Attorney turns up heat on Jags


Prominent Florida attorney John Morgan’s advertising theme for his law firm, Morgan & Morgan, is “For the people.” Now he’s added a little twist. He’s produced a commercial that is “For the people who are for Tim Tebow.”

In an attempt to put pressure on the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign free-agent quarterback/UF legend Tim Tebow, Morgan has recorded a video that he hopes will convince team owner Shad Khan to reach out to Tebow.

The video has only appeared on YouTube so far, receiving nearly 10,000 hits in its first day (Wednesday). In the video, Morgan praises Tebow for being a winner and urges Khan to make the right call “for the people” and sign Tebow.

“The Jaguars are 27-42 in the last 5 years. One of the worst records in NFL history and more in store for this year. We can’t even fill an entire end zone,” said Morgan in the video. “Tebow is one of us, he has class character and he’s a winner. Let’s win Mr. Khan. Once upon a time, so called experts probably doubted your potential and now look at you. Give our guy a shot. I’ll even buy that box you tried to sell me,” said Morgan. “Remember this, you can’t tivo Tebow. Let’s do this Mr. Khan, for the people. Let’s win.”

Khan and the Jags have already expressed that they have no interest in signing Tebow. It’s not going to happen, but Morgan’s commercial is the latest attempt to sway public (Tebow) opinion and try and keep the pressure on the NFL team to consider hooking up with the hometown hero.


  1. The Jaguars are idiots. Probably the worst run franchise in pro sports right now. What could it hurt to sign Tebow? Is “controversy” going to ruin the chemistry and winning ways of this franchise? It really cant get any worse than it already is. And I’m really tired of hearing of how Tebow isn’t very good. Maybe he isn’t very good but he’s BETTER THAN BLAINE GABBERT!!!! And, he will put money in the franchises pockets to go get better players than the bunch of bums they have now.

  2. They are complete fools if they dont go after Tim, good for Mr. Morgan, keep it up… im not sure what the cant tivo refernce means, try Jags can win with Tim for a slogan maybe.. good luck to Tim whatever happens, complete class act, excellent athlete and potential superstar QB given the right circumstances but NFL owners are not known for their good judgment in most cases. Give Tim a little consistent blocking, a few good receivers and tell him to take off if theyre not open quickly and theres no stoppin him… Go Gators..

  3. I say all Gator fans should refuse to buy another ticket, if they fail to sign Tebow! They already lost me, as a fan, when they came out and said they had not interest in Tim. The only way they get me back is to give Tim a fair shake. Knowing Tim, though, he probably has too much class for those losers!

  4. If Mr. Khan owns an NFL franchise for the purpose of making money, he has his team sign Tebow. Obviously tickets sales will soar. Tebow is a football player, a better one than many other players on NFL rosters around the league. It’s utterly ludicrous not to sign Tebow in Jax, much less waste him like the Jets did.

  5. Just food for thought

    Could the failure to win and thus draw fans be on purpose? It would be a lot easier to move the Jags to L.A in their current loser state then if they actually were competitive! Tebow would bring more fans to the stadium and even if he failed this move would at least buy some time to complete a rebuilding of the team into something worth watching without a major loss in revenue! If nothing else, the whole world would be watching the Jags and Jacksonville to see and talk about Tebow – Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take would have a blast and Stephen A would go nuts – makes for must see TV.!

  6. Take off the Gator Goggles– you’re talking about professional football. Derrick Harvey couldn’t make it. Not Weurffel, Grossman, Doug Johnson, Reggie Nelson, Reidel Anthony, etc. He’s not signed, which means al 32 teams feel like he isn’t an NFL starter. Winning fills seats, not Big Names and besides, we (Jags) already drafted our Gator for this year– Josh Evans. Tebow is very popular and a gifted athlete… but he’s just not good enough to start in the NFL. Get over it, and focus on the Gators’ 2013 season. I am much more interested in what the future holds for Jeff Driskell.

  7. 31 other NFL franchises do not want Tebow on their rosters. Could it be that maybe he’s just not good enough? There are plenty of heisman winning quarterbacks who didn’t make it in the NFL. If you think that Tebow is better than Gabbert then you just don’t know football.

  8. If they don’t want Tebow as their QB, any string, I would still take him as an athlete and for the gate draw. Play him at tight end or H-back or whatever, and especially in Jax. Only fools, idiots and the little girl on Chase Card commercials don’t want more cash. Mark Twain said, “It’s not that there’s too many fools, it’s just that lightning ain’t distrubuted right.”

  9. Shortsighted by the Jags. Tebow = $$ = better facilities and players. Hell, even I would consider going to a Jags game or two if Tebow came to town, and I have never been to a pro game.

    Tebow can play, he’s got a turnaround story and a playoff win to prove it. Give him a chance; he’s a contagious winner, and J-ville could do a lot worse (and probably will).

  10. Actually, BuckFudder, he can’t play. That’s the problem. He isn’t good enough for the NFL. And that’s ok. Barely anyone is.

    And brr-bon phil, Tebow has said that he wants to play QB. Unlike Denard Robinson, who the Jaguars drafted. Robinson has said repeatedly that he’ll do anything to get on the field. Tebow won’t.

  11. AWB – If I recall, he lead Denver to the playoffs! He must be able to do something right. Teams don’t want him because they fear the attention he gets. The media has hurt Tim’s career, not Tim’s abilities.

  12. “Who doesn’t want more cash?” Shad Khan. He already spent plenty on new locker rooms, upgraded audio & video in the stadium, two new coaches in two years. More than cash, he wants to win, which will bring WAY more cash than signing locally popular players. By the way, if you have never been to a pro game, how can you be so sure Tebow on the bench will make a big dent in sales over the whole season? As long as we’re guessing at this, I guess that after about two games the novelty would wear off and any uptick in sales would flatten. Even if Tim brings 1,000 new tickets/game, that won’t hold a candle to the jump in attendance when we go 10-6 and win the Division. What is “obvious” to the fans isn’t panning out with the experts. Pro ball is just different.

  13. I love Tebow. I love the Gators. I love the Jags. I have season tickets to both. The Jags do not need Tebow.
    Would I like to have him? Sure, he’s a winner. Would he win the QB job? No. And Tebow does not want to go somewhere and play another position. Would he sell tickets? Yes. But not season tickets. People would buy the first game or two to see what happens. Then when he isn’t playing, their interest would wane. I want the Jags to win, not be a gimmick. I think the new leadership has already shown they are in it to win, so we need to give them time to do it. That doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and support for the new regime is what we all need to give to this team that has brought so much to the city in terms of business and money. It’s time to give back to the team!

  14. Hello, Brr-Bon, and I hope you’re doing fine. I didn’t say 10-6 was coming this year, but when the Jags eventually have their day in the sun, they will have earned higher attendance the right way–with a solid NFL roster and a winning record, not with gimmicky acquisitions or aging high-priced free agents. I wish Tebow nothing but the best… and I think it’s time to let it go.