Andreu’s Analysis: Someone else’s Swamp

Florida State has won four in a row in the Sunshine State Showdown Series, matching its longest winning streak against Florida (1977-80, 1987-90), and needs a victory to get a chance to extend the nation's longest bowl streak to 36. [File]

For those Florida football players who have been urging their fans to fill up the stadium Saturday, I’ve got news for you. It doesn’t matter. The Swamp isn’t the Gators any more. It belongs to the Seminoles. They own it.

If they want, they can change the name to Doak Campbell Stadium East.

FSU has owned The Swamp like no other team has in recent years. In their last three trips here, the Seminoles have won by scores of 21-7, 37-7 and 27-2. That comes to a combined score of 85-16.

That’s domination. That’s owning someone — and their stadium.

So, is it going to be more of the same Saturday? Are the Seminoles going to come in here and put another whipping on the Gators in front of their fans, in their stadium?

Maybe. The potential is there for it to happen again. The Seminoles are wounded, for sure, but not nearly as bad as the Gators, who are down to 51 available scholarship players.

If the Gators get off to a bad start and FSU quarterback James Blackman hits some deep shots early — which he’s very capable of doing — this game could get ugly just like the last three UF-FSU games in The Swamp.

I don’t think it’s going to play out that way. The Gators seem re-energized under Randy Shannon and his staff and are coming off a feel-good win against UAB in what was an encouraging complete performance.

FSU, of course, is way better than UAB. Maybe way better than Florida. But I just have a feeling the Gators are going to put this miserable season to an end with an uplifting win over their arch-rival. And when I have a feeling, I have a feeling. I’m 9-1 predicting Gator games this season.

UF will need to stuff the FSU run, get after the lanky Blackman and force some turnovers. On offense, the Gators need to sustain drives and score touchdowns, not field goals, when they reach the red zone.

Somehow, the Gators are going to find a way to win this one. Who knows, maybe FSU will miss an extra point and that will be the difference.

Prediction: Florida 21, Florida State 20



  1. Just read sports flash from Yahoo sports?(??) Kelly is no longer being pursued by the Gators. If this rumor is correct, which I hope it is, the Gators will be better off. The coolman Frost is the man we should go after. Kelly’s offense is old hat and his playing Florida against UCLA should be a red flag. Anyway Frost offense is new and innovative and he has the fire to get us going. Kelly is carrying to much baggage to my liking.

  2. I’m c Robbie on this one. Of course, that depends on whether or not the Gators come to play. Reading today that we’re moving on from Chip Kelly, so if actually true, I’m all for that despite him being my own first choice too. Enough silly games, if you don’t want to coach at Florida, just say so…..acting like a prima donna doesn’t do anybody any favors, so have a good life at UCLA or where ever you wind up. If you wind up anywhere. That said, and gotten off my chest, a win by the Gators tomorrow would be a great draw for any other top-tier coach who doesn’t intend to play trick or treat, but instead wants to coach big league, championship level football.

  3. Chip Kelly doesn’t want to come. Frost will want to go to Nebraska now or soon down the line plus has not won anything.

    Its mind boggling that we would consider Chip Kelly but wouldn’t consider Les Miles. Les Miles is the most qualified for this job. Has won at an SEC school. Miles is 64 you say, Saban is 66 and showing no sign of slowing down. We need stability after so many years of crap.


  4. Just got through watching the game coached by my two favorites to be the next Gator coach, Frost and Strong. What a beautiful coached game, UCF came out the victor, but to tell you the truth, both teams deserved to win, neither one deserved to lose. Well now grinding teeth time, hate to wait. One of this guys IS GOING TO BE OUR NEXT coach, so wait we must!!. GO GATORS!!!!

  5. Just read that’s Chip Kelly won’t be coming to Florida. Get ready for yet another “swing and a miss” epic fail hire for the Gators. Florida Football is now just a distraction to get fans ready for Basketball. I love my Gators, but Florida Football is dead!!

  6. after watching flowers in the ucf, usf game, I’m even more heartbroken we didn’t give kadarius toney a fair shot at qb. guys look so similar to me. my opinion is toney would have us over 500 (maybe 500 yards a game like flowers too!), with mac, randy Shannon and even nuss staying on with a good recruiting class coming on.
    I know sending toney down the middle got him injured a little but as qb I think he stays healthy, we go back to 35 pts a game. we may have to take charley strong the way things are which would have us at 8-3 next year and an upward track. I like frost too, but the job is tainted due to its instability imo.

  7. We are going to have better days for Fl Football so just enjoy the game and show your unwavering spirit.

    In the meantime, we can all work on cleaning up social media comments by avoiding PERSONAL slams against opponents and our own. Good taste and creative comments excepted.

    Support the Gators by demonstrating respect for others. Floridians are the best of the best! Go Gators!

  8. Robbie: the way you opened this story–talking about Seminole ownership of the Swamp–was about as entertaining to read as watching Nussmier’s play calling. Glad you predicted a Gator win, ’cause I was starting to imagine you taking a swim across Lake Alice. Just kidding…

  9. i can safely say that the QB for Dan Mullen’s offense if NOT Felipe Franks. Sorry Felipe, but if you’re looking for a pro-style attack, it ain’t here. Mullen’s QB will be like Dak Prescott. Strong Arm, mobile, read the defense and audible when necessary–and have the read/option as a play.