Video: Daily Football Fix – Trap Game of the Year


Pat and Robbie talk about what they think is the trap game for the Florida Gators.


  1. Well (deep subject), I can’t really disagree with either one of them as far as that goes. The one thing I do know for sure is that we’re getting awfully close to that magical 90 day point, and the count down begins to the start of the season! Huah. What I live for every year, so GO GATORS!

  2. imo about one out of every 6 games is a trap of some sort, injury, unpredictability, cascading effects of mistakes, bad luck, bad conduct effects, weather, etc. …. with these things by definition you cant plan enough, but you can probably do better than we have – we need better backup strategies including being cautious once the trouble starts, have more utility players (the best overall backup instead of the best backup at each position, such as baseball), etc. I like the strength coach working with the guys on being comfortable in uncomfortable situations, there is a lot they can work on . this is a major issue for this program

  3. DIFFERENT TOPIC BUT JUST IN FROM MSNBC SPORTS: Apparently, the California State Legislature is considering a bill to, among other things, limit public universities to a cap of 200K on head coach and assistant coach salaries. The accompanying photo is of Chip Kelly, looking….well, frankly….dumb as a rock.

    Now back to Gator trap games, which nobody except mveal and I seem very interested in at all……

  4. Hey 6… the idea of a trap game is interesting, but I just don’t like to have to watch these videos to figure out what everyone’s talking about. I guess I’m old fashioned but I like to read my newspaper, not have it read to me.

    Anywho….. I think I agree with Robbie in that the Kentucky game has big upset (?) potential loss written all over it. Kentucky should’ve won last year but they just handed it to the Gators. My heart broke for them a little. I can see the Gators coming out and taking care of Charleston Southern and feeling pretty good about themselves and then “bam”, the Wildcats come in and take care of business. I hope it doesn’t happen, but this is the biggest trap game for me. Mizzou or anything later….by then we’ll know what we have and the coaching staff will be better able to focus or re-focus the team.

    • Boy, do you sound like me when it comes to videos, or what? We must have been separated at birth, Rog. I just don’t like to spend “x” amount of time watching what I know I could read and digest in 2 minutes or less! I still read the newspaper religiously every morning even tho the news is a day and a half old by the time it goes to press; news junkie that I am, I already know all about it (except maybe for their spin on it).

      I don’t know, mveal seems to have the right idea about trap games…..but I kind of think in the SEC, they’re all trap games one way or the other. I’d have to pick Miss State if I were forced….but I guess we’re supposed to lose that one anyway. I always seem to remember Willgator’s words about “win the one’s you’re supposed to win, and a couple of them you’re not”.

      Didn’t know you were a gyrine….I would have been too, but didn’t pass the exam. No, not because my head wouldn’t fit in a jar…..I had the flu and scored a 33 on my AFQT! The Army would take any old dumbass, so 32 years later the rest was history. Wish I could find my old drill sergeant from BCT, who told me I was at least more intelligent than a rather mature cucumber and that my best bet was to volunteer for Vietnam as an 11B….I’d tell him that Dr Trent said hey. Any road, here’s to comrades gone by and the best years of our life (even if we didn’t think so at the time).

      • Yeah… funny thing about that. I was in school (UF) and wanted to be a pilot. I visited the Air Force ROTC guy and he told me how to go about it and on my way out the door a USMC recruiter got hold of me, got me fired up, and had me ready to run through walls as a Jar Head pilot. Didn’t end up being a pilot but spent 7 years “finding myself” in the Corps. Ooh Rah!!!

  5. Best wishes on Memorial Day to all the families and friends who’ve lost loved ones in service of our country. We’ve enjoyed a great run of freedom in this country due to our lost service men and women.

    And thanks to all of you who are serving now or have served. May God bless you all.