Daily Football Fix video: Important People for Fall Camp


Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley provide their thoughts on college football.


  1. I doesn’t look good when there are no replies.

    Somebody who’s watched the video should write something; I haven’t watched, so it would be unseemly for me to do so. TampaGator, where are you?

    • I haven’t watched because I couldn’t commit the time until now. Let’s wait until everyone under 65 gets home from work, by then my wife will have worn herself out from thinking up things for me to do anyway.

      • Of course, we’ll wait. It’s just that it looked so barren there with all that white staring at me. It tempted me to watch the video so that I could justify a posting, but instead I took a nap and when I woke, I was clear-headed again.

          • AA, when your schedule is so full of important things to do, replete with timing conflicts and unintended consequences, on which the world no doubt depends…..and you feel your physical strength sapping with each blink of the eye and furrowing of the sweat stained brow….oh hell, I forgot where I was going with that. But I’ll try it anyway.