Three first-round Gators


ESPN draft analyst has the two Florida cornerbacks rated so evenly that without realizing it at the time, he projected Jalen Tabor and Quincy Wilson to go back-to-back in the middle of the first round. He did not notice he’d placed them back-to-back until after he went back over his mock draft earlier this week.

He is projecting Tabor to go to the Arizona Cardinals with the 13th pick and Wilson to the Philadelphia Eagles with the 14th pick.

“Ironically, I didn’t try to do this. It just worked out that way,” Kiper said on an ESPN draft teleconference Thursday. “I didn’t notice until I’d finished the first round that I had Tabor going 13 and Philadelphia with the next pick taking Quincy Wilson.

“So, I have the Florida cornerbacks going back-to-back picks. I don’t know that that’s happened before. I didn’t do it on purpose. It just worked out that way.”

Because the two are that close in ability and in NFL potential.

Because he’s picking Tabor to go one pick ahead of Wilson, Kiper gives the slight edge to Tabor.

“I think Wilson may be a little bit more rounded,” Kiper said. “Tabor is the big-play guy. He’s got those ball skills, a nose for the football, he’s opportunistic. Wilson may be a bit more complete and well rounded.

“If you look at Tabor, the big-play ability gives him just the slightest of edges.”

Tabor and Wilson are not the only Gators being projected to go in the first round by Kiper. He has linebacker Jarrad Davis going to the Miami Dolphins with the 22nd pick.

“He has great versatility,” Kiper said. “When he was healthy, he was a top player. In going to Miami, he would fill a big need. I had a chance to see the Dolphins up close against the Ravens (late in the season) and the Ravens did whatever they wanted against that defense.

“The back seven needs a lot of help. As far as linebacker for the Dolphins, getting kind of a local product in Jarrad Davis would be a real good starting point.”