Andreu’s Analysis: Much patience is required

Gator fans are disappointed after watching UF lose to Kentucky, 27-16, last Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Cyndi Chambers/Gainesville Sun Correspondent]

The devastating loss to Kentucky has prompted several friends (and others) to contact me through social media and ask me how many games I think the Gators will end up losing this season.

Looking at the schedule, my response was that they could go 0-8 in the SEC (just like Tennessee a year ago) and could very well finish 2-10 on the season, the only remaining win coming against Idaho.

The fact that no one seemed shocked by my response tells you where this program appears to be following the mess we saw on the field last Saturday.

Florida lost both lines of scrimmage to Kentucky, and when you look at what’s ahead, that could happen over and over and over again over the next two months.

What I’ve been telling my friends (and others) is they should forget worrying about wins and losses and how bad the final record is going to end up, and focus on whether the Gators are showing some progress, even if it’s just a little, from week to week. If the Gators manage to do that, at least it will give some hope for the future. If the Gators are stagnant, it’s not going to be good.

So, I’m predicting there will be a little progress this week in a game that likely will go down to the wire. So, let’s just call it a very shaky pick.

Prediction: Florida 31, Colorado State 30.



  1. I personally believe they should just cancel the season. Tell Mullen go back to Starkville and milk some cows. The rest of the Fall tell the players to go join the local YMCA and join the flag football team. One game and its time to pack it in. Gotta love the mind set… Just give up; through all kinds of weather doesn’t apply to some fans.

  2. I appreciate how on recent days GatorSports has named the issue. Our recruiting is not what it once was. Why? As bad as we need DB six DB from Lindys top 100 left the state of Florida last year. Less except some to UM and FSu. UGA signed several CB from Fl. Would have been nice.

  3. Or, they could go 8-4 and by then, pick up a decent bowl win for 9-4. Which is where the majority of us were before we got overly euphoric and pumped sunshine and lolly pops into that particular point of contact, somewhat collectively.

    Which certainly wasn’t your fault Robbie, nor was it Pat’s and not even was it anybody’s fault that I can think of, because all the while there were some of us (not me, I’ll admit) cautioning us against “collective salvation” so to speak, and telling us to slow down. So until I’m proven wrong, I for one will go back to that original prediction. If I am indeed wrong, I’ll try not to fret too much and instead trust Dan Mullen and Company to fix what ails us, that being his charge. One thing I will not do is to join the faint hearted chorus singing the tune that we are lost, for now, and evermore. GO GATORS, IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER.

    • Yes, there were some possibilities of a 10 win season that were thrown about (including bowl), but they always depended on winning a few 50/50s and at least one upset. It wasn’t exactly a guarantee of 10 wins. When you are depending on 3-4 50/50s to go our way and an upset to get to 10 — ending up with 7 should not be that surprising.

      Also, 9 should still be in the realm of possibility. LSU & MSU look better than during preseason but Tennessee is still horrible, FSU looks worse, and SCar didn’t offer any resistance to UGA. Those still look like 50/50s. Gators lost a game we were all counting on so the reasonable ceiling has to be reduced by 1, but other then that we are still in the same boat. A few 50/50 games, an upset, and a bowl win away from 9 wins (or a floor of 5-6 wins if none of that happens).

      Here’s hoping Kentucky is just abnormally good this year and the Gators aren’t as bad as they looked.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Mullen gets a pass for this entire season. He was given a complete mess, and it will take time.

    There will be no titles, no championships. Just focus on each game with no thought to anything else. Robbie is exactly right.

    • Not only was he given a complete mess, but he’s trying to implement an entirely new offense and defense with players that don’t fit the system. I for one got a little too excited after the first game and thought they’d be better than they are, but reality set in real quick. Everyone just needs to stop the negativity and fire everyone attitude and realize the situation and accept the fact that it’s going to take some time to turn it around. If he can win 1 more game than last season, then that’s progress to me. Beat FSU and the sour season gets much sweeter.

