Gators will find a way


Is there any logical reason to think this game will be any different than the last two for the Florida Gators?

Maybe not.

You look at Michigan’s strong defense, you look at Florida’s inept offense — and it appears to add up to the same losing matchup the Gators found themselves in against Florida State and Alabama.

Just like in those two losses, I really don’t know how the Gators are going to score many points, if any, on offense. They had only one offensive touchdown in those two loses, and this UM defense is probably better than FSU’s and maybe as good as Alabama’s.

Jim McElwain and Doug Nussmeier have had some extra time to possibly change some things in the offense. But, really, their options are likely limited due to the struggling, inexperienced offensive line and the limited skill set of Harris in a pro-style offense.

Harris will continue to have the same problems he’s had — failing to find open receivers, taking too long in the pocket, getting sacked and throwing errant passes.

So, forget about the offense finding a way to win this game. That’s not going to happen for the Gators.

They’re going to do it with a defense that has the speed and tenacity to shut down a balanced Michigan offense. And they’re going to do it on special teams — no, not a field goal, of course, with a game-changing return by Antonio Callaway and maybe a blocked kick or, too.

Logically, it may be hard for many to see a way the Gators can win this game. But, somehow, they will.

Prediction: Florida 16, Michigan 10.