The story behind the story


With information obtained from WikiLeaks and Russian hackers, The Sun has been able to piece together the true story about what happened last week with the postponement of the Florida-LSU game.

It’s unbelievable (it actually is).

You know that $100 million that Florida was planning to spend on facility upgrades in the near future? Well, Jeremy Foley and the UF administration decided, because the Gators had a couple of banged up defensive linemen who might not be ready by Saturday, that it would be wise to funnel the $100 million elsewhere.

So, here’s what Florida did, and it’s brilliant: in a true wag-the-dog moment, the school paid the Weather Channel and all the major networks to create a fake category four hurricane and point it in the general direction of Gainesville late last week (receipts of the transactions were provided to The Sun by the Russian hackers, so it really happened).

By doing this, the Gators were able to wiggle out of playing a perceived unwinnable game against an opponent that already has two losses and fired its coach only a week earlier. Avoiding this inevitable loss to powerful LSU, the Gators also managed to possibly cheat Tennessee out of the Eastern Division title.

Instead of being criticized by the Tigers and Vols (and many members of the media who cover those two teams), Foley and the Gators should be commended for their brilliance with this $100-million move to save UF’s season. So, see you in Atlanta.

There you have it, the real story behind last week’s postponement.

It’s unbelievable.

Now, back to reality and this week’s game against some other Tigers, these from Missouri.

The offense will be a little better with the return of quarterback Luke Del Rio. The defense will give up some plays in the passing game, but will be dominant for long stretches. The special teams might actually make a play or two.

Prediction: Florida 24, Missouri 17