Lots of predictions


One of my first predictions for this Florida team came even before the start of camp, when I went against the grain and told everyone not to discount quarterback Treon Harris, who had already been written off by many as not being a good fit in Jim McElwain’s offense.

I’ve been telling everyone who would listen not to be surprised if Harris turned out to be the starter on opening day over Will Grier.

Well, obviously Harris does fit in the offense because he is the starter for Saturday night’s game. I remember last fall how all the players and coaches talked about Harris having the It factor. Apparently he did not lose It under the new coaching staff. McElwain mentioned the other day how Harris has seemed to lift the level of play among those around him. That is the It factor.

Feeling in the groove with the Harris pick, here are some other predictions for the Gators heading into the opener:

  • The first touchdown will come on a pass from Harris to Brandon Powell.

  • The Gators will have all kinds of success running the ball, and the two Jordans — Scarlett and Cronkrite — will shine in their UF debut.

  • Florida’s leading receiver will be a tight end, presumably Jake McGee, although C’yontai Lewis could be the surprise here.

  • The inexperienced offensive line will hold its own — but then it should against a suspect New Mexico State defensive front.

  • Grier will end up throwing for more yards than Harris.

  • Florida’s ball-hawking defense will produce four or more turnovers, two coming on interceptions.

  • It will rain, but there will be no lightning delays.

  • McElwain’s sideline demeanor will be a lot more calm than Boom’s.

  • Fans will leave the stadium excited about the play of the wide receivers.

  • Alex Anzalone will lead the Gators in tackles.

  • The Gators will have a strong pass rush this season, but they’ll have a hard time getting to the quarterback in this one. NMS gave up only nine sacks all of last season.

  • The Gators will win big. Let’s say, 51-13.