Muschamp, Davis stir things up


On the same night in different Florida cities, Will Muschamp and his offensive line coach, Tim Davis, made comments at a Gator Gathering that fired up the fan base — and drew a national response.

The big one, of course, was delivered by Davis, who referred to Nick Saban, a man he’s coached under, as “the devil himself.” The quote has drawn reaction from across the country, some of it angry. ESPN’s Mark May called Davis “a classless, back-stabbing coward.” Others also ripped Davis, saying it was inappropriate and offensive. But those being critical have missed the point completely. Davis was JUST JOKING! He does not think Saban is the devil.

Davis was speaking to a room full of Gator fans and he was looking to get a laugh, which he did. It wasn’t a mean-spirited remark. He was only kidding. The fact that May does not see that is amazing, and makes you wonder about his common sense.

The funny thing is that the day before Davis made his devil comment, he met with a couple dozen members of the media and gave us some of his observations on offensive line play. He was very engaging — and hilarious. He had everyone in the room laughing. Remember this: mass kicks ass.

I’m sure Davis was doing his comedy routine again the next night, and I’m sure the UF fans in attendance got a huge kick out of it and would like Davis to come back again some day. Those being critical of his “devil” quote need to relax and understand that he was only kidding.

On the same night, in Jacksonville, Muschamp also drew national attention when he vowed that Georgia’s winning streak against UF (two games) was “not going to be a long winning streak, I can assure you,” he said.

Unlike Davis, Muschamp was serious. And if anyone’s offended by that, well, you’d have to be a Georgia fan. Muschamp was just trying to fire up Gator fans, and that’s what he did.

One Bulldog who didn’t have a problem with Muschamp’s prediction was Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

“I mean, you know, what do you expect him to say at a Gator function?” Grantham said before speaking Wednesday night at UGA Day in Atlanta. “Will’s a guy that I know personally. I think he’s done a great job at Florida. I think he’s very competitive as we all are as coaches. He’s a guy that wants to win. I think he’s just really trying to fire up the people in Jacksonville.”

Exactly. Grantham got it right.

May and all those others critical of Davis got it wrong.


  1. Robbie,

    You should send this article to ESPN to help May and others with their common sense.
    Personally, I clearly got the context of Davis’s remarks so apparently I am not dumb enough to work for a national sporta network.

  2. May and ESPN are just trying to stir up ratings because it’s summer time anyway. Btw, anytime May wants to call someone a coward, I’ll invite him to my house to call me one to my face. Jerk.

  3. And CGGator is also correct. ESPN and etc. have staffs that search for the ever so slightly offensive remark to the out and out outrageous, then they pick the mouthpiece of the day to inflame it out of proportion because they get paid to talk. Which, btw, coaches don’t, so it should be expected that they would occasionally say something that could be taken wrong. Mark May needs to call Tim Davis names to his face, or he’s the coward.

  4. If the country has hit the point where one cannot infringe on political incorrectness — through jest at that — in an environment as unimportant and trivial as a coaching pep-rally then we’re truly a lost society. I like sports as much as the next person but it has zero bearing on one’s daily challenges (employment, finances, health, etc. — okay, my wife says on my health for three hours during four months of Saturdays).
    Maybe going forward Mark May and other self-aggrandizing ESPN nannies can accompany coaches on their touring circuits and ensure they say nothing controversial. People can instead pay money to watch an hour or two of boring, redundant coachspeak (“He’ll play on Sundays! Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals! It’s a game of inches! It’s hard to play on the road! We just have to execute our brand of football! Coach Saban is the gold standard! Jacksonville [or insert city here] has the best [insert team] fans!”) Won’t that be fun?