Gators' impactful recruiting class


In doing research for the start of spring football in just a few weeks, it becomes quite obvious just how exceptional the 2013 recruiting class is for the Gators. At least six members of the class figure to have an immediate impact. And by immediate, I mean right now, this spring. Others, of course, will do the same in the fall.

Four true freshmen and two transfers will be competing for serious playing time this spring, some even for possible starting positions.

In terms of getting the right freshmen on campus early, Will Muschamp and his staff could not have done a better job.

The Gators desperately need a dynamic wide receiver in their pro-style offense — and the highest-rated receiver in the class, Demarcus Robinson, is already working out with the other receivers, catching passes from the quarterbacks and learning the playbook. He has a chance to compete for a starting role this spring.

At tailback, leading rusher Mike Gillislee is gone and the Gators are down in numbers at the position. So, getting Kelvin Taylor, the state’s all-time leading high school rusher, on campus this spring is huge. By all accounts, he’s been tearing it up in workouts and is getting himself ready to make a serious run at the starting position along with Matt Jones and Mack Brown. It’s conceivable that Taylor could be the No. 1 tailback in the fall.

At linebacker, starters Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins are gone and depth is an issue. But potential help has already arrived with early enrollees Alex Anzalone, Daniel McMillian and Matt Rolin. Anzalone, a five-star prospect, has the size and speed to play all three linebacker positions. He is expected to challenge for significant playing time. The same goes for McMillian, a very aggressive and mature player who could be this year’s Antonio Morrison. Rolin is still recovering from knee surgery and won’t participate in the spring, but he’s already in the weight room and in the playbook preparing himself for the start of fall camp.

With the departure of Sharrif Floyd, Omar Hunter and Earl Okine, the defensive tackle positions are wide open this spring, and a member of the recruiting class, junior college transfer Darious Cummings, is expected to be in the mix for one of those starting roles this spring. Another early enrollee, Joey Ivie, adds depth at defensive end, another position of need.

The Gators also needed immediate help on the offensive line, and that is expected to come from Nebraska transfer Tyler Moore, a member of the recruiting class, and Maryland transfer Max Garcia, who impressed the coaches with his work on the UF scout team last fall.

The 2013 recruiting class is considered excellent for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason of all is the fact the early enrollees have a chance to make an immediate impact at critical positions of need. And by immediate, I mean right now.


  1. All in all, sounds like an upgrade at wide receiver and running back. I’m hoping an improved offense can make up for what we lost on defense. But then I remember that Powell is coming back, and all seems better.

  2. SEC Championships: Alabama 23 – Florida 8
    Undefeated seasons: Alabama 13 – Florida 1 (in 1911 5-0-1)
    Ten win seasons: Alabama 32 – Florida 12
    Head to Head: Alabama 23- Florida 14
    Last 3 games: Alabama 101 – Florida 29
    10 AP/UPI/BCS titles in last 50 years.
    “I don’t always drink tears, but when I do, I prefer Tim Tebow tears”

  3. Roll Tide,
    Seems we like to forget we drank in deep the roll tide tears when Tebow beat you the year before and won a title. Plus we enjoyed those tears again when red shirt Johnny M. beat the tide. Yet again when Cam N. beat the tide and won a title. Even this years Bama title was a fluke. If not for bowl bands and key loses in other leagues you wouldn’t have nor should have been in the title game. Stay humble or be humbled. Roll Gators Nation.

  4. Roll Tide – Once again, Bamer got in the championship game through the back door and got to play a team that shouldn’t have been there, either. Also, I have listed all of Bamer’s make believe NC’s, several times and you continue to take credit for NC’s that were awarded by unsanctioned bodies, Bamer has 5, maybe 6 NC’s that are considered legit – not 14, not 15, not 10. So, save your BS for those Bamer sites.

  5. Number of losing seasons since 1980: Alabama 5 – Florida 0 (not even counting “official losing seasons” after Bama’s vacated games).

    Number of vacated/forfeited wins following NCAA violations: Alabama 30 – Florida 0.

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  6. Bama owes UF a HUGE thanks. They are not even in the SEC champ game or national title game if UF didn’t beat Texas A&M for them, on the road. A team they couldn’t beat at home. If UF had not beaten A&M, the aggies would have been in the SEC title game, not bama. So something bama had no control of whatsoever determined their fate. Bama really benefited by not having to play any of the top teams in the East during the regular season. While LSU and A&M did have to and got losses because of it.

