Daily Football Fix: Five former Gators on this year’s team?


Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu, from GatorSports.com, talk about the Top 5 former UF players who you would want on this year’s team.


  1. Wes Chandler/”mercy Percy” Harvin.
    All great picks! And while I feel blessed to have been alive and part of the Gator nation for them all, it also reminds me of the amount of time in between these ”Gator greats.” Generational to be sure!
    So what’s up with ”this generation” for the Florida Gators!?!? Where ya’ at?
    Yea, I am calling y’all out! It’s past time to turn it up, Millennial Gators! Tick-freakn’-tock!

    • GI, I get a kick out of reading your posts and actually find myself looking forward to them…..you certainly have a flair for words. bud.

      Oh yeah….and good point too. I think this is what Rog was talking about the other day, regarding rebuilding to the point of “casting a wide net” in recruiting.

          • ”gator…. my initials… then for eternal purposes, a famous phrase, 70×7”. But I do love the military, as I spent ages 1-6 as an ”Air Force brat” (my Dad was in the U.S.A.F. during ‘Nam). Take care, Gator-6

          • Roger copy, I was trying to tie in “70×7” c “gi”, only thing I could come up c was a 70 ring gauge Churchill cigar. Now, back to Gator football…..

  2. My 5- Will Grier, Pouncey, Jared Davis, Brandon Spikes, Keanu Neal
    I know that you all might be mad but to me, Tebow was and still is overrated. Pouncey will give us much needed help with our line. Our linebackers are awful so Davis and Spikes will send our D top 10 in stopping the run and Neal is an eraser of any mistake.

  3. Tebow, Harvin, Lomas Brown, Pouncey, Emmit. Those five in their Gator prime would utterly transform this team. Lots of fun, guys. Thanks. And my five in defense would be Wilbur, Jack Youngblood, Alex Brown, Jarrad Davis and Reggie Nelson.

  4. Top 5:
    1.) Tebow (leadership)
    1b.) Cam Newton (assuming we can take players who didn’t finish here)
    2.) Percy – Best playmaker in Florida history
    3.) Spikes
    4.) Reggie Nelson
    5.) Keanu Neal

    P.S. We have had 2 1,000-yard rushers since Fason. Gillislee 2012 and Taylor 2015 (including bowl game)