Final: Michigan 33, Florida 17

Michigan running back Karan Higdon reaches the end zone for at touchdown after getting through Florida linebacker David Reese, left, and defensive back Nick Washington (8) in the third quarter Saturday in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

ARLINGTON, Texas —No. 11 Michigan was again too much for outmanned Florida in a 33-17 win Saturday.

No. 17 Florida opened the 2017 regular season the same way it ended the 2016 regular season, not getting much of anything on offense against a Power 5 team. Michigan is 4-0 all time against UF.

“They physically took it to us,” UF coach Jim McElwain said. “They beat us every which way you can. We never had an answer.”

Michigan outscored Florida 13-0 in the third quarter to take a 26-17 lead into the fourth quarter Saturday.

Back-to-back interception returns for touchdowns helped put Florida up at halftime 17-13 against Michigan.

— First quarter —

Wilton Speight threw a 46-yard touchdown pass to Tarik Black over the top of UF’s defense to give Michigan a 10-3 lead after the first quarter.

Kicker Eddy Pineiro gave UF a 3-0 lead following the game’s first drive with a 46-yard field goal.

Michigan tied it with a field goal of its own on the ensuing possession.

— Second quarter —

Defensive back Duke Dawson returned an interception 48 yards for a touchdown to tie the game at 10-10 with 12:19 left in the first half.

Florida made it back-to-back pick-6s when true freshman cornerback CJ Henderson intercepted Speight and returned it 41 yards for the score.

Michigan converted a 55-yard field goal to come within 17-13.

The Gators had only 91 yards of offense in the first half, Michigan with 202.

Redshirt freshman UF QB Feleipe Franks, making his first start, was five of eight for 75 yards in the first half. UF’s leading rusher is freshman Malik Davis with eight yards on one carry. Tyrie Cleveland has two catches for 33 yards.

— Third quarter —

Michigan came out roaring with the second-half kickoff, going on a 10-play, 75-yard TD drive. Karan Higdon scored on a 3-yard run, as the Wolverines regained the lead.

Cleveland then fumbled the kickoff return and Michigan made the Gators pay when Quinn Nordich nailed a 30-yard field goal for a 23-17 lead with 11:05 left in the third quarter.

Nordich made the Gators pay again following another turnover, a fumble by Franks trying to scramble for a first down. Nordich nailed a 50-yarder to put Michigan up 26-17 with nine minutes remaining in the third quarter.

— Fourth quarter —

QB Malik Zaire fumbles in the end zone on a strip-sack and Michigan recovered for a touchdown.



  1. For the love of all that’s ORANGE and BLUE, MISDIRECTION! The reason Thompson scored and called back was ’cause he WENT BACK AGAINST THE FLOW! The OC ‘Nuss has gotta get it TOGETHER and call a better game in the 2nd half! THANK YOU DEFENSE!

    • Well, 3rd year in for both Jim Mac and Jim H., and we can clearly see that U.F. -STILL- hasn’t changed any on offense since 2009. It’s quite sad really! ”Wait ’till…” And 2 starters missing isn’t ENOUGH to take it on the chin -like U.F.’s offensive coaching- is taking it on Mac’s 3rd year chin!

    • Nussmeier isn’t getting anything together… he doesn’t have a clue what hes doing.

      I hated the hire when Mac first got here and was vocally adament he be replaced after last year.

      Nuss telegraphed everything to Michigan’s DC mattison, who made Nuss look like a little leaguer. Nuss cannot read defenses, period.

      If Mac is the “great” head coach some here label him, he’ll fire Nuss TOMORROW and taken over the offense himself.

