Playing for a punt?


HOOVER, Ala. — Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel revealed at SEC Media Days on Monday just how conservative the Gators’ offense became during the course of the injury-riddled 2013 season.

Driskel, speaking with a handful of reporters before he and the rest of the UF party appeared on the big stage, said there were times when the main offensive goal was to punt.

“At times, you can only do what the coaching staff asked you to do,” Driskel said. “At times we were asked to play conservatively and control the time of possession.

“I don’t think it was a lack of talent. It was a lack of time (to pass), of executing plays, and at times the play-calling. There were times when we wanted to punt the ball and get the other team inside the 10.”

Muschamp reiterated Monday that he made a change in coordinators (replacing Brent Pease with Kurt Roper) because it seemed the players had lost confidence in what the Gators were trying to do offensively last season.

Driskel said Monday that he and the other offensive players have a great deal of confidence in Roper, who has installed a hurry-up, spread attack that seemed very effective in the spring.

“It’s kind of polar opposite of what we were used to over the past few years, where we were putting our focus on time of possession and controlling the ball,” he said. “I think the game is just moving toward having to score points and trying to get (off) as many plays as possible, which is Coach Roper’s mindset.

“He’s a positive coach and puts players in positions to be successful. We’re lucky to have Coach Roper and we’re excited to get going in camp.”