Remember these names


While we wait — and wait and wait and wait — for Jim McElwain to complete his staff by hiring a wide receivers coach, here are two viable candidates who seem to have been overlooked by all those out there guessing who the guy might be: South Carolina wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator Steve Spurrier Jr. and Indianapolis Colts wide receivers coach Charlie Williams.

Both have ties to Florida. Both make sense.

Spurrier, of course, worked for his famous father on the Florida coaching staff for five years in the 1990s and was part of the 1996 national championship team. He’s coached wide receivers at Oklahoma, the Washington Redskins and at South Carolina — and helped produce some quality receivers who moved on to the NFL.

If Spurrier Jr. wants to be a head coach one day — and everyone assumes he does — maybe it’s time for him to remove himself from his father’s immense shadow and break out on his own in the coaching profession. Florida, under a new offensive-minded head coach, would be a perfect spot.

Last week, McElwain said he had no timetable for hiring a wide receivers coach. But then he added: “I do know this, I think you guys will be happy with him.”

Maybe that was a hint that it’s Spurrier. Because there is no more popular name in UF football history than Spurrier.

The question of course is, if it is Spurrier, why hasn’t it happened yet? Maybe because it’s a son being loyal to his father and finishing out the recruiting year at USC before making a move. McElwain certainly seems like he’d be willing to wait.

Williams is another guy who could be at the top of McElwain’s list. He’s in his third year with the Colts, and, of course, the Colts are still in the playoffs, so his hiring at UF (if it happens) can’t happen until after the Indianapolis season ends.

Williams is a veteran NFL and college coach who definitely knows his way around the state of Florida. He was on the same University of Miami staff with Randy Shannon from 1993-95 and was the wide receivers coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under Tony Dungy from 1996-2001.

He also has a semi-connection with McElwain. Williams played his college ball at Colorado State, where McElwain was the head coach the past three seasons.

So, while we wait — and wait and wait and wait — for McElwain to announce his decision, remember these two names: Spurrier and Williams.

On to a different topic (sort of). … For anyone wondering how Florida is going to afford all these coaches’ buyouts, it should be no problem at all. According to a survey done by the Wall Street Journal, the UF football program is No. 5 in the nation in terms of total net worth. UF has an estimated program revenue of $99,454,773 and an intrinsic value of $815,420,000, according to the WSJ. Ohio State is No. 1 by the way, with an intrinsic value of over $1 billion.

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