Powell right on target


Before speaking at the Titletown Gator Club on Wednesday night, Will Muschamp revealed that Buck linebacker Ronald Powell is on schedule for a full return in August after undergoing two ACL surgeries on his knee in the past year, the second coming in September.

“He’s been cleared for everything so far,” Muschamp said. “Change of direction, everything. Talking to (the trainer), everything they’ve been doing (in offseason conditioning).”

Like everyone else in the program, Muschamp said he’s excited about Powell’s healthy return.

“I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know if I’m more excited or he is. The guy’s worked hard,” Muschamp said. “He had a tremendous setback there in September. He and I had a long talk in his exit interview about coming off an injury. I came off a broken leg, nowhere near what he’s been through. There will be a couple moments early on to feel that contact and that strike and taking on that 300-pounder and understanding that your leg’s gonna be OK.

“Any injured player goes through that. There will be a little bit of a mental block — how much will depend on that day and what happens. But when you talk to him about playing, he gets a smile on his face and he starts thinking about it. He told me he thinks about it every day — walking back on that field with his buddies and being on the field again playing and contributing.”


  1. Powell is a credit to the team and the school, as a whole. He’s a tremendous young man and his leadership will be key to the success of the team. No other player can dispute his work ethic and dedication. Being lead by someone, who has gone through what RO-PO has, is a privilege that the younger guys should gravitate to. It’s going to be a bad year for some SEC QB’s! Imagine RO-PO and Fowler coming at you! Fowler has turned out to be the same disciplined, hard working player, as RO-PO and it’s going to show, on the field. Add Purifoy, on a corner blitz and Brantley coming from the weak side, with Morrison blitzing up the middle. Nightmare on front-street!

  2. Can’t wait to see RO PO back on the field either. Just a thought, with Purifoy playing some offense, how about seeing if RO PO has any interest in playing some tight end. I remember seeing him and the high school All American game playing both defense and tight end, and he was a stud. Pease, give him a look for Gators sake… Especially since Champ keeps hinting that will be “any area of concern.” If he is back, let him go hard. Dude is a straight up physical beast. Go Gators!

  3. so no one was to blame for his ‘setback’ ?? Another acl surgery is not just a ‘setback’… Whens the last time it was called that by another coach?? Powell himself may be to blame but coaches and doctors betrayed this kid