Andreu’s Answers: Too many Gators mistakes to overcome

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks is upended by Florida State defenders while attempting to gain yardage during the first half Saturday at Florida Field. [Alan Youngblood/Staff photographer]

Before every game, veteran college football beat writer Robbie Andreu comes up with five pertinent questions and then answers them after the game. Here’s Week 11:

1.Who wins the battle of young quarterbacks? FSU true freshman James Blackman or UF redshirt freshman Feleipe Franks?

Well, let’s see, in the first half alone Franks lost a fumble that was returned for a touchdown, threw a pick-six and had an interception that led to another FSU touchdown. Then in the fourth quarter, he threw another interception that should have been a pick-six. So, basically, all Blackman had to do was show up and not self-destruct like his counterpart. And he did not. So, Blackman was clearly the better of the two young QBs, and it wasn’t even close. Whoever UF’s new coach turns out to be, he’s going to have a lot of work on his hands developing Franks.

2. Can the Gators establish a running game against a physical FSU front that will be anticipating the run?

Florida had a little bit going on in the running game at times, but it really didn’t amount to much or lead to much. It certainly wasn’t enough to keep the Gators out of obvious passing situations, which led to lots of bad things, especially for Franks, who had very little time in the pocket and was sacked five times and hit almost every time he went back to pass.

3. The UF receivers dropped multiple passes in the win over UAB a week ago. Will they atone this week?

Brandon Powell had a big Senior Day, catching nine passes for 75 yards and two touchdown passes, but he was the only receiver who was a factor Saturday. As has been the norm this season, the receivers had problems getting open. When they did get open, Franks did not see them or have time to find them. The result was another poor and unproductive performance by UF’s passing game. Again, lots of work for the new coach.

4. The Gators held UAB to three yards rushing a week ago. How will the run defense do against an improving FSU rushing attack?

UF’s run defense came up big again, stuffing the run for most of the game. But, understandably, the weary Gators got gashed some in the fourth quarter, giving up a 10-yard TD run to Jacques Patrick and another big run to Patrick that allowed the Seminoles to convert a third-and-14 that led to another touchdown. The run defense, and the UF defense in general, played well enough to keep the Gators in the game despite their erring offense.

5. The UF defense forced four turnovers against UAB. Can they create some more today?

The Gators created one, an interception by Duke Dawson on a tipped pass that led to UF’s first touchdown. They came up empty the rest of the game. The big problem was the Florida offense failed to take care of the ball. Actually, it wasn’t the offense, it was Franks, who was intercepted three times and lost a fumble that was returned for a touchdown. His turnovers directly led to 28 points for the Seminoles. Those turnovers and resulting points were the difference in the game.

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  1. why did not Trask ever get a chance to play? Is he that bad at practice? Franks telegraphs his passes worse than Western Union. 4 wins this year were not deserving (Tennessee & Kentucky).. Laughing stock in state of Fla (maybe besides FAMU and Bethume Cookman).. Hope the incoming 5 star QB wins the job next year and with #17 they run a up tempo offense…

  2. Very disappointing, now I also blame the OC, little to no throwing on first down, no real creativity in combo routes, lack of time to throw. How about converting one of our backs to a wild cat QB for example, not even thought of I bet.

  3. Losing big at the Swamp to this garbage nole team is a disgrace that will be remembered for many years. Horrid play by our QB who was the MVP for the noles. Our D played to win and we should have. So glad to see this uncoached team embarrassing our Gator Nation be run out of town. Take Fooley with you NussElwain.

  4. Thanks God is over. Started bad and ended worst. Season to forget, whatever could go wrong did. I am sorry, but Franks isn’t the Qb that I thought he would turn out to be, Good arm but lacks the brain to learn what it takes to be an SEC quarterback. At least one consolation Auburn spoiled Alabama’s quest for another west championship by beating them. Hope Stricklin get us a competitive coach and get us back on the right track for next year. Go Gators!!!!!

  5. I have bad news for the next Gator coach. I base this on 11 years as a coach in Florida.
    Felipe Franks is NOT at an SEC level and will never be unless he decides to learn how fast the game is played in the southeast.
    2. There are few gamebreakers on the Gator squad.
    3. There are few break-away runners on the team.
    4. The offensive line has often shown it does not understand the blocking scheme.
    5. Franks is WAY too slow for the SEC. He does not check off, does not audible a play meaning he can’t read the defense and can’t lay in the over-the-shoulder pass. He throws to covered receivers and gets what you expect: a pick. He does not spend enough time watching tape and he can’t scramble. Throws rockets on the short pass and lofts a hail mary on post route.
    I am listening to Chris Landry who says Trask (the red-shirt QB from St. Thomas Aquinas) has everything a SEC QB needs.
    There is still, however, a lack of play-makers, or play makers who have not developed. Florida has been losing the recruiting wars in its home state. FSU and Miami get the 4 and 5-star, while Gators get 3 star players and are HOPING they get better. HOPING is a wish. Coaching them to get better is the reality of the truth.

    The next coach, whomever he is, has to get 2 years to rebuild before his 3 yr. success. There, I’m saying it’s going to get worse for Gator Nation before it gets better.
    At this point, 2017-18 is Not LOOKING GOOD, even if the knuckle-head nine return.
    It’s going to be a long nine months until August 2018.

  6. It will be a miracle if Corral stays committed. I say this because last week he tweeted, “Just do it already,” with a frowny face in reference to UF and Kelly.

    Rosen is likely leaving early. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Corral winds up in Westwood too.

    Pardon me now while I go throw up.