Andreu’s Blog: The 0-2 Gators?

Is Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks the answer? We'll begin to find out vs. Tennessee. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

It seems unfathomable, but it could very easily happen. Losing the Northern Colorado game could turn out to be big. It took away a sure win for the Gators — and an opportunity to restore some confidence coming off the dreadful loss to Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, the Wolverines  showed last week against Cincinnati that they are not necessarily the big, bad, physically dominant team they appeared to be in their 33-17 win in Arlington, Texas, two weeks ago.

So, the Gators head into the third week of the season with zero victories and all kinds of troubling questions.

Is the offensive line that weak?

Is Feleipe Franks the answer at quarterback?

Where are the playmakers on offense?

 Will the young secondary hold up and be able to stem big plays in the passing game?

Will the defense continue to struggle against balanced teams like Michigan? And Tennessee?

In the past several years, the defense has managed to keep the Gators in most games. But, based on the performance against Michigan, this does not appear to be a dominant defense. It has some holes (defensive tackle is a big question mark, especially) and it looks like it’s going to give up some big plays in the passing game due to the inexperience in the secondary.

What we do know is Florida’s offense is going to do what it does — mainly make opposing defenses look suffocating. That’s a trait that appears to have carried over.  Some of the writers I talked to from Tennessee this week said the Vols’ defense has been awful at times this season, especially against the run in the Georgia Tech game, and is a major concern. They said the UT defense hasn’t played well since the second half of last year’s Florida game. That they looked good in the second half against the Gators is no surprise. That’s this offense’s MO.

Here’s what I see happening Saturday: the offense is going to struggle mightily (like it always does) and there might even be some booing in The Swamp, and a possible quarterback change. The defense will be solid, but not great. The special teams will give the Gators a chance to pull out a win and possibly start turning around the season.

It’s not going to be pretty, but …

Prediction: Florida 21, Tennessee 20



    • BTW, FSU is ranked 129th. Miami is ranked 112 even though they played Bethune Cookman. I doubt all three teams would be there if they had played their second game against cupcakes to pad their stats. I would be vary of any stats that compare teams when not all things are equal like strength of schedule, especially after only one game.

  1. Robbie, you are more confident in our offense than I am. There has been a definite pattern with most of our games….particularly ones we lose. The first half is relatively close, then our defense gives up (gets wore down and discouraged) and then the opposition rolls on us. I gave Mac a pass on year one because Muschamp left the offense empty. Last year wasn’t any better. I had high hopes for this year’s offense and frankly it may be worse than any of the offenses since he came here. Mac has NOT shown that he can develop a QB…..we seem to get several rejects from other schools. I believe we have the offensive and defensive talent necessary to win at a high level, but we are severely outcoached. I think the score will be UT 27 UF 10. Honestly, I don’t think we should be favored to win any SEC games this year.

  2. Are we afraid to throw the ball downfield? Our offensive coordinators, beginning with Charlie Weiss play not to lose. They don’t seem to play to win. Why should any defense respect Florida? They all know we are going to dink, bump, and throw an interception – if the OC is calling the plays. Here we go again.
    I truly hope I am incorrect. Go Gators!!

  3. Watch the replay of almost any lost game during the last two plus years, and in particular, any game against a top tier team like Michigan, FSU, or Bama, and it will become very clear to you that the Florida offensive players are poorly coached up. Heads need to start to roll if the “fix” process is not clearly evident starting this Saturday. Beginning with Nussmeier if it is not evident. If that is the case on Monday, immediately demote or fire Nussmeier and hire Spurrier as the OC for the rest of the year and then go get a top notch OC (and that was not and never has been Nussmeier) for next year, as well as any other position coach that is not performing at a very high level. Saban would not tolerate this (and did not previously with Nussmeier).

  4. Your dreaming. This team has nothing. No play makers on either side of the ball and a coaching staff that does not have a clue. I am sorry to say this but we can kiss the season good-by. Time to starting looking for a new head coach. This time please hire someone with real experience and someone who can recruit in the SEC, not a group of Bozo’s from some backwater school.

  5. Not all Gator fans have turned into a bunch of Chicken Littles after one game. However, it will be interesting to see if anyone will return after the game to admit they are wrong. I’m not predicting a win but I don’t think the team is as bad as all the Chicken Littles are making it out to be.

  6. the QBs that transferred from Florida and are now in the NFL: Cam Newton, Brisset and Driskel. Soon they will be joined by Will Grier. Seems like Gators don’t want a decent QB but someone that can shoulder the excuses from the coaches.