      • There’s NOTHING great about Mac. Wasn’t Nuss “encouraged” by Saban to go to Michigan? I particularly hated the playcalling after the blocked punt. Spurrier would’ve gone for the jugular and chucked one into the end zone. Instead we go run,?short pass, run, missed field-goal. Felipe’s overrated

    • Thank you foley ! Oh our great athletic director the best in America according to the media ! Thank you for not hiring Dan Mullen in 2010 because of your precious little ego ! Thank you for zook, muschamp and now this ! When will ppl realize the problem is not micro it’s not the quarterback the offensive line the running game those are problems but the bigger problem is the athletic department total incompetence , let’s hire chip Kelly and let’s do it sooner rather than later honestly haven’t you ppl had enough of this crap ? 2011-2017 nothing has changed nothing problems the same everything the same foley might have built a softball powerhouse but this is outrageous there is no reason for offense like this in this state with this tradition bring chip Kelly in go back to the spread option why are we obsessed with going to a pro style or power game or why leave the system we had 2006-2009 appears the vast spread recruits in our state like playing in that system and we did something call move the ball , for love of god go hire chip Kelly !

  2. Where is that much-improved offensive line?? We still can’t convert a short yardage first down, can’t run the ball AT ALL. Looks like the same old ineffective offense to me. We continue to be dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and if that doesn’t change, it will be painful to watch the Gators again this year.

  3. I am tired of this crap. Same old putrid offense and no care at all on any level for the team. Fire Mac. I am done with him. I thought he was the man, but not now. He needs to go. He thought the O-line was the strength of the team? Really? hahahahahahha. OK. Not one single TD offensively, and that is acceptable? Not. Later dude.

    • Mac doesnt need to go, but he does need to stop hiring pals and buddies on his staff and start hiring professionals who cannactially coach.

      We’d have a real OC to run this offense if UF would have gotten off its checkbook and hired Cristobal from Bama after last season.

      You wouldn’t have seen this hot garbage you saw today.

  4. I guess Black Juju has been right all along, hasn’t he? It looked like Gainesville High vs. Michigan AGAIN. And most football analysts seem to agree that Florida has a lot of talented players. So where does the problem lie??? Perhaps with the guy who appeared on TV today in a suit with loafers and no socks???? I wanted to support him, but I think we now have to conclude that he was the worst hire at Florida
    in modern times. You would have to go back to the probation years to recall a display more pathetic than what we saw today. Losing is not a disgrace, but what we saw today is totally unacceptable, especially considering what UF paid for the embarrassment.

  5. What a kick in the nads! Another big opening day at the Gator Club of Narcoossee only to be squashed by the bad play calling and ineptitude of another sorry ass offense. Time for a Crown and Jack and Jim with a splash of crick water. Gonna have a hard time justifyin the dues increase!

  6. Get rid of entire offensive coaching staff. No clue on what it takes to be competitive! Team was not prepared for the game; and we’re faced with another season and no QB! Fire Mac now and save the money! Hugh disappointment!

  7. Very disappointing, starting with 10 player suspensions leading up to an important game. I guess they don’t care about the fans and their fellow teammates. Our offense is again pathetic. Running plays designed to go where there are no blockers. Defense runs out of gas in 2nd half by a stronger team, cause they are always on the field. Being a Florida Gator has been tough for 10 years. When does basketball start, at least that team has heart and a soul.

  8. OFFENSE still POOR*, O-Line was said to be the strength of the ball club. We really have a poor team if that’s the case. Granted defense missed many tackles but they were in the right place (poor tackling) hurt us all game. They held us in the game until again they got tired from the POOR offense. If this is the best we will get from our offensive squad the head coach or the OC should be leaving VERY soon. Dont blame it on the TWO players that were not there, the o-line stunk!


  10. Same-o Same-o, Defense + offense -. Zaire as our savior does not look like much. but again, the offensive line was not much help either, if you don’t give the quarterback time to make plays, you can put Unitas back there and the results would be the same. I don’t know who devised the game plan, but it was a very poor plan, Mac as an offensive Guru?, I don’t know but I am beginning to have my doubts.

  11. Coach Mac has lied to all of us about the OL being the strength of this team. Him and Nuss needs to go ASAP after what we all just watched against Mich on offense! I hope Strickland or someone at least talk to coach Spurrier to step in tomorrow and coach until we can find someone that has Gator blood in them and not just drawing a check. Pitiful and feel sorry for our fans that spent a lot of $$ to see that bad offense display. We Need Coach Spurrier! Let’s go ahead and start a web-site! Gators Always!

