Swampcast: Breaking down the Orange and Blue Game


Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu discuss the Orange and Blue game.


  1. Pat – help us understand your statements that a 4 win team in 2017 will be an 8 win team in 2018, even though you are “…not convinced about these guys offensively…” and “…still not convinced at quarterback.” This is reminding me of the unrealistic expectations you bought into and spread leading into the 2017 season.

    I’m optimistic that Dan Mullen and the staff have the experience and ability to turn around the program. But it may take more than one season. Plus the schedule has plenty of losable games, despite Michigan dropping off. As it stands today, Missouri has a much better offense than UF, and at MSU will be very difficult.

    • He means, that last year should have been an 8/9 win team. Most realize that a handful of losses last year could have been won if not for 9 suspended players and a coach who became increasingly disengaged as the season wore on. Hence him getting fired. We’re not winning any championships with this roster, but with decent coaching and no off-field stupidity that get players suspended, 8 wins is a realistic expectation.

      • Focusing on the “9” as the cause of the results in 2017 ignores the recruiting and development failures of McElwain and Muschamp, especially at QB and the OL. If these positions do not improve, it won’t matter if Scarlett, or Emmitt Smith or Errict Rhett are in the backfield.

        Also, wins and losses are a false indicator on the state of the program. Remember 2012 and all those exciting wins? Yet it was not sustainable because of coaching failures. Let’s hope for improvements in offensive stats, missed tackles, 3rd down conversions and special teams. Improvement in these areas will lead to wins and confirm Dan Mullen was the right hire.

        • It wasn’t just the 9 suspended players, it was the multitude of injuries as well. There was something like only 30 scholarship players available by the end of the season. I don’t care if you’re Alabama, if you lose that many players you’re going to lose a lot of games. Just look what happened to them against Auburn with a bunch of starters injured on defense. Don’t discount how huge a horrible strength program is too. You could have the #1 player in the country, but if he isn’t being trained properly he’ll become average real quickly. This team has a ton of talent and with the proper strength program and great coaching, it shouldn’t be very hard to get the most out of them. I’d be shocked if they lose more than 8 games.