No fooling these Gators


Will Muschamp has quite a sense of humor (especially for a football coach who is so serious about all things football) and likes to have a little fun with his players once in awhile. At the end of Monday’s practice, he tried to prank them with an April Fool’s joke, but the Gators didn’t fall for it — even though they almost did.

“I said that the NCAA passed a ruling that we have five more practices (after the end of spring drills on Saturday). It was dead silent on the field. They didn’t really care for that very much,” Muschamp said. “I was giving them the schedule for next week and a couple of the older players, it finally dawned on them it was April 1.”


  1. SEC Championships: Alabama 23 – Florida 8
    Unblemished seasons: Alabama 13 – Florida ZERO!
    Ten win seasons: Alabama 32 – Florida 12
    Head to Head: Alabama 23- Florida 14
    Last 3 games: Alabama 101 – Florida 29
    10 AP/UPI/BCS titles in last 50 years.
    “I don’t always drink tears, but when I do, I prefer Tim Tebow tears”

  2. Roll Tide is in her 30’s and grew up hating UF in the 90’s with how many times UF beat Bama.
    I remember being at the 35-0 game in the swamp in 91.
    This year I’m just wondering if Bama will lose a home game for the third straight year and still be gifted the national title game for their incompetence. Maybe, because the other top teams in the west actually have to play good teams from the east, unlike bama. But that game at texas A&M is probably a loss, seeing as how they couldn’t handle them at home last year.

  3. Jealous much? Every team had losses the last two years. Funny you talk about Bama being “gifted” National Titles, yet Florida has never had a perfect season. By the same standards, all 3 of Florida’s were “gifted” too.

    66-7 last 5 years. 3 peat!

  4. Hope you get the chance to see Florida at the SEC championship this year….The dawgs would have been drinking rolltide tears with 1 more play. hoping to see you in December…when we kick the tide’s ass back to Alabama.
    Seemed to me Timmy drank a lot more Tide tears than they drank.

  5. RollTide is the only reason I questioned myself rooting for Bama in the SEC champ game and National Title game. I want to support the SEC, but this one troll makes me wonder if I should have been rooting for the opponents.
    But bama and UF both had the same number of sec losses last year. One. They just benefited that we gave lsu and A&M losses that enabled them to make it to the title game. Bama had a two game schedule last year, A&M and LSU. They went 1-1 and was 50 seconds away from going 0-2. They are also lucky pitt missed a short field goal against notre dame to win the game, or else they would have had to play UF in the national title game.
    Muschamp has been identical to Saban so far in his first two years at UF. First year 7-6, just like Saban at bama. Second year, 2 losses, same as bama, with a sugar bowl loss that the team didn’t care about, just like saban and bama against utah. Third year….NC