Lessons in leadership


I attended the football team’s scooter safety awareness seminar earlier this week and found it enlightening on two fronts.

One, I did not realize how many players ride scooters and how few actually wear helmets. Almost all of them ride scooters and almost none wear helmets, which is a little alarming. But that should change now that the players have been given pretty cool helmets and have gone through an informative (and common sense) seminar.

Two, I found out you don’t have to have access to the practice field or the locker room or the dorms to get a feel for who the leaders are on a football team. Player behavior at an event like Wednesday’s can be, and was, revealing in terms of leadership on this team.

The potential leaders were easy to spot. They were the ones asking questions and being engaged with the speakers during safety demonstrations. They were the ones paying close attention and reacting like this is something that’s important to them, something they needed to grasp.

As a group the Gators were attentive. But there were a who that kind of stood out as potential leaders.

Based on my observations, don’t be surprised if the following players turn out to be team leaders this fall: defensive end Cece Jefferson, defensive end Antonneous Clayton, wide receiver Antonio Callaway, wide receiver Josh Hammonds, center T.J. McCoy, quarterback Feleipe Franks, quarterback Luke Del Rio, tailback Jordan Scarlett and cornerback Chauncey Gardner.

There were others, I’m sure. But these were the players who stood out to me for having the look and the feel of a leader.

We can look back on this blog in the fall and see if these potential leaders have turned into actual leaders.