Swampcast: A lot of disappointment in Kentucky


Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu review Florida’s win over Kentucky.

Swampcast after Kentucky game

Swampcast: Pat and Robbie review Florida's win over Kentucky. (This is a reposting of their Facebook Live video from early Sunday morning.)

Posted by Gatorsports on Sunday, September 24, 2017


  1. Gators played o k, good fortune shined on them, but Bama demolishes opponents. Hope we don’t have as much to improve and it looks like we do. It’s still a win so not trying to take anything from it, but just so close to being 0-3.

  2. A W is a W, but be happy with it. UF is not BAMA and will NEVER be that good again. This program is extremely content with mediocrity when there is delirium over W’s over UT and UK. Mac seems so sullen and morose and seems like he has lost some interest in his profession. It is what it is. The UAA and administration is perfectly happy with this program and have absolutely NO intentions of EVER beating Bama, Michigan, FSU, etc. Mac cannot develop a quarterback. He could have Tom Brady under center and bench him.

  3. Three consecutive home losses will be just what the doctor ordered to help rid us of this fraud – Mediocre McElwain.
    It would be painful, but strong medicine can have that effect. The potential for better health ensues.
    Or, we can continue in the malaise (knowing full well its cause).
    McElweird has GOTTA GO!