Fowler feeling at home


Even though he’s been a Jacksonville Jaguar for only. … well, hours, Dante Fowler Jr. said he already feels a strong connection to the city and team.

He has family in Jacksonville, he has a good friend on the team in former Florida safety Josh Evans and one of his mentors is former Gator and Jaguar great Fred Taylor.

So, this fit seems even more comfortable now that it did when the Jags made Fowler the overall No. 3 pick in the first round Thursday night. And it seemed close to a perfect fit when it happened.

“A lot of (Florida) guys came here,” Fowler said. “Fred Taylor is a mentor that is in my life right now and played here. I grew up watching him. I know a lot of great guys that are in Jacksonville and I am Florida guy. Just being able to stay home and having my family being close to me, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Fowler said he’s gotten to know Taylor through Taylor’s son Kelvin, the likely starting tailback at Florida who has grown close to Fowler over the past two years.

“Kelvin Taylor is my best friend,” Fowler said. “That’s like my little brother. Fred was out at the games and we always talked. He told me the right things and gave me great advice and what to prepare for. I know he’s happy right now.”

As for living and working in Jacksonville, Fowler said Evans has given him a good idea what to expect.

“Josh loves it,” he said. “That’s a great guy that can help me out with the playbook just because when I went to UF he was a senior. He was a guy that I looked up to and a guy that helped me out. He told me Jacksonville is a great culture and they’re trying to win around here.”