  7. You guys need to just ignore the Bama fan. Let him keep on with what he is doing. Acting like that is what Bama fans are known for and he is just keeping up a tradition. People like him are proof for everyone to see how Bama fans behave. They don’t have a reputation of being backwoods, ignorant, and out of control for nothing.

  8. Toll Ride,

    Guess that’s ok if you’re satisfied with being a one sport school, we’ll see a little emphasis of that fact this Saturday won’t we?

    Here’s one from the SEC website:

    Fun Fact: The University of Florida is the only school in the nation to finish in the top 10 in national all-sports rankings every year since 1983-84.

    UA isn’t even in the top three for the SEC (only) all sports trophy.

    But then you always have Dreamland!

  9. Whatever makes ya’ll feel better. A National Title is a National Title. Saying Bama backed into national titles because of other team’s losses is kind of ironic seeing that Florida has NEVER had a perfect season and therefore, backed into all 3 of theirs.

    GIGator, as far as “taking credit for NC’s that were awarded by unsanctioned bodies”, the 10 NC’s in the past 50 years were all AP/UPI/BCS, which as ALL considered sanctioned bodies. I know some were awarded before bowls, but they were still awarded…by sanctioned bodies under the rules they followed at that time. And the undefeated 66′ team should have been the only 3 peat in history. Only segregation backlash made voters pick teams with a blemish (ND/Mich St) over an undefeated 66′ Bama team after back to back in 64-65. Can’t even take credit for that one that was deserved.

    As far as Bama being a one sport school alrg8tor? Alabama won 5 National Titles last year alone. Moron.

  10. Toll Ride,

    Even with last year’s success UA is still 4th in the SEC in overall national championships, your website lists 23 through 2012. Plus one season does not make a history of athletic excellence.

    You really haven’t made a dent on the national scene with no top ten finishes in the National all sports trophy in the last 20 years.

    In the SEC UF has captured the trophy 22 of the last 25 years and I believe 11 in a row, where is UA in this group?

    Trying to make us wish we were you just ain’t going to happen!

    So MO-ron would you like to talk about academics now?

  11. Roll Tide….If you were any type of fan that BAMA should be proud of you would just enjoy your wins instead of being a complete Ass!
    Bama is still a 1 sport school! We win the SEC all sports trophy every year because we have 27 sports not 1! Congrats on your wins but dont be a jerk type winner!!!
    Now lets talk all sports….For instance Florida is on a 22 game consecutive Bowl appearance streak second in the nation…and in this past Olympics the Gators sent 34 athletes and the total number of medals won by gators was more than 32 NATIONS!!!!!!!!
    and Dont even begin to talk about the quality of the 2 Universities and the academic rankings!!!!! Go Gators!!!!! Bob in Jupiter
    PS I am a Grad school alum…..and season ticket holder and member of the Gator Nation!!! Go Gators…..

  12. Roll Turd – Go back and look at those championships you speak of. There were other teams that should have won them. Also, there were no “sanctioned” body, recognized by the NCAA to crown a champion. Many media outlets put out their own rankings and fans, like Bamer fans, go back and cherry-pick the ones they like. There really wasn’t any legitimate way of declaring a NC until the BCS came along and matched #1 and #2. It was and continues to be a popularity contest. That’s why we have a watered down playoff system coming. The recent championships have been controversial; so, one can only conclude that most of the NC’s Bamer fans claim, from decades ago, were and continue to have no legitimacy. Like I wrote earlier, take your crap and post it on Bamer sites, with the rest of your tea bagging buddies. Maybe you guys can start a tea bagging competition and crown a NC for it, as well. You just have to leave the farm animals out of it.

  13. “It was and continues to be a popularity contest.”

    I actually agree with you there. Although, it’s too bad for Florida. They usually aren’t good enough in the popularity contest to get any votes. Otherwise, maybe you could claim some as well.

  14. Dadgum Robbie, will you give up on this Roll Tide thing? We know it’s you. Tide never shows up in the recruiting messages, almost never shows up in Dooley’s columns, but shows up here EVERY TIME.
    Really, could you be more obvious?