Andreu’s Analysis: One shaky pick

Florida players warm up before a game. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

I have to admit it. Coming off that big game with all that atmosphere in Jacksonville last Saturday, I’m a little flat. That’s probably to be expected. So, will the Gators be flat as well come Saturday?

We’ll know early in the game against Missouri.

As for me being flat, yes, I am. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have some strong feelings about this game and how it might play out. I do. And I’m going to share.

My strongest feeling is that this is going to be a really, really tough game for the Gators. They’re coming off the disappointing loss that eliminated them from the SEC East race, and the Tigers are a lot better, a lot more dangerous, than their 0-4 SEC record indicates. If Drew Lock and this offense get hot, they’re difficult to stop, something we saw in last year’s rout at Missouri. At some point Saturday, the Mizzou offense is going to start rolling against a UF defense that has been susceptible to giving up big plays in recent week.

On the other side of the ball, I see quarterback Feleipe Franks struggling early and then some in the crowd turning on him. He’s going to miss some wide-open guys and maybe have another turnover or two. Then, if he starts pressing, that long leash Dan Mullen has given him is going to turn into a very short choker chain. This may be the game we see what Kyle Trask has to offer.

What I’m feeling is this is going to be a very close game that comes down to the team that makes the critical plays in the fourth quarter.

It’s going to be a struggle, but the feeling is the Gators will make one or two more plays than Missouri and find a way to escape with a win.

Prediction: Florida 21, Missouri 20.


  1. “They’re coming off the disappointing loss that eliminated them from the SEC East race” while I wish this wasn’t the case the fact that at that point in the season (compared to last year) we were in contention was almost miraculous. My opinion has been we are good enough to win any game on our schedule but that we wouldn’t win all. Where we are versus where we started. We have hope. WH? We have a coach capable of being a SEC coach in a major program (some here are not sure on this. though I am not in that camp). We are fit. These guys are not gassed at half. Now the D got that way with UGA but that is due to a few injuries and a offense that let them down a few times. We have fight. Did anyone see the stand against UGA? We didn’t have that in us for many years. We are young in development. Even our veterans are new to the coaches and the way of coaching, philosophy, and mindset. They held on to the rope into the 4th Qtr and couldn’t hold any more. A few less mistakes and a few bad penalties and we would have still been in the game. I am standing by statement we can win all our remaining games. if Alabama was on the schedule I would say that we would not have much of a chance though I don’t believe in ‘no chance.’ I also said we wouldn’t be undefeated through the season. Can we go undefeated the rest of the way? Yes and that is possible though I think the maturity of the team as whole is not there for that yet. This team is still learning how to win, how to be winners. Improvement? If you want to count wins we were better when we crossed 5 wins. Lastly as for Atlanta and the SEC game. Had we made it I would have gone. But we are not ready for that stage though I think the time frame to that reality is not a long one. UGA was the better team last weekend and hats off to them (even if saying that is painful). While UK is having its best year in.. in forever I don’t think they are good enough to beat UGA and definitely not Alabama. But if we finish well we will be in a bowl worthy of Gator Nation and set ourselves up for a great recruiting class. Missou losses have been to very good SEC schools UGA, SC, ALA, KY save maybe SC. We are favored by ESPN but I think these guys are going to bring their A game. If we win this one it will show the mettle of this team and further what and how fast we are moving. GO GATORS!

  2. It would be nice to see Franks have a complete game without periodically lapsing into a funk. He has a great supporting cast who can carry the day, IF he’ll run the offense without proving Robbie right by turning the ball over. Hopefully he’ll have the best game of his career and the offense will keep Lock off the field long enough for the Gator dbs to catch their breath. Grantham and the defense should definitely be ready to make up for last Saturday’s let down. They’ll need more than a little help from the offense. With UFs lack of depth in the backfield, the outcome of this matchup may come down to time of possession and homefield advantage. UF 24. Mizzou 14. Go 🐊🐊🐊

    • Absolutely, let’s not forget that either…..and as well the take-aways from Gator65’s comments above. I don’t think any of us seriously lost our minds over the recent setback in Jacksonville, although we probably have a mild to moderate case of the jitters going into 3 of our 4 remaining games. Not that I have any special words of wisdom regarding what to do or what not to do — but I think if we play from here forward like the team we’ve become this year, not try to be somebody we’re not, we’ll be quite pleased in December. One game at a time. Go Gators…..wear the stripes off them Tigers!