          • Gator 6…I just don’t get some of our fans..didn’t they see last season? Yes you can be critical…but after 2 games following 4-8? I am sure we all know to varying degrees, former players and when I talk to them they have different perspectives ESPECIALLY with coaching changes. The guys I know understand that the SEC is a line of scrimmage league, and we are behind the 8 ball…so Mullen has to be creative and is still figuring out play makers when live bullets are flying. The typical arm chair qb goes on about stuff like not seeing fiery antics on the sideline as if they are in the meetings and locker room, and similar generalizations. Who knows, Mullen may just fall on his face (I don’t think he will), but after 2 games and not acknowledging that this is not the UK team that SOS would beat 65-0 and 73-7…it’s pretty unfair and unrealistic.

          • Yeah, it’s hard to sort out between the doomsday crowd and the legit criticisms sometimes, For instance, Daz, Alum, GI, 65 and quite a few others…..if they say something negative, it’s worth reading because you know they’ve reasoned it through and it’s on balance. Then there are others that may start out rational but degenerate into sniveling and moaning like the world just ended. It’s too early to give up. I think we’ll land on our feet, but if we don’t this year, so be it. Like Rog always says, however long it takes!

    • pfo. It is not a complete mess. The messes are on the offensive line, the defensive line, the safety play, the linebacker play, the QB play, and a 5th string RB who thought he should carry the ball a lot every game. The wide receivers, the tight ends, and the running backs are SEC championship quality. And the special teams play is majorly improved (can’t blame the placekicker if the ref needs vertical visual ball flight recognition testing). So, not a complete mess. But still a big mess of twine that will take a while to unravel it seems, unfortunately.

    • I agree. He inherited a mess. However I am perplexed by the performance of a presumably stronger defense that allowed only 120 rush yards and 340 total yards versus KY one year ago with essentially the same players. The only guys gone are Taven Bryan and Jordan Sherit. I’m sure Reese and Jefferson were missed, but with additional depth at LB, I find it hard to accept as the rationale for the disparity of the defensive performance of this year versus last year. I don’t know if the problem was inadequate preparation, trouble adapting to a new system, or the mindset of the players prior to this years game, but logically, I can’t comprehend this defense being the “mess” it appeared against KY in this game. I think things are not quite as bad as many of us perceive. Hopefully this defense will play like I think it can. If so, we will be ok. I can’t however shake the feeling that this defensive line is missing the impact of Taven Bryan greatly who in my opinion was somewhat underrated. He demanded a lot of double teams which makes the job easier for the other d-linemen. I think we can have a good season if the d plays up to its potential.

      • Muschamp sure proved that. regarding what you said about the defense, I was disappointed when I learned that we were getting a DC that ran a 3-4. Ive never liked that scheme, they are usually poor against the run. Every really great defense I can remember was a 4-3. Muschamp’s shutdown defense used a 4-3, our National championship shutdown defense under Meyer was a 4-3. I also dont like that Grantham gambles too often on the blitz and thats not my opinion but was stated on the video review of his time as MsSt. DC., thats how they gave up the big play against Bama that cost them the game last year, burned on a blitz late in the game when caution and shutdown coverage was indicated!

        • You see, a 3-4 relies on 4 flying in to plug the gaps and get to the runner. The lanes are much more wide open against only 3 and lets the runner get up a head of steam! Problem is the faster the 4 are going at point of contact the more likely the runner will be able to juke him!
          A 4-3 plugs up the lanes better and allows the 3 to fill fewer gaps and keeps the runners forward speed down at 1st, when contact is initially made.
          Sure a 3-4 may work better in pass rush but football is a line of scrimmage game and if you cant stop the run you are going to lose, no matter how well you shutdown receiving.

