Andreu’s Answers: LSU’s jet sweep caused problems

LSU wide receiver Russell Gage quiets the crowd after scoring a rushing touchdown during the first half of the Florida Gators Homecoming game against LSU at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Before every game, veteran Sun college football beat writer Robbie Andreu comes up with five pertinent questions and then answers them after the game. Here’s Week Five:

1.Will the Florida secondary play better today or get torched like it did a week ago?

The secondary wasn’t the problem in this one. With the exception of the long pass play given up early in the third quarter that safety Duke Dawson had his hands on (tie goes to the receiver), the Gators did not give up a whole lot in the passing game, holding LSU to 125 yards. Coverage was much better, and so was the tackling, especially by safety Chauncey Gardner Jr.

2. Tyrie Cleveland has been UF’s go-to receiver. Will anyone step up and make plays in his absence?

No one did, and as a result, the Gators had close to nothing happening in the downfield passing game. Feleipe Franks took a couple deep shots in the first half, but the receivers were blanketed on both throws, and neither came close. Without Cleveland, the Gators clearly lacked a go-to receiver. The longest pass play of the day went to Brandon Powell for 18 yards. So, no explosive plays in the passing game.

3. Can the Gators establish a running game against a fast, physical LSU defensive front that’s giving up only 126.0 yards a game rushing?

The Gators didn’t have the ball a whole lot in the first half, but in the second they got their ground game going with tailbacks Malik Davis and Lamical Perine, along with wildcat quarterback Kadarius Toney. The ground game brought the Gators back from 14 down in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, there wasn’t much there on the ground.

4. The Gators haven’t come up with any turnovers in the last two games. Does that streak end?

The streak should have ended, but it didn’t. Late in the first half and early in the second, senior cornerback Duke Dawson had his hands on three potential interceptions, but secured none. And as far as causing a fumble, the Gators never came close, so that makes five games in a row that UF has not come up with a forced fumble or a fumble recovery.

5. Will an LSU running back rush for 100 yards or more?

This question could have been changed at the half to: will an LSU wide receiver rush for 100 yards or more? The Tigers came out and decimated the UF defense with jet sweeps by the wide receivers in motion. It took most of the first half for the Gators to figure out how to quit giving up the edge so easily. The running backs, Derrius Guice and Darrell Williams, had very little success, but the LSU wide receivers hurt the Gators, leading the Tigers in rushing with 52 yards (8.7 yards a carry).

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  1. we are three instances of freak mental errors by our opponents from being 1 win, 4 losses. i suppose you could blame 10 players with credit card fraud, which causes huge problems down the road for the problems but i don’t see a lot at qb, ol, te, depth, and playcalling that’s has me thinking things will improve. its hard to think we can make a bowl game the way things look. and the next few years are going to hurt due to the credit card thing. at a minimum nussmeier is all but gone, and elite offensive assistants usually get hc jobs or nfl jobs. if Shannon recruited any of the credit card guys, he might be gone, and mac could have some problems too about this.
    what direction does the program go? a buyout plus new big name is hard to pull off, ask lsu. if we tried it hopefully we would do better than orgeron, but that would still not be an improvement. Kerwin Bell is one of the few guys, maybe gene Chizik, from the alumni pool. the up and coming pool, such as troy, Memphis, and the like might not like the odds of turning this around either and just keep looking.
    looks to me like we just need to lower expectations for a while. that’s hard to do, I’m furious at losing to Ed Orgeron, and probably Muschamp this year too barring a major turnaround starting at qb, ol, and te. ouch. this new athletic director has to get things better soon or he is job hunting too. gator football fans expect to win and to score a lot. i guess second category teams – at least to the fans – can keep the new AD in place for a while, but it wont be a fun job for him if he cant get this mess fixed.

  2. Anyone notice how the first year starting QBs for both Miami and FSU played with a lot of poise and a sense of urgency today. And Miami was in a similar situation to Florida and with their first year QB, the OC called aggressive PASSING plays that took Miami right down the field to beat FSU (I love saying that. And FSU is 1-3. so things could be worse, I guess). It just amazes me how poorly coached our offensive players (skilled position players) are. And the pass routes are so easy to defend because the tight ends do not go out for passes very often and ignored when they do. I am sick of watching this offense under Nussmeier. Can’t take this anymore. It is a coaching problem, and the problem begins with Nussmeier. He has to go.

    • Right you are Rick. Nuss won’t go to the Passing game when you need it. He rushes up the Gut for a yard or two. He doesn’t trust Franks with the Passing game. Nussmeier has to go. This team is heading for a 5 and 6 record and the Future doesn’t look good if they keep Mac and Nuss. His record goes down every year 10-4, 9-4, and the rest is History. They have been a Very Painful team to watch for quite some time now and it looks like it is not getting any better.

  3. What’s crazy is U.F. contained Guice on ‘D’, and offensively the Gators looked good running the ball for the most part, and yet -still- lost. I knew the luck had to run out eventually! And this trifecta (L.S.U., A&M, and U.G.A.) will show this Gator team’s real worth. Pat called it ”big boy football”, and he’s right! Now it’s even more likely U.F. will end up with 4 loses (Mich., L.S.U., A&M, & U.G.A.) and go 7-4. Not exactly the direction we’re looking for in year 3 from Coach Mac.

  4. Play calling is HORRIBLE…playing NOT to lose with the skill position players we have can be lucky vs. Ky and Vandy.. not vs better teams like LSU, Ga, etc.. we have too much talent to have 34 yds in the fourth qtr with 1 first down..Franks had 9 pass attempts ( most 10 yds or shorter) thru 3 qtrs…. a joke.. disgrace

  5. I turned 71 Friday. I lived through the “wait till next year” generations prior to SOS.

    I thrilled to the entertaining football that was the Fun and Gun / SOS era and was rewarded with multiple SEC championships and a NC.

    I thrilled to the Tim Tebow / Harvin / Hernandez era that won 2 national championships.

    And now THIS, 8 years of the consistently worst, least entertaining, most frustrating, most incompetently coached football in the history of Gator Football.

  6. This is how bad it is. USF, UCF and Miami are all ranked ahead of the Gators right now. All 3 teams look well coached and are making plays with players the Gators evidently can’t or won’t recruit. Granted USF & UCF don’t play the caliber of teams that are in the SEC, but they are beating the heck out of the teams they are playing. We need this coaching staff to pulled their heads out of a dark space on their back sides and figure out how to succeed with the players they are forced to field.

  7. Please, the only questions that needs to be asked is when is coach Mac going to be fired and who is going to be our next coach? Florida football is a joke and no one respect us. Our coaching staff is a bigger joke. Fire coach Mac and and hire a real coach and restore the respect the program deserves.

  8. How ironic that if Duke Dawson just knocks down that ball instead of trying to intercept LSU likely doesn’t score the winning points. You definitely want your DB getting the INT in that spot. But hindsight says ARGH!