Swampcast: Don’t expect a crowd for UF’s home opener




  1. There wasn’t going to be a big crowd even before the hurricane or without a hurricane. Gator fans are tired of this offense, they are predictable and very boring to watch, show me you can move the ball against a top-quality football team and I will spend my money. I am a frustrated Gator fan, I don’t expect National championships or SEC championships every year, but I expect an offense that is not ranked with Wake Forest. Coach better tighten up, his laid back attitude looking around and saying isn’t this a an amazing crowd is getting old.

  2. Clem you are absolutely correct. When you have an aw shucks coach, you get an aw shucks team. This team is soft and will get pushed around. Suspension U is in for a rough road this season and I don’t see any upside. I sincerely hope the team can correct the mistakes and get the offense rolling, but it will take a miracle. This team is really bad, it’s sad for the players, they work hard but get nowhere. The offensive coaching staff should resign, they are awful, and quit rewarding incompetence.

  3. Hard to say that the Gators offensive coaching staff is incompetent….yet. College athletes are still kids, and the Gator “kids” have been on an emotional rollercoaster this year…so far. It happens. But, if MacIlwain wants to keep his job, he will unquestionably have to play a more active role in play calling. If he does, and the “kids” respond, great. If not, then… The key coaching failure against Michigan: halftime adjustments were non existent. One game does not a season make!

    • @ Park – I don’t believe it is hard to say at all. This is NOT about one game. This is about three years of low-cellar dwelling offense, and I mean bottom tier, as in below 100, each year. Incompetent? Yes, Sounds like a great word to use. What is your explanation?