  5. This commentary is not for fair weather fans…..
    Now for the rest of us tried and true Gator fans…
    1. All is not lost.
    2. The future is bright for Gator Nation.
    3. Creating a championship squad does NOT happen overnight.
    4. Stay confident Gator coaches WILL make quality product in Gainesville.
    5. Recruiting and coaching will turn thing around in wins and confidence.
    6. The Orange and Blue WILL have better days ahead.

    In the words of Mick Hubert…..Book It!

      • Gary. The coaching and leadership of Zook, Muschamp, McElwain and even Meyer the last couple of years was a major problem. Foley was an overall very good AD, but he really messed up his legacy with how he handed the football coaching hires. But coaching has not been the only problem, as we all know that the football facilities fell way behind other major programs Florida was and is competing with now. But Stricklin is addressing that issue, and Mullen will be around for a long time as head coach. Things are headed back in a very good direction with the new leadership of Stricklin and Mullen.

  6. The team is just not very good, the Lines on both side of the ball were not good last year. To think they were going to be great this year because we got a bunch of new coaches is ridiculous. It will take a couple of years of coaching and recruiting to get the program back on track. Mullen and staff did not turn into morons when they put on the orange and blue…..give them time, but be prepared for 3-9 or 4-8.

  7. Take away the last play (kind of a fluke) and suppose the ref calls the field goal good. The final score would have been 21-19. Even without the field goal, it’s 21-16. Supposedly, Kentucky is a contender for second-best in the East, and Florida can’t win any games against FBS opponents. Based on a score differential of less than a touchdown?

    • The poor assessment of Florida has nothing to do with the score in the UK game, it is all about how badly the offensive line and defensive line played against UK and a bad FCS team. This team just is not very good, a 4-8 season is just not likely but probably best case.

  8. I think the Gators came out flat last week. I think they were overconfident and ill-prepared after the opener. I expect to see a better-prepared team this week. Less missed tackles at the point of contact and better fundamentals on the O-line. It is my belief we have the right coach but he has to have time to coach up what he was given and also bring in his own players.

  9. Saban lost to La. Monroe in his first season. Two years ago UGA’s Kirby Smart lost to Vanderbilt in Athens in his first season. Mullen went 5 – 7 in his first season and then 9 – 4 in his second.

    A lot of the people bashing the staff and team haven’t got a clue what kind of disastrous shape the seven years of incompetent coaching before Mullen left our program in.

    It’s not just talent, or just about “finding a QB”, it’s about the culture and the mentality within the program itself. It’s the quitter and thug mentality, and poor recruiting McElwain left, and the coaching incompetence Muschamp left.

    People think one Fall practice and one game are going to erase all of that? They’re clueless then, because you saw a lot of “The McElwain Effect” against UK.

    Mullen will purge this with good coaching and recruiting and getting his players and systems in place. There’s going to be more good news on the recruiting front soon too.

    • Best post I’ve seen on here. As far as I’m concerned Mullen gets a multi-year pass. He’s the only guy we’ve brought in that has already built/rebuilt a program. Kentucky won last week because Stoops was given time.
      Give Mullen time, the Gators will be back in Atlanta and the playoff.

  10. Todd went right over you head; it was sarcasm in relation to suggest this is a 2-10 team. Along with Gator fans jumping off the bridge over ONE game. Mullen is a excellent coach and will get us back to the top.

  11. For all those condemning anyone that has any criticism for Mullen, sorry, but this is Florida, and fans are right to expect 100% effort, as we were told BY THE COACH we would see. The fact that the team was not well prepared, and did not give anywhere near that level of effort for the Kentucky game, and the lack of a halftime butt-kicking that would be noticible in the second half, is on Mullin and his staff. Florida’s talent is just as good or better than Kentucky. We were out coached, period. Look at what Frost did with much less talent at UCF, co-Nat’l Champions. I don’t see where even the coaches seemed to cared less how we played or if we won or loss, either on the sidelines or post-game. Where was some visible anger, or at least an outburst or two at the players? Wondering if it’s the offensive coordinator curse, where these guys are too cerebral, and no passion? I hope I’m wrong about the future under Mullin, but so far he and HIS team are not making the grade. Blaming Mac is like Obama blaming Bush. He’s had this for many, many months. And this frustrated Gator is gonna call em like I see em. Demand excellence, or you WILL get mediocrity. Go Gators!

