Andreu’s Analysis: ’Dogs ready to romp

Florida defensive lineman Cece Jefferson tackles Georgia running back Nick Chubb during the first half of last year's game in Jacksonville. [File]

As unfathomable as it may seem, the two-touchdown underdog Gators do have a path to victory Saturday in Jacksonville. But it’s a tiny, tight, treacherous one.

Here’s how they can successfully navigate that path:

  • Win the turnover margin by at least plus-three. TOs could alter field position, lead to scoring opportunities for the Gators and take away scoring chances for the Bulldogs. And it could severely impact the psyche of a UGA team that prides itself on playing smart and taking care of the football.
  • On defense, crowd the line of scrimmage with eight men to slow down tailbacks Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and force true freshman quarterback Jake Fromm into some uncomfortable positions, which he has rarely been in since taking over in the second game. In other words, make the ’Dogs beat you with the true freshman’s arm.
  • On offense, hit some plays down the field early in the passing game so the Bulldogs are hesitant to crowd the box with eight defenders, something they often do. The Gators need to set up the run with the pass, sort of like Steve Spurrier used to do in this rivalry. If the Gators can’t pass, they’re definitely not going to be able to run, and it’s going to be another ugly day for Feleipe Franks and the offense. Jim McElwain and Doug Nussmeier have to be on top of their game in terms of helping Franks efficiently manage the offense and sustain time-consuming drives that will keep the defense rested and ready to go in the fourth quarter.
  • On special teams, make something big happen. Block a punt. Return a punt for a touchdown. Cause a turnover.
  • In the fourth quarter, play with the energy and urgency that was missing in the losses to LSU and Texas A&M.

So, there is a path to victory for the Gators. But it is a very narrow one.

Despite all the recent problems, the Gators are capable of having success in all five areas previously mentioned.  But there is no real good reason to believe they will.

Prediction: Georgia 31, Florida 6


  1. 31-6?! Dang Rob, you get me all excited on how we can win this game, albeit a razor thin one, and then, BOOM! We aint got a chance in hell. I’ve said before, I’m dumb but I aint stupid. I know what our chances are. But I’ve seen it before. What we gotta do is trot the Golden Domer out there (cuz they only have 2-3 year old tape to look at), and be creative (I know, I know). Nuss has to finally see the light…realize what he’s been doing aint workin’ and show some stuff the Dawgs aint seen before. They’ll never believe what they’re seeing if we do that (me neither). You don’t think they’re up there looking at tape and just thinking all they have to do is show up to win? Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re already lookin to Atlanta. The only way to win is pull some stuff outa the hat we’ve never tried before…which should be a whole lot after what I’ve witnessed this year (and past). Heck, Nuss’s job might depend on it. Surely he knows that. Maybe.

  2. Ga. will stop the running game and put UF in third and long. They will heavy blitz Franks and may set a sack
    record. Agree with the article for UF to have a chance they MUST stop GA running game and make GA passing game with their Freshman QB beat you. Let’s make it four in a row!!!!!

  3. Gee Robbie, why even play it. Let’s just call it in and get ready for Missouri. uga has a good team. They’re solid in most every aspect BUT freshman QB 1st FLA-ga game. Why not load up and try to slow the run down and make the freshman beat us. He’s good and will be one of the best to ever play at uga. Saw him play in HS. He’s had a good year so far but they are one play from Eason being #1 again. Let’s not forget that their mental state might be one of two scenarios. All we have to do is show up (the one you have picked) or how can we lose it this year ( their mindset in the last 27 years). We will have to generate some kind of offense or it will be worse than 31-6. IF we can have some success early and get In their heads we have a chance. Nuss will have to call his best game since coming here and put Franks and the “O” in place to succeed. Remember, you can never beat uga enough time or by enough points! Go Gators!

  4. Florida is sooooo easy to defend, rll is dead on, uga will crowd the los and stop the run forcing lots of 3 and outs. Agree, they will have plenty of sacks, and will dominate us. I don’t see TDs as much as a few fgs from us. The game will be tight for the first quarter or so but the fact we can’t move the ball, once again the D will get gassed and uga will run wild. It will be a black and blue day for UF sadly. I’m guessing UF 9 – UGA 45.
    In the press conference, Mac will again express the team played hard, and that UGA took it to us. He will also say he’s proud of this team and believes in them. Basically samo samo will be said.

  5. You are pathetic. UGA has one good win, Kirby isn’t very smart and while we could be 1-5 we could also be 6-1. No one expects pinero to miss an extra point against lsu-fluke. A and m breaks a punt bc we are missing so many guys we blow it. 3 points to 2 top 20 teams. We can win tomorrow with toney and Cleveland back. Stop ur whining and sack up

  6. Why are y’all bad mouthing the team as losers the day before the big game against the Dawgs. Real fans are die hards, not soft bellied cry babbies. It’s one thing to be critical of problems and mistakes, but it’s in bad spirits to make doomsday predictions and to run down the team. Leave that up to Pat and Robbie. They don’t speak as Gator fans. Dawgs are preferred Gator Bait, and the Gators will be chomping at gametime.

  7. I’ve got a good feeling about this game. There are some playmakers coming back that we’ve missed the last couple of games, and I know that many have touted UGA’s schedule, but it just looks very front loaded with not an extremely tough schedule for them, and it’s a good week for them to drink the kool-aid about themselves. I’m probably just looking at this game through my Orange and Blue glasses, but I just wouldn’t be surprised to see the Gators win this one.