Sad season comes to an end


Back in August, when the Gators were still healthy and hopeful, no one could have foreseen what would happen to this Florida team. Had anyone projected the Gators to be 4-7 heading into the Florida State game, they would have been laughed at — kind of like Jon Harrison and Quinton Dunbar have been for their teammate dance on video from the Georgia Southern loss.

No one saw this coming. But this is where the Gators are, 4-7 and given absolutely zero chance of beating (or even competing) against the No. 2 Seminoles on Saturday.

You never know what’s going to happen in a rivalry game like this one where emotions run so high. But, like everyone else, I have a strong feeling about how this one is going to play out for the Gators.

It’s going to be ugly. Really ugly. The Florida offense is so bad, so inept, that the Gators had a hard time sustaining drives against Georgia Southern. Given that, they’re going to have a hard time even getting first downs against a dominant and attacking FSU defense.

And the UF defense, which can never get a big stop when it has to, figures to get overwhelmed by a potent and balanced Florida State offense that is led by perhaps the best offensive player in the nation (Jameis Winston).

Earlier this week, the Florida players said they were confident they could compete against the Seminoles, even win the game if things fall their way. But I don’t see any scenario where that happens.

The good news for the Gators and their fans is that this mess of a season will finally be over Saturday afternoon and UF can start looking forward to better (and healthier) times.

Prediction: Florida State 51, Florida 3.