  3. I read 8 predictions on this game. All 8 experts said Drew Lock is the key for Missouri. If he torches Gator secondary for 250 yards and 3 tds, that’s bad news. The good news is that the experts said Florida has a lot of weapons, offensively, defensively and on special teams. Franks does not have to win the game as Lock does, he just has to avoid losing it.

  4. Wow! This new log in deal is a hassle. Tried to set it up with my phone, but finally had to finish on the laptop. No matter, the game is more important. I just don’t see the Gators losing. They certainly could, but I think CDM and Co. have them mentally tough, full of “cognitive fortitude” as Graham put it in a recent article. I think the Gators’ new, tougher attitude and the home crowd, “swampfield advantage as daz calls it” will carry them to a comfortable win. Go Gators!

  5. I really think Franks will end up the starter next year regardless of who is in the mix. I’m not sure Emory Jones can hit the broad side of a barn. If you watch his high school video, even his all star game video, he is not a talented passer.

    • From what I’ve seen Jones throws a very catchable ball with nice touch/accuracy. The throw to Jefferson in the Georgia game showed that. Franks doesn’t have the it factor or whatever you want to call it. He’s just not good enough to be the long term starter at QB for the Florida Gators. You can already tell Mullen is grooming Jones for next year. You and I will disagree on this and many things in the future! I’m the Steve from before we had to open an account.

  6. I can feel for Andreu. This is a game that there should be no question of…but there is. The gators record is superior to Mo, they have swampfield advantage(which if it got them past LSU it should certainly get them past Mo) and they have henderson and stewart back. Yet, because of a bad loss we dont know what UF team will show up. Definitely NOT the team with momentum, that was playing for the SEC east! I had this game pencilled in for a BIG bet, but I just dont know so I had to go for a little one. They now have to prove how they are going to play without the advantages of winning they had. They now have to prove how they are going to play after a big loss without anything other than a better bowl game to play for. After UK they still had everything to play for, not now. How they play here will determine if they can be trusted in the SC game to win. Both should be winnable at home. This is the team , after all, that beat LSU(who I predict will stay within the 14 point spread. Dont think they will win, but its possible, if I knew that I could really make a killing on the moneyline). I hate feeling this way but a loss like that really blows your confidence in a team to do what you know they can do. I do believe losing henderson, just like not having Reese at UK, had a huge effect on the outcome. I believe the game would have been close and not a blowout(they just couldnt cover a TE). Even so it was a blowout and that had an effect on the players, they are just people after all. Right now I really wish I had the knowledge of how well they practiced this week. That nugget would make all the difference in the world. so if anyone has, real, inside knowledge, share!!

  7. Anything that screens out the idiot and aliases of “Mike Winter” is worth a little trouble in signing in. As for today’s game, I think Franks has to come through with a big, productive passing game. Certainly the opportunity is there going against the soft Missouri secondary. I agree also with Tampa, that Franks will be the starter next season, at least unless and until Emory Jones can prove he’s the man for the Gators. I am confident Franks will be better next season though I have doubts that he’ll become the quarterback we ultimately need.

  8. Clyde and Tampa…You’re probably right that Franks will be the starter next year, if he remains the starter for the rest of this season. Coach Mullen said that his system works better when the players have a couple of years experience playing in it. You’d think that would apply to the qb most of all the positions. I think Mullens needs a more mobile qb though. I wish he would use Jones more, like he did Tebow as a freshman.

  9. As a long-time Gator fan, I have tried to temper my expectations for Florida this season. They’ve played well enough at times to see that the future under Mullen is trending upward although the sports writers might be inflating their progress a little. That being said, Missouri has been a thorn in the side of the Gators ever since they entered the league. I hope that the team dispenses a bit of whup-ass, especially because the game is in the Swamp and they need a strong finish to the season to aid in recruiting battles.