SOS won’t run it up


I’ve been asked several times this week if I thought Steve Spurrier would try to run up the score on his former school, or would he take it easy on the severely wounded Gators.

Here’s my response to that: Spurrier is no longer the “run-it-up thug” that he was back in the day, when he was throwing the ball all over the park in The Swamp and letting his backups continue to run the Fun ‘n Gun late in games. He’s more of a game manager now, doing what he needs to do to win games. I’m sure that will be his approach Saturday. Knowing he doesn’t need to score more than 17 points or so to win the game, Spurrier will play it close to the vest and not take a lot of chances on offense, especially after the way the Gamecocks melted down a year ago in The Swamp by turning the ball over multiple times.

While this game is going on, Florida will be just another opponent to Spurrier. Any personal feelings he has for the Gators will be filed away as he tries to coach his team to a victory.

His goal Saturday night is not to run up the score. And it’s not to take it easy on the Gators. His goal is to win the game, and that will be his approach.

Spurrier knows the Gators have enough healthy players left to compete, especially on defense. I think Spurrier will be a little conservative on offense and rely on his strong defense to shut down a UF offense that everyone does.

So, I don’t think this game is going to get way out of hand. I think the Gators will hang tough for a half, but wear down in the second half. I just can’t see Florida scoring much, if at all, especially if Tyler Murphy can’t go.

Prediction: South Carolina 31, Florida 10