do not think we will just get physically overpowered as we were last year. This team is much tougher physically and mentally.

  4. I think Michigan thinks they will be able to line up and smash this Mullen lead Florida team in the mouth just like they did to the McElwain led Florida team last year. Looking forward to that. Gators 38, Michigan 24.

  5. Robbie,
    Really? Your going to pick against the Gators again? You just sealed a Gator win. Thank you. I’m no longer nervous about the outcome. To borrow a line from Mick Hubert when Florida basketball hits a 3-pointer, “Book it Dano!”, Florida beats Michigan.

    All joking aside, hasn’t this Florida team showed you yet that they don’t let go of the rope. The difference between this team and last year’s team are like night and day. All the intangibles are pointing towards the Gators to beat Michigan. Michigan is underestimating Florida. Michigan is coming off a historic beat down at the hands of their most bitter rival. Michigan is disappointed they didn’t make the CFP or even the Big 10 championship game. Michigan’s players are deciding to sit out the game. Florida wants the Michigan monkey off its back. Florida is coming off a historic win over its most bitter rival. Florida is a grossly more physical team at the point of attack on both sides of the ball than the last time they played. Florida’s draft eligible players are playing for each other and not sitting this one. Bowl games are difficult to pick because motivation to win means more in bowl games than in other games. I can guarantee Florida will fight back if they fall behind. Michigan may mail it in Florida gets up on them early. Michigan will let go of the rope!

  6. Well, I fully intended to toss a few jibes Robbie’s way, but I just can’t pile on at this point, especially given that even Robbie criticized Robbie! So, in the spirit of the season, I am going to say hang in there, Robster! You and Pat are survivors and marathoners hacking out words week after week, dealing with all the stress and static and holding up like champs. Keep up the good work and you know that fans jawing at journalists is all part of the glory of college football!

    And, keep this in mind next year– pick Florida to win! You’ll be right more than you’re wrong!!

  7. I went 10 – 2 on my picks this year, missing only the UK and Mizzou games. I picked UGA to beat us.

    I nearly picked Miss.St. to win, but went with a close, low-scoring Gator win. Of course, I could have easily been 8 – 4 if Vandy and USCe had won. I had absolutely zero doubt we’d hammer fsu, and we did.

    As for Michigan, I’m picking UF to win in a close game, 28 – 24.

    I see four Michigan starters, twonon offense and two on defense sitting this game out. The one player sitting out that hirts them the most is their RB, who is a huge chunk of their offense. It’d be like fsu not having Dalvin Cook starting. It will hurt their ability to keep the chains moving at times in this game.

    I’m guessing this Michigan team isnt as mentally invested in this game as we are, considering their arch-rival not only put 62 poimts on them in their last game, bit knocked them out of their conference championship game and play-off contention.

    I’ll say with confidence that Dan Mullen isn’t a man you’d want to give a month to prepare his team against you.

    Spread Michigan out, attack the edges aggressively with our speed skill players, make them chase us the whole game, and play good special teams. If we can win the turnover battle by 2, UF will win by 10+ points.

  8. I agree with tobbies prediction but not his analysis. usually its the other way around. i dont see us winning because i expect to see a lot of guys getting time that dont normally play, to get them started on next year. i dont expect problems with power. i expect a strategic loss where we gain more from losing than winning would provice, i think we will have some blown coverages, missed blocks, penalties and mistakes from the youngest guys, including jones, a kind of wakeup call to get busy this offseason and realize the young guys have a lot to do. i expect harbaugh to do his utmost to get his team to the highest level possible, he’s had time to develop depth, cdm has not had time. CDM is doing way better with 4 star recruiting than mac, and 5 stars are coming next year. hes got to find which of the guys that havent produced much so far perform might get to a high level and which guys are not going to find a way to reach the level CDM is looking for.
    if we win, great, and if we get killed, well, thats not a good sign for next year. but i look forward to seeing a lot of jones, clayton, our current backup offensive line and those other ten freshmen mentioned earlier, and not a lot more of the guys moving on, or even guys thinking of moving on. also i hope some of the guys being recruited will see a path for them to get playing through weak areas shown in this game (such as , defensive tackle and safety which we will need some help soon for starters).

  9. I think Robbie likes to get the Gator fanbase fired up. Suffice it to say that (once again) Robbie is wrong. He needs to put some shine on that old crystal ball of his – maybe buy some of that stuff we use to turn our headlights from chicken yellow to bright hot white. As I shared in another post, the Gators will dominate the line of scrimmage on offense, allowing our run game to be established. I know Robbie thinks this is hard to believe, but it has been our O-line who has made it possible for us to win 9 games. With Chauncey Gardner playing nickel for us one last time, expect a few big plays for the Gator defense. Don’t be surprised to see a pick six and a few QB sacks (Polite will politely introduce himself to the UM QB). Our kicking game may very well be the difference. My pick is UF 33, UM 24. GO GATORS – BEAT MICHIGAN!!!

  10. Oh St was the 1st really good team Michigan played this year and they got exposed. They had a very weak schedule, thats why their conference is out of the playoffs. Its easy to look good against weak teams. I believe the Oh St game showed us just where they belong. I see them as, about equal with Missouri, a good but not great team.

    • BTW Oh St is a very good team, one of the 4 top teams in the nation. They should have been in the playoffs instead of ND(ND played a very weak schedule). Being in a weak conference hurt them and then losing to Purdue, a game they were overconfident and overlooked their opponent(they nearly did it again with Maryland). Plastering Mi showed who they are when focused! I would have much rather seen the best 4 teams in the playoffs!

  11. I watched Muschamp beat the great Michigan and Harbaugh in the Outback bowl last year 26-19 by scoring the last 23 points unanswered. Play big-boy football and punch Michigan in the face, and you have a great chance to win. Gators 34-21

  12. “The Gators are going to get hit with a big old dose of power football”. I have to say that if that’s one of the main reasons to pick Michigan over Florida, then R.A. must know some inside scoop on the backup RBs as their leading rusher isn’t playing in the game. He took over 50% of all of their RB carries with over 50% of the RB Yards. Also, two of their best and most experienced defensive players aren’t playing in the game either. Losing 4 starters between two games does make a big difference, and 4 weeks isn’t going to miraculously change that. I believe that Grantham and Mullen will have a solid gameplan for the team to have success.