    • I don’t think anybody has taken you to task for being critical of Mullen, Alum — well, maybe one, but I don’t think the rest of us did. Critical thinking is perfectly fine, eg. Das Wazzle, but his (or your) loyalty is never in question. Just stay fair and balanced is all. I sure wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote about “the feint hearted chorus” and doom and gloom.

    • Frost may have gone undefeated last season, but went 6-7 his first season and just lost his first game this season. Kelly’s 0-2. Saban went 7-6 his first season at Bama. Swinney went 7-6 his first season at Clemson. The list can go on and on of highly successful coaches having bad first seasons. At some point reality has to set in and expectations need to be tempered a bit.

    • Sorry Hoss…after 2 games, you are on the ledge for no reason. You don’t know how good Kentucky will be and we were a bad club with many of the same players. No matter what you call…the line has to block and the players have to tackle.

    • I agree with you and anyone who disagrees doesnt know football. When a team comes out unprepared, unmotivated it is ALWAYS the coaches fault, period! That IS the responsibility of the HC! I have previously expressed how it bothered me the there was no passion in the HC during or after the game, he seemed like he didnt care one way or the other! Now I dont believe he doesnt care, but that attitude was the same attitude we saw in how the players played! I saw how the very talented Ga teams mimicked the emotionless Richt for years and thats why he could never make it on top! Do I think he will turn it around? Probably in time since he did it last year at MsSt but he did have a great QB and a great QB can make an average coach look great! Every great coach I can remember had passion on the field and at practice, SOS, Saban, Meyer. It comes with the territory, they are passionate because they strive for greatness!

  12. I think Robbie makes a great point here on how to appreciate this season in terms of watching how the team and certain players progress. If it is as hard as he predicts these players will be hurled into a cauldron of molten steel, and those who survive and climb back out will be hardened warriors. The guys who sink will melt away. It will also test the meddle of the coaches who will endure endless attacks and criticism. They will each have to choose– fight or flight– and only the strong will survive.

    Gird yourselves in your armor and raise yours swords to the sky, call down the wrath of the heavens and let your enemies know that even should they break your body your soul will only rise!!!!!

  13. I agree with most of what you stated here Robbie. The only thing I disagree with is your score prediction. Gators will lose this weekend. They’ll go 2-10 this season. What a joke. Also, I get the ‘in all kinds of weather’ mantra, but aren’t you guys tired of all of the bad weather the Gators are having??? I know I am. I’d like some good weather for a change.

    • Mikey. Va. Tech 24, FSU 3, and a game the Noles were favored to win at home. Then, the struggle with Samford, at home. And your head coach jumped ship for a better SEC program. Seems like a ton of bad weather up in Tallahassee as well. And aren’t you guys tired of losing big games at home in The Choke of a Doak almost every time?

      • Mikey, thanks for coming on. You indirectly made me smile today. Thanks for the reminder that this Gator defense gets to go up against Simplicity later this year. It shouldn’t be a problem even with all this bad weather we’re having.

  14. People freaking out over losing to a team that the Gators had beaten 31 years in a row is quite the spectacle. Kentucky clearly played with a degree of motivation that the Gators did not match, no doubt because they were determined to end the streak and they were still angry about losing a game last year that they should have won with some ease. One can fault the coaches for not getting the Gators to play with more intensity, but there are no magic buttons to push to make people suddenly play harder. Sometimes the tenor of a game is set early, and it is very difficult to change it. If a team doesn’t enter the game with the right mind-set, it is usually too late to change things.