  12. I just cannot fathom how horrible the offense is, coach summers went to wvu on his own accord and Mac replaced him with a coach with no experience coaching a o-line. I don’t get this coaching staff and how poor this team is. Randy is going to be the intern head coach soon. Always Gator no matter what

  13. I have suffered through 6 years of offensive incompetence. 4 years of Moosecrap was bad enough. Mac was supposed to be an offensive genius. Apparently you can be a genius coaching Alabama’s offensive. Mac has to go. Today. Name the HBC interim coach. Let the coaching search begin. And stop hiring Saban assistants!

  14. Frank’s didn’t look poised in his first start. He may not get any better if the offensive line play doesn’t improve. Must give credit to Michigan. The Gators were very disappointing today. Mac and Nuss are doing a poor job showing no offensive improvement in their 3rd year. Did we pass once on first down?

  15. Time for Mac to go. He sucks, he’s in way over his head. No wonder he thought the OL was so much improved; they were going against our soft defensive line. All I can say is these coaches are overpaid. What a shit show.

  16. Florida’s offense hasn’t been good since Urban faked the heart attack … We are cursed. Cam Newton should have followed Tebow, but Meyer promised Brantley’s dad he would get the start if he didn’t transfer. THEN the school trumped up BS charges against Newton, on an infraction that could have been pencil whipped into non-existence, to get him to transfer. We are cursed, no offence is our penance …

  17. True blue & orange Gator fan here. Not ready to throw in the towel on Mac yet. Its the first game of the season. But he better straighten out this mess of a team soon. Yeah, its tough watching the Gators get their asses kicked. Because their offense is downright offensive. Nussmeier has been calling the same plays for so long that it seems like the opposition owns his playbook. Don’t they spend time in the film room devising a plan against the other team based on what that team does? Isn’t it time to actually call some different plays? No running game and despite Franks arm, how many passes did he throw (he was 5/9)? What happened to Trask? I thought he was Franks’ strongest competitor. And last years starter, Jake Del Rio? Finally, who recruits these thieves and druggies? Where’s the leadership from the upper classmen? How does Mac go through spring and summer and not know what’s going on under his own roof with the guys he recruited?

  18. I’ve been a Gator a long time and I feel like I’m waking up in the 80’s when winning 7 or 8 ballgames was a helluva good season, winning the SEC was a pipe dream and going to a bowl game was cause for major celebrating. Hard to believe that the thrill of the beginning of football season already feels like it’s over! Just like the Orlando Magic with helmets on.

  19. One more step for Stricklin to go ahead and fire Fatty Mac. He has again the worse offense in college FB
    It’s embarrassing. Plus defense let Meeshian run our ends wide open all game. Plus we made every mistake you can make I a college fB game. Macs gotta go soon

  20. I’m a adopted Gator fan for the past 23 years, and I’m totally confused as too why the Gators have been unable to have
    Any head coach find a top shelf QB that can actually lead there Gator offense to becoming some what OK?????

  21. Hey, I think you Florida boys are overreacting a little. Don Brown had the number one defense in the country at BOSTON COLLEGE two years ago. What did the CFB world think was going to happen with Michigan level talent? The talent we have is insane as you will see throughout the rest of the season. But make no mistake, Don Brown is the best defensive coach in the game. Your boys stayed in the game and that is honorable. I think you’ll have a decent season on the SEC East. However, stick with Frank’s or Del Rio. Malik Zaire is garbage.

  22. Without the two pick-sixes, the score is somewhere from 33-3 to 47-3.
    Mac said his “good plan” was “pretty well foiled by getting whooped by big, strong guys.”
    Minor oversight.
    What an an embarrassment!
    I cringe EVERY time he opens his mouth.
    He doesn’t register on the BBPI (“Big Boy Pants Index”)!
    He’s not “cool,” but weird.
    HE’S GOTTA GO!!!