Just play and have fun


One thing I picked up on at the big news conference Monday was that there seemed to be a sense of relief from everybody, including Will Muschamp, that the inevitable decision had finally been made. Everyone saw it this coming weeks ago. There was hope for Muschamp following those back-to-back wins over Georgia and Vanderbilt. But the way the South Carolina game deteriorated like it did in the final minutes, everyone knew Muschamp’s fate had been sealed.

Now that everyone knows for sure where this whole thing stands, the pressure is off. Maybe now Muschamp and the Gators will stop coaching and playing tight and scared, which is something they’ve seemed to do all season. You get the feeling Muschamp was so fearful of big, negative plays that he went so conservative that his offensive players started doubting themselves and lost confidence.

Time for the paranoia to end. Time to relax and start having fun again. It is just a game, and no one’s job is on the line now. So, cut it loose and play free, leaving all the clutter behind.

That’s what I think Muschamp and the Gators will do for these last two games. That sense of relief lifts a big burden off everyone — coaches, players and even fans, who seemed to also grow fearful of what would go wrong next if the Gators actually tried to throw the ball in a tight game.

So, relax, everybody. Let’s just play some football and have some fun again.

Prediction: Florida 38, Eastern Kentucky 17.