    Of course, the Gators also did not play well, especially on defense and along the OL. The edge rushers often failed to keep the qb contained and the front seven did not do a good job of filling their gaps. Of course, tackling was poor. One of the offensive linemen, especially, often failed to block the right people and the OL as a whole did not get much push in the run game (though maybe the Gators should have run more and given them a chance to develop a rhythm). If the Gators had done as they should in these areas, they might have won even though they were playing a more motivated team. And these problems are generally correctable (though getting a good push by the OL is more of a long-term issue).

    I’m not making any predictions about their record. Maybe the Gators will go 2-10 or 3-9. But I am convinced that it is still too early to think that they cannot play significantly better than they did against UK. Patience also calls for us to see how they do over the next two or three games before predicting that they have little chance to beat any of the teams that we currently think are better than Kentucky. (Who knows, maybe by the end of the year many will be talking about how UK exceeded expectations.)

  15. Excellent analysis Gator 67; it is absolutely foolish to assume how the season. Is going to end up based on one game. Kentucky is a better football team; than what people our giving them credit for on Saturday. Losing to a team that your 31 and 1 against over the past 32 years. Is just insanity to go off the deep end like some have done.

  16. Wondering what your outlook was back in 1990, Robbie, when Spurrier’s first team was pummeled by Tennessee, 45-3. Or when FSU stormed back with 28 points in 11 minutes to salvage a 31-31 tie a few years later. Or when Nebraska ran over, around and through our 13-0 Gators with a national Championship at stake on a night when both the Florida offensive and defensive lines were “out-physicalled” and Lawrence Phillips and the Cornhuskers’ slick quarterback raced right through weak arm tackles. How about when Jackie Sherril’s downtrodden Mississippi State Bulldogs upset our mighty Gators?

    A little history helps with perspective. None of those embarrassing outcomes doomed the Gators or sealed their future. Look, it’s college football.

    Losing to Kentucky was disappointing. Maybe, though, Florida just had a bad game. The huge transition to Mullen’s offense and Grantham’s defense are barely underway. Key leaders Cece Jefferson and David Reese were missing from the defense. And Kentucky was carrying the bigger fire in the belly because of 31 years of frustration and the shame they’ve lived with since their debacle a year ago when they gave a win back to the Gators.

    Florida beats Colorado State by about 41-28, knocks off Tennessee next week and plays with big effort and passion against Mississippi State.

    • Clyde. Hope you predictions for Florida vs. Colorado State, Tennessee, and MSU are fulfilled, with the Gators winning also in Starkville. All would be nearly forgotten if that happens. But Florida should NEVER lose to Kentucky at night in The Swamp. NEVER. Kentucky should only beat Florida once in a while in Gainesville… basketball.

  17. I for one, have completely lowered my expectations. I’m just not going to be concerned with wins and losses as much as seeing improvement in how this program handles itself. I want to see relentless effort. I want to see improvement from week to week. I want to see discipline handed out when it needs to be. I want to be proud of my University and Football Team. If that translates into wins, then great. If not, then I’ll be patient and wait until it does. Because I believe in Coach Mullen and I know at some point, we’ll have a team competing for championships again. In the meantime, just show relentless effort and exhibit first-class character.

  18. I think we have all over analyzed the last two weeks. I know I have. But now its time to take a “sanity check” of where we really are. I’m coping by visioning the last two weeks as the “Pre-season” , that turned out to be all bad, except for the kicking game. BUT we’re now ready for CSU (Again) then the Faded Orange (IE. another 1st SEC game road game). If we show progression tomorrow afternoon, then edge out UT, we will be viewed as being OK (Dan’s doing his job, etc.). We will know more about LSU tomorrow. We already know about UT. PS: Tebow was on Finebaum this afternoon and talked about the Gators for at least 30 seconds, stating we have football players who need to perform, repeat of all of our blog stuff. This is the toughest part, we don’t matter to anybody anymore. But, no body is talking about the Holes either. Robbie’s right, we don’t yet know if we are headed to 2-10 or 3-9, but tomorrow is another “sign post”. Lots of “buts” these days.

