Daily Football Fix video: Yes, No Way or Maybe


Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley provide their thoughts on college football.


    • There is no #5, but you already know that and still forced me to watch the video to find that out. I hate when that happens. Worse yet, you’re teasing us with the answer–mocking us with it, as it were–because you know we’ll be half crazy all day if you don’t tell us. By God, if I were your dog I’d dial K9-11!

      Good, bad, ugly–contexted–give! Give!

      You’ve got all day, I have to go to Austin, which I’d rather have open heart surgery without anesthesia than.

  1. I love the away games esp. Kentucky but I will tell you why I stopped going to away Gator games. Two reasons. 1) my game day buddy (my son) is busy serving his country. I can pick him up for home games but it is not really practical for away games. 2) my daughter is in marching band (this is the last season) and I help out. Almost every Saturday between start of school and Christmas is booked.

    Next year…