  19. My concern is we have very few players that are good enough to develop into quality players, thus, making this season produce very little. We’ll know fairly soon but we may have to accept a longer turn around than hoped.

  20. LOVE IT!! On SiriusXM, Spurrier says “Gators need to play better instead of saying it’s going to take time. No, no we got players that didn’t play well and the coaches need to get on to them. The guys need to play better. That’s the answer.” That, my friends, is a Head Football Coach. Not this, “we’ll continue to improve” nonsense we keep hearing. You’re good enough now. Go play like it. Go coach like it, if you can, gentlemen. I know it’s the second time I’ve posted this, but, well, it deserves to be re-posted. Again, again, and again.

    • I love Spurrier, but if he is going to be an official representative for the Gators, he should avoid implicit criticisms of the coaches in his public comments.

      Also, I have no doubt that the coaches are giving the players a sharper message than they are giving the public. It appears to me that Mullen does not believe in criticizing his players in public, at least for the moment when dealing with a team that may be psychologically fragile. This does not mean that he follows such a policy when with the players.

      • Disagree, I want to hear all that Spurrier says, he’s earned the right to say it too! Plus I agree with him and not all this hogwash about it taking time, years! Great coaches dont need years to get talented players to play better!, average coaches do, though!

  21. lets see how Kentucky does in the coming weeks….they may be better than we are giving them credit for..i love my gators and I really think they will improve from week to week… GO GATORS

  22. I know a big focus has been on the failings of the defense, and I saw it too.
    But…they only gave up 21 points. The offensive malaise continues – only 16 points at home? To Kentucky?
    That my friends is why our record the last eight years is what it is.

    • Bobpa. When a defense allows over 300 yards of rushing to the opponent and the opponent dominates the time of possession because the defense cannot stop the opposing offense, the offense not scoring many points is the result. The offense was not all that good vs. Kentucky, but the defense was far worse. It was men (Kentucky’s offensive line and running backs) vs. boys (Florida’s defensive front seven and safeties) in that game.

  23. Frankly I mostly care about recruiting. Talent wise we are probably about 7th or 8th in SEC. Add in a new coaching staff, new offense and defense and confidence is shot to hell; and the result is a .500 (or worse) ball club. The only way out of this is to recruit better. Muschamp recruiting on offense was putrid. McElwain himself was the worst Florida coach since the 1930s. I agree with Robbie, it is going to take some time but it will require recruiting at an elite level (which we aren’t doing at present).

  24. I’m not saying Mullen is on Saban’s level as a coach or he or anyone ever will be, at least for a long time, but let’s remember that Saban and Alabama went 7-6 his first season at the helm of Alabama..sometimes it takes a little time. He may not get to the SECCG undefeated the next season (and lost to UF, btw) and then when it all undefeated in season three like Saban did, but not everything is an easy fix. Remember that!

  25. Is it possible that many of us including myself are overreacting to one game? I’ll admit that its hard to imagine our lines of scrimmage or tackling form looking much worse than last week, but every game is its own animal and we were facing a very motivated squad. This team is not totally devoid of talent, and if CDM can figure out the right buttons to push to truly get the “relentless effort” that he preaches, we could still wind up with a decent season. If not, as several have already pointed out, I will focus on seeing improvement, especially in FF as it looks like he may be our General for a while still unless we have a frosh phenom next year. In the end, if we can get a dub against the hated villains with the girly backpack in November, I will take my licks and look to the future..Go Gators

  26. We’ve come a long way from Swamp Donkey and his coaching staff doing a group cannonball in his pool. The fact remains he could not recruit the defensive side of the ball. We don’t have a J. Davis, Hargreaves, Q. Wilson, MM or KeKe Neal on the roster.

    New coaching staff, new schemes on both sides of the ball and an entirely new mindset that has to be developed. I thought we’d lose one or two we thought we should win and win one or two we thought we’d lose. Just hoping we show progress.

    Hope the coaches and players can block out the noise and just play.

  27. Tampa, I agree that we never, ever should lose to Kentucky st home, at night and in front of a fired up, electric crowd at that. But we did.
    MSU and UGA look downright nasty but I don’t see any other opponent likely to have a clear superiority over our team, do you? It could probably go either way in each of those games with the exception of Idaho. I missed on the last game badly, though. Hoping for far better tomorrow.

  28. 8-4 or 7-5 and a bowl game. The loss of Wilson really hurts because the secondary was already so thin.

    Kentucky is a better team than they were given credit for being. A great RB, a lot of returning starters on both sides of the ball, playing in the same system for several years and a QB Mullen recruited the heck out of to come play at UF. Now we know why. He made just enough plays to beat us.

    Right the ship tomorrow and everyone will feel much better as we head into the meat of the SEC schedule.

  29. I truly believe that our players are much better than they have shown so far. If they could just get out of their own way and play with passion, leave everything on the field… but there is something holding them back…

    • I agree and I believe it is a passionless coach! I think he is too much cranial and not enough passion. What was Tebow’s greatest attribute?………………. It was his passion! Because of his passion he could fire up his teammates and get them to play better with more passion. That is a head coaches job and Ive seen no better then Steve Spurrier! I really like Mullen and I hope he can get this message and realize it starts with him!

      • I know where you’re coming from, Daz, and I respect it. To a large extent, I agree with it. If passion is the central characteristic, though, Ron Zook has it in spades and then some. He was, however, a complete flop as a head coach!

  30. Losing Marco Wilson was a huge blow at the outset of last week’s game, our best coverage guy gone in an instant. Mullen and Grantham can’t do much about the lack of depth in the secondary and elsewhere.

    This is the time for Trey Dean to step into the breach. And Brian Edwards.
    Eventually their increased roles will pay dividends.

    Our big problem, as we know, doesn’t have any obvious resolution. Plugging Brett Heggie into the starting offensive line can’t happen fast enough but even if Martez Ivey moves inside to left guard because of his deficiencies at tackle, who’s likely go be better there?

    The lack of development of Jean Delance so far has been discouraging. Maybe we’ll see Richard Gouraige show up there a few games into the season. John Hevesy has a big job to complete this fall.

  31. Foley is the one to blame for this high school product we see on the field. Ticket boy was the most over-rated AD ever…bar none. And he got paid millions and paid millions to 2 complete busts and we continue to pay on and off the field. We will likely be good again one day…just not today.

  32. Will we win an conference game? Right now I seriously doubt it. Unfortunately the Mullen era feels like the last two. Bad recruiting, bad offense line play, bad tackling, etc. At least under Muschamp we would play defense. Now we don’t do anything good.

  33. Much will be learned from today’s game. If the Gators come out on fire and hit hard, tackle, play hard, make big plays and play with intensity, then maybe the season is salvageable. If not, it will definitely be a long season. It looks to me that the old funk of last year, not being pushed in the weight room, no energy, “dead fish” syndrome, has crept back in. Most likely things will not change significantly until Mullen gets his players in place. Sometimes you can’t coach intensity. You either want it or you don’t. Still, if you have a scholarship to a program like Florida, you had better go out there and show why you have one. Florida 24-21.

  34. There is a pattern with a coaching change for teams like the Gators. Fire the coach, hire a new coach and watch the players either respond to expectations or sit on the bench, which usually leads to at least a handful of transfers. Mullen needs to use the bench early and often with the players who don’t give 100% effort on every play or who don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing from play to play. In the meantime, we can only hope there’s enough talent and want to on this team to be at least competitive and show improvement from week to week, which both lines need to do or we will be watching the weak to weak allowing blowout losses. Base on last week’s performances by the Gators and the Rams, I hate to predict it, but I see a 45 – 17